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Source for Drive Belt for CD Player.


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I lost track of the tread on turn table drive belts.

I'm trying to fix up a Technics CD player.

There is a small drive belt beween a drive motor and the rack and cam which works the drawer. The belt is smaller than the stuff shown in Parts Express.

The action of the drawer is sluggish and I suspect the drive belt has stretched. Hence I'd like to replace it.

Any pointers to "Tiny Drive Belts are Us."???


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When I was rejuvinating my Yamaha PF-800 turntable I found that nobody local carrys belts anymore. So I got rather ticked and called Yamaha and priced a couple from them. Two belts with shipping came to about $40! OUCH!! I bit the (45ACP) bullet and got them anyway. This was all before I knew about Parts Express. I've been told by my friend/service tech that the factory parts last longer than aftermarket. I can only take his word on that.

Good luck,



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I recently replaced the belt which controls the drawer on my Adcom GCD-200. I bought the part from Adcom directly. While they no longer manufacture that exact part, they said the belt for their GCD-600 would work. It is a bit thicker and I suspect a bit more taut (the drawer operates slower now). The cost of the belt was $3.50 and the total price with shipping was $12.00. They were very prompt in processing the order.

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Thanks, I'll poke around further.

Whoops, this is a Yami unit and my memory cap was not on when I wrote.

It is shame that this is basically a good performer which might be out of order because of a very simple mechanical component failure. Not like a chip went bad.


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