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HT Receiver recommendation

Jeff Matthews

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I trust you 2-channel guys, so I'm posting here.

I need to be thinking 7.1 after seeing Born2RockU's set-up. That's what I'll do downstairs while I leave my 2-Channel upstairs.

Now, where to start? I've got 1 pair of Corns.

Seems the receiver would be a good start as far as info. gathering. I see Aragon appears to be rather stout in that arena. So far as a quick glance has shown me, they come with a stout price tag, too!

Looks like one of those amps that takes 2 hands to lug around. [;)]

My question.... Anybody know of a similarly stout 7.1 that can be acquired pretty inexpensively in the used market - say in the $500 or less range?

Or is there such a thing that will allow me to run the beast (yes, Crown) through a surround processor and drive all 7 speakers in 7.1 format?

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I'd take this to the HT forum, but here ya go. If you really like your Crown (understatement of the year) then just get more of them, for a total of 4. Buy a decent pre/pro and run each set (surround, surround back) to the appropriate out of the pre/pro to the ins of you amp. Stick it all in a rack so it looks cool like the pic below. NOTE that this picture only shows 3 of the same amps...since taking it I have finished it off with the matching 4th.

Downside is I doubt you can do it for $500, hey live a little stick another zero on the end of your budget.


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That price range is quite limiting in terms of 'stout-i-ness' I would think.

You might could find some cheaper amps, but the surr.proc would quickly bust the budget.

Denon, Harm.Kard., and others would be decent 7.1 recievers in that price range (used, refurb, etc.) but don't know if they'd be stout enough for you.

You may find a gem in a local pawn shop and then try to lowball 'em...

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