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Center Channel for Heritage Line


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Anybody ever think about building an "ultimate" center channel for the Heritage line? What I am thinking of is something with a K-77 and a K-55-V between a couple of 8" woofers, so it has that low profile center channel form factor.

I know the best center channel matches made by Klipsch are Academy, KV-4 and KLF-C7. I currently have a perfect sonic match with a Heresy in the center to go with four other Heresys in the front and rear. I'd just like that perfect match with the center channel form factor.

Opinions, anybody?

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John was referring to our friend, SteveP. Steve made up a custom center channel for his Heritage setup, very similar to what you have in mind. I'm sure Steve will spot this thread and chime in with more info and pictures. Or, you could search out some of his posts (and I think he's posted pics before, too).



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Thanks, guys! Checked out SteveP's homepage. His mod uses a Klipschorn squawker and AA crossover to match the Klipschorns he has for left and right front channels. Cool, but a bit different that what I am thinking of. So, unless someone else pipes in, it looks like I may be tredding on new ground here.

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Malcolm,I thought about using 2 Heresy 12" woofers and the K-Horn Squawker with K-77 tweet.Trey(Tech support)suggested the 2 woofers would need a special cross-over,so I forgot about it.

I have found some plans for a cabinet that would have a 15"K-33-E woofer and it would be a folded horn design.But that isn't what you were looking for.

I'm also thinking about just getting a Belle to use,but the Heresy modified is working great.

My center change is on hold do to a projector addition and I'm researching a screen.

Sorry this didn't help.My plans got side tracked

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Hi Steve,

After looking at your setup, I was going to ask why you didn't just use a Belle for your center. You are half way there with the modified Heresy. What a system!

I am considering using K-1011-KVs from the Academy. Efficiency is comparable to Heresy. I am assuming they are nominally 4 ohms given the configuration of the Academy. If so, I may not need to make any major crossover mods. If not, I guess I'll have to make whatever mods are necessary. Gee, if I do this, I don't know if I'll have a modified Heresy or a modified Academy when I'm done. I guess it could be considered a Herademy or an Acadesy.

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Belle is heavy,real heavy.Had the Heresy,so.......

I had thought about using a cross over and woofers from a KLF-20 for just the bass,then using the AA network for the mids and highs.Then by-wiring it.The problem with the 2 woofers in the same cabinet has some thing to do with them working together.A cross over from a speaker that has 2 woofers in it would work better,even the KLF-30.I think some one on here did that with a 20 or 30,might have been HornEd.Search his user name and see what you find.

That's what I had in mind at first,just never tried it.


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