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Component Video Cables


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It's always recommended to keep interconnect cables to the shortest lengths possible. It's been said that helps to prevent degradation of signals. However, not being familar with progressive players, that my not be a factor?

Nothing comes to mind in those lengths. You may want to talk to some of the tech's at the following online retail sites:




I personally try to limit my audio/video interconnects to lengths no longer 2 meters. With the exception of Subwoofer cable for LFE connection.

Welcome aboard & Good Luck...Wes

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I compared a 3ft run of component vidro cables with 12 foot runs off of my progressive scan DVD player and Monster brand (several grades) with Radio Shack Gokd and could see no difference. I froze several detailed frames, and A-Bed the cables. You mighy try the above suggestion (two joined 12' with onr alone) and compare. I would think the conections would degradw rhe signal but maybe not. A single 20 foot run would probaby be better if you could find or make a set.

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