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Flat screen toshiba 27"


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Hey, its been awhile since i have posted here. Girlfriend troubles.

I just bought a new toshiba flatscreen tv, number: 27AF61.

The screen bends inward toward the middle but wider along the top and bottomedges...is this normal? The only time i notice it is when the THX logo comes on. The blue line around the THX bends inward along the side edges. Like i said, i only notice this problem with vertical lines along the edges. Is this how these tv's display the picture?


Yamaha 595a

SB-1's (pair)

SC .5 (center)

SS.5's (pair, rear channels)

Polk PSW350 subwoofer

Zenith 27" TV

Toshiba 3109 DVD player

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Sounds like you have some convergence problems. I would return this TV if it was new. Bring that DVD in the store and test it some other TV of the same and different models.

I have this same problem, and it bugs the crap out of me.



KG 5.5 (mains)

KG 2.2v (center)

KLF-C7 (center in storage)

KG 1 (rears)

KSW-12 (sub)

Denon AVR 681/1601

Toshiba SD-3109 DVD

Kenwood LVD700 LD

Sony CD changer

Sony 27" Trinitron

Sony PLX I

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