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4 or 8 ohm setting on receiver running RF-7s?


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My Sony STR-D1011S has a 4/8 ohm switch in the back. I recently switched to the 4 ohm setting. Its hard to do a A/B comparison since you're supposed to turn the receiver off in between switching from 4/8 ohms.

I just thought that since the RF-7s have a couple low impedence dips that they might benefit more from the 4 ohm than the 8 ohm setting. It might be me, but there seems to be just a very slightly better bass output in 4 ohm mode.

oldbuckster, did you ever try fiddling with the switch on the Sony unit that you had?

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I think it only changes the protection circuitry because a 4ohm load

will pull twice as much current for the same voltage (an amplifier is a

voltage regulating device).

With nothing playing try turning your reciever up all the way and note

the number on the display. Does this value go 3 higher for the 8ohm


Not to contradict your perceptions, but the slight doubt you're

conveying leads me to believe there might be some placebo effect

involved as well. But I would still run the reciever in 4ohm mode with

the RF-7's.

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Unfortunately this is a receiver from the mid-90s and has an old fashioned knob instead of a digital volume meter.

I agree with your advice, even if there isn't a noticeable perceived difference I think I'll keep them in 4 ohm mode.

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Wuzzzer,I think the reason it has a 4/8 switch is it really can't run 4 ohm solidly so they have a switch to make sure it don't blow up.You may be losing power with the switch set to 4ohm.But,if it sounds better thats all that matters.

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