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K-1082-K vs K-1070-K


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I had purchased the Klipsch KSW10 sub to accompany the Klipsch Heresys that I've had for many years. Although, the match wasn't good, I kept the KSW10.

Later, being unsatisfied with this combo, I purchased the Klipsch RP-3 speaker that has an internal sub. The high end did not sound as good as the Heresy, and the "slam" factor wasn't what I expect from a Heresy. The detail with the mid and high drivers was good though, and the bass was silky smooth and deep.

Recently, I had experimented with plugging in only the bass end of the Bi-wireable RP-3 speakers and running full range to my Heresys. YEEOW. There was the sound that I had been looking for!

There are several differences in the KSW10 and the RP-3 subwoofer. The KSW is a ported sub, while the RP-3 is a sealed box sub. The amplifiers differ, and of course the box design differs. The one constant though is the

K-1082-K driver which is relabeled as a K-1070-K for the KSW sub. I always thought that sealed subs and ported subs required different drivers with much different movement characteristics. I'm also perplexed why the KSW sounds so terrible when combined with the Heresys, and the RP-3 sub sounds so silky smooth.

Any theories?

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cc, just wondering what you were driving the RP-3's with? Just in case you're not driving them with a separate amp,you might try driving the hi's with a good separate amp and using good quality(not high priced)interconnects.AudioQuest SideWinder's @ $24.95 a

1/2 meter pair are decent.The amp(borrow one if you can)and the clarity of the better interconnects may give you a more balanced sound with your powered towers.Did mine.Good luck.


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I doubt the bass driver from the KSW-10 was relabeled and put into the RP-3. They may look alike, especially since Klipsch makes most of its own drivers now days, but thee is surely a difference that justifies the new number.

That said, a bass driver can be placed in any box design if the volume is adjusted for its new role. The K-33-E in the Cornwall is a ready example. The Cornwall is ported abd the K-horn, Belle, and La Scala are horn-loaded acoustic suspension designs.


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talktoKeith -

I am using a Rotel RB-991 to power the RP-3s. However, I have not tried to run a separate line from my preamp out to the Rp-3s powered sub. I am instead using a pair of MIT Terminator 2 Bi-Wire Speaker cables. I cut some corners on my earlier description: The MIT cables are labeled for lower and higher output. I have connected the low end output to the RP-3s low driver speaker cable connects, and the upper end output to the Heresy..not sure what that does to the MIT's regulator box, or to my amp, but it sounds great. I had been running the MITs to the RP-3s before. It was a great improvement over single wire or even a bi-wire from the Rotel. Perhaps I will invest in some cables to run from my preamp directly to the RP-3s amp inputs.

John -

Yes the K-1070-K IS a relabeled K-1082-K, I have the driver with the K-1070-K label adhered over the top of the K-1082-K label in front of me (they didn't even bother to take off the 1082 label before affixing the 1070 label). It sounds like you find that as odd as I did. Obvoiusly the box volume on these two units are different. I guess I'll have to go through some calculations to see if the (is it called Q?) of the box for the KSW ported sub is equal to the Q (?) of the RP-3s sealed sub. Not sure how to adjust the volume numbers when some of the RP3 has been stuffed with foam.

BTW - I was finally able to look inside of the Rp-3's sub and found that it is mostly stuffed with white acoustical foam except for an area that runs from the base of the speaker to just below the base of the midrange/tweeter box. The wall parallel to the plane of the driver is also covered with 3/4" foam. The entire area behind the midrange/tweeter box is filled with foam too.

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