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Last chance Sony Receiver.....

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If I remember correctly, I offered my 930 to you due to an Ebay sale of a H/K by another member without you having a prior opportunity to purchase.

I offered my H/K 930 because I thought you wanted a receiver of that calibre.....

Since then we have this Sony receiver issue going on and I can't help but think it reflects on your credability.

There are many ways of obtaining quality equipment. I suggest you start pursuing the alternatives.


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I knew it was just going to be a matter of time before everyone figured out who (a very unhappy young man) and what he is all about (ensuring all he comes in contact with are made to feel as happy as he)[:o]

His open and distasteful comments about his perception of many members is uncalled for and down right rude to say the least. I stopped posting on any thread I have found him in and now Oldbuck brings up something he tried that was un-ethical business wise really makes him worth ignoring in my book.

His comment in the welcome back thread for Colter would have garnered him ejection had I been the webmaster!

His sharp witted reply referring to Oldbuck drinking are just samplings of how juvenile he is.

Now go ahead and tell me again Clarence how you stated I'm so unhappy with my status in life as it's turned out[:^)] I truly am [:$] for you Clarence of the Soothsayers[;)]

I'm game on that HK930 if it's available[:-*]

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Notice the same three or four little girls are the ones commenting. WAAAHHH WAHHHAA WAAAHH

You just didnt like the kaiser sit stay comment. If you think I'm leaving now you got another thing coming. I stay within the lines, dont expect to see me cross...

Same three babys crying wahh wahh wahh


geeze... If it wasent for me, what would you have to ***** about?

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