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Signature Heresy's Available


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Hi all - I have a line on a very nice pair of Heresy IIs, Signature Edition (Signature Edition nameplate with PWK signature), Walnut Oil, cane grills(?), 1986. Asking $499, Phoenix area.

PM me if you're interested and I'll give you the contact information. I am not connected with the seller in any way.


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Are these different looking than the non signature models? Got pics?


My system thus far:

1980 Cornwalls (mains)

19?? Heresy II's (rears)

2001 KLF-C7 (center)

2001 KSW15 (Subwoofer)

Onkyo TX-DS787 (reciever)

Kenwood DV402 (DVD)

Sony KV 27V55 (9 year old 27" TV)

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I have a pair of '86 H II's Signature Edition in oiled walnut, and as Doug stated, I see no difference except for the cane grill and emblem. I've never inspected the drivers to see if they were gold-plated or even if there is a prize inside the box.

The only time I thought they sounded weak was when I

switched them with my Forte's, but I will certainly have a place for them sometime down the road.

(And you don't need quality amplification - they sounded super running off my toaster oven OR the hair dryer!)

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