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Most Annoying Movie.... ever

michael hurd

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I just caught the end of Beaches last night........another hanky soakin chick flick, as we endure watching Barbara Hershey with inflated lips die a painful death....or was it watching Bette Midler that was so painful?

It's a toss up.

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Hands down, it was Vanilla Sky. What's worse, we walked into the wrong theater room, which was also playing Vanilla Sky. It had already started, so we figured we had to be 2 or 3 minutes late, right?

Wrong, wrong room. We were probably 45 minutes or an hour into it. Totally lost. Well, in fairness, I can say the last half sucked. [:P]

Never cared to see the first half.

BTW the new Harry Potter is like the first, is like the second, is like the third. The catchy, cute little gimmicks are just not catchy anymore. I flipped back a couple of arm rests and slept peacefully, whicle my wife enjoyed the movie.

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