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KLF-20s with Carver Receiver

Mighty Favog

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Has anyone used a Carver Receiver MXR-150 with KLF-20's? I just got the receiver back from Everett Audio Repair in Washington for a good going over where they replaced the speaker relays, new volume pot, touched up a few fractured solder joints, recalibrated the balance control and bias (whatever that is). The room is about 14' x 23' with a party pit type couch, hardwood floors with area rug(8x5), and large picture window on the 23' wall with moving curtains. Sound reinforcements (funny, I never hear anyone using EQs anymore. Is this now Taboo?) is a dbx 1231 eq with a dbx 3bx series II. Monster cable Interlink 300 II with original Moster cable speaker cables. It also has a Yamaha NS-W2 sub. Yea, I know the sub is "sub"-standard but that might get replaced later on. I don't plan on updating the sub till I get the 20's. I'm now using a pair (circa 1981)Tecnincs SB-7 R&B Series speakers sitting on milk crates just to get the treble sweet spot higher in the room. I mostly stand when I'm listening. There was a pair (now moth-balled) of Technics SB-3's for the rear but the treble was getting choked off when using all four, but I still like this amp.

The Carver has 150 wpc and the reinforcments are ran through the pre-out main in loop. Although I find it nessesary to bypass the 3bx at low volumes. It has been real tempting to go to e-bay and get a Carver C-4000 or C-1 pre-amp and some kind of smooth but hefty amp. But that is a little hard to swallow since the MXR-150 just came back. Since I still listen to radio I'd feel compelled to get a TX-11a but those are hard to come by. I don't usualy blast this thing a lot at all but I do turn it up so I can hear it throughout the house and just while reading in the same room.

Thanks for any input!!


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tblasing.....You stand when your listening? You must be in much better physical shape than me. I got a feeling once you get those KLF-20's hooked up you'll be more apt to be in a sitting position when listening to your music. You can pick up used Carver equipment fairly cheap anymore. I would suggest there older models especially the equipment being produced under Bob Carvers direction. You might be totally happy with you receiver with the addition of those KLF-20's though. Let us know what you find out. Once you get those new speakers up and going you'll probably disregard that Yamaha sub altogether. Later...Do you read standing up also? Had to ask....

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Took the plunge today!! Called Uncle's and ordered the KLF-20's. So far things seem to be going well. Carlos was really good the first time I called, the second time I called to place the order he seemed a little distracted (haven't we all been at some time?). The price was shocking!! Two local dealers (one in Dayton and one in Cincinnati) wanted $1400 and $1300 respectively. Uncle's price was $1100 and that includes shipping!! The old argument still carries weight here. Local dealers are just plain illequiped to satisfy the public want. Granted that Cincinnati is too ultra conservative to support these types of stores but the salon I've seen mentioned elsewhere on this BB is about 75 miles away (Carlin in Dayton). And they had only a pair of Klipschorns and a pair of 20's for demo and the Cincinnati store (Ohio Valley Audio) just had a pair of 30's and a pair of 10's. The good ol' days were definitely the mid-seventies to early eighties. Where you could walk into a locally family owned dept. store and have your new Electrovoice Interface D's or JBL L-300's (if your a real sadist)or even a pair of Celestion 444's loaded in your truck while you bought groceries in the same store (no kidding, I worked there for 13 years). The name of the store, if it matters, was Swallen's. Too bad the son of the founder got hold of the buisiness and ran it into the ground in four years.

Now just to figure out what to do with the old ones. Sell'em of course(duh). But I got the feeling that's gonna linger around like that 86' Saab 900s on the side of the garage that needs a new transmission. NOT!!

Reading standing up? I have to! How else can I read the newspaper when it's being used as paper mache' to patch the hole in the ceiling. Sorry, really bad joke. I'll keep everyone up to date.


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My God!! The high end of these things could make your ears bleed. I would really like tone it down a bit but I want make sure they're broken in first. I've read 100 hours or so sould do it. 94 to go!! Placement really does have a lot to do with it. I started out with about 3" distance from the wall (ick!) then read the BB to try other positions. Then tried 13"-14", better but not great, that's o.k. since it sticks out too far into the room. Then tried 7". BOOOMMM!!!.....perfect. BTW does anyone know the gauge size of original Monster Cable?



KLF-20 Mahogony

Carver Receiver MXR-150

Yamaha PF-800 Turntable/ Sure V15 Type V Cartridge

Carver TL-3100 CD

Yamaha K-1020 Cassette

dbx 1231 EQ

dbx 3bx Series Two

H.H. Scott 830z Analyzer

Monster Interlink 300 mk II

Original Monster Cable

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