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Plastic nut on speaker binding post stripped out


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I just got my new/used chorus 2's the other day.They are in absolute mint condition except for one thing.The plastic nut on the speaker binding post of one of my speakers is stripped. It just turns completely off which is not suppose to happen and it will not tighten up. Never ran into this problem before.Are replacements readily available at all audio shops or will i have to get a replacement from klipsch? Also i am wondering how replacement will go on being they are meant to be slightly smaller than the end of the binding post.All help appreciated. Thanks

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I had the same problem with my Chorus II's and the nut on the back of the plastic speaker connections falls off inside the speaker. Not a big deal at all, just unscrew the six or seven phillips head screws and carefully remove the entire speaker terminal box and the nut will be inside on the bottom of the speaker. You will be able to re attached the nut to the terminal bolt.

After you fix it, just be careful when attaching the speaker terminals with the round plastic nuts.

Good Luck


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Thanks for all the advise.I called klipsch and they said just 10 dollars for the new binding posts. So i guess not as big as deal as i first thought. Also like the advice of just using banana plugs.That would probably be the best way to go anyways.Thanks again and long live klipsch.

Klipsch Chorus 2's

Adcom GFA 555 MK 2

Adcom GFP 555 MK 2

Cal Audio Icon MK 2

Cardas Quadlink 5c's

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