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  1. If the speakers are already “amazing” I don’t see any reason to muck it up at this point in time.
  2. I am late to the party, but i have 5.2's that had a 1" crack in the surround that i repaired with Weldwood contact cement and tissue paper. Repair has lasted 5 years. I think the 5.2 is a worthy Klipsch speaker at the right used price.
  3. All of my Klipsch speakers sound shrill using a home theater receiver in 2 channel. However, if you can get it to sound decent enough using the tone controls, I would not get too concerned over that issue at this time. Also, unless you are an audiophile, don't bother with bi-amping. You may not notice any difference except for in the pocketbook. Hook the speakers up the same way you did as your old ones - you do not need separate controls for the horns and woofers, the speakers will take care of that for you automatically. NP - RIOT - Narita
  4. I have a pair of CF 4 that I believe is version 3, and what I like about them is they sound "cleaner, or more detailed than my 89 Forte 2, and my Heresy 2, and the Kg 5.2. I have other brands I also rotate in occasionally, but they seem dull in comparison. I was lucky to get a good deal on the 4's 5 years ago, and the only downside for me is the size and heft. Hope this is helpful NP - Elvis Costello - This Years Model
  5. There seems to be many problems with multi channel receivers in set up modes, so I would concentrate on experimenting with settings. Seeing that it sounds good in 2 channel stereo makes that more probable. Good luck.
  6. The sale in our area started at 8am. Weather was rainy and in the 30's, but the place was packed the entire time I was there from 9 til 11am. They had a fairly large selections of $1 cd's, three for $10, and two for $10. Brand new vinyl was about half off in the sale section, and there were some other cheap items like t-shirts & misc. They always have a very nice selection of used cd's, and they were BOGO. This is a store I visit regularly, so I only ended up spending $40. Another 2 hours later I finished other errands and drove five miles home in a nice little snow shower. Merry Xmas! NP - TROUBLE - Unplugged
  7. I've found thru trial and error that my CF 4's require special care with amplification. Currently using a 22 yr old HK 880 vxi, and had very good sound with a Halfer DH-110 & XL-280 in the past. They did not sound good with any type of a home theater receiver, while my KG 5.2's sound good with my Yamaha RX-V659 HTR. To check symmetry with various speakers and amps, I use the same demo disc, which features various tones of piano. If it does not sound like a real piano, or close to it, I change something out. NP - Gamma Ray - The Karaoke Album (1997)
  8. I don't have Cornwalls, but every time I've had any of my other speakers stacked, there is reduced bass output from every one of them. I've had them sideways, upside down, etc, and they never sound "right" unless they are on the floor. NP - The Angels - Watch The Red (Bonus Edition)
  9. My fridge problem occured a couple of years ago, on a top freezer, 20 cu ft Kenmore. It was barely keeping food at 40 degrees, and was a little colder in the freezer, but when I called Sears, they told me a repair was about 10 days out. I said "WTH?" GoodBye! Called a 24/7 place and had it fixed for $145, which was for a locked up fan circulator between the freezer and fridge. It's been a better fridge than the Fridgidaire it replaced in early 2000, as that thing was horrendously loud when it ran. On a related note, I had a 2 year old $75 GE microwave oven that went kaput electrically - you had to keep unplugging it to make it work. After a cold winter stored in a cold garage, I tried it again before I had to "pay" to get rid of it, but it started working again. It's now in my basement working very well since then. NP - Vinnie Moore - Meltdown.
  10. The only extended warranty I ever purchased was back in the late 80's, when I bought my first cd player, an Onkyo BOTL. Right before it ran out, I had to have something major repaired (twice), and the player then lasted another 12 years. You can also get a free warranty, usually up to a year, if you buy with a credit card that has this bonus feature. We did have to use it on some old prior computer issues that ended up saving us almost $1500, at no add'l cost to us. Thank you MasterCard Platinum! NP - Rhino Bucket - Pain
  11. I have KG 4's and had an issue with one of the k-8-k's, which was inoperative. I would check each of the 4 of them first. I've seen plenty of complaints about this driver on the board, and would suspect them before the crossover. I see them pop up on ebay, and when I replaced mine, got a pair for $50. So, in my mind, the k-8-k is the weakest link on this model. Good luck on your journey - hope it doesn't cost you much to get them up to 100%! Dab
  12. Our RSD location was at the Exclusive Co in Appleton. Opened @ 8 am, I was there 30 minutes later. Very busy store. They had a large bin of CD's 3 for 9.99, and another 2 bins of CD's @ 2 for 9.99. I picked up 12 discs for $50. Halford, Rammstein, Nugent (2), Mars Volta, McCartney Live, White Stripes, The Motors (2), Rush, Icicle Works &Wolfmother. Saw some dscounts on Box sets of LP's and CD's, and BOGO on used CD's. They had an add'l 20% off on some items, and had issued $2 off coupons if you made a purchase there in the last two months. I could not even get close to the LP's where they had a large selection of used & new. NP - Trouble - Simple Mind Condition
  13. I would not buy the CF 3's to replace what you have. $400 would be my limit on a pair. I really like my CF 4's, but the only downside in my situation is the amount of space they take up. As a side note, I enjoy them for both music and HT, and they can produce nice bass if the recording has been produced correctly. NP - JP - Nostradamus
  14. I have my CF's in a 11 x 18' basement room, on the short wall, about 6 feet apart. They are nearly flush with the rear wall. There is no way I can have these any further out in the room, as space and aethestics limit it. I don't have to add any extra bass or treble, except when playing vinyl. You should be able to get deeper bass in corners. Most of my listening is from 15 feet back, where it sounds the best, but this is usually the case with any of the speakers I have substituted. I think my CF's would sound even better in a larger room, but I am pretty happy with how they perform. NP - Gov't Mule - By A Thread
  15. Floorstanding only - and with the grill covers on. You could try placing a wedge in front for some tilt if that may help in your application. NP - Big Country - The Buffalo Skinners
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