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powered subs have been a major pita! --one pilgrim's tale


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The Earthquake would probably kick it's arse, but it is normally gonna cost quite a bit more money. The Hsu STF-2 is pretty close in price, but quite a bit bigger. I imagine it would put out more volume and go a bit deeper than the little Titanic. It looks to have better amp, maybe. I looked at both of those before going with the kit's from Dayton. What can I say? Poor people have poor ways!

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Hey, I'm 15, what would you expect. Besides, she said it was only fair since she got my brother $500 graphics card for his pc. I thought it was $400 so I went with the earthquake. To think, I couldv'e gotten better! BAH, whatever, the Supernova is great for me.

good for you! 15 and a hustla.....

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Vibrations are parasitic to amps,that is a given,but to0 say they will DESTROY is a bit too strong. The ideal sub would have electronics away,like the Klipsch THX subs. The best solution

Lesser amps will fail faster,quality amps will work many many years...look at my original Sunfire Mark II,still kicking and these subs ....a huge magnet resides net to the electronics and...vibration and changing pressure is always an issue. Seems quality resists better [:o]

I've personally thought that having electronics inside a vibrating box was a machine doomed to failure. It's a compromise necessary in most cases. Personally I own the THX system, but also have a KSW12 that has performed flawlessly for years and was asked to keep up with CW's which meant max output most of it's life.


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KSW12's hang with Cornwalls?


It was working pretty hard, but I kept the CW's setup to LARGE for HT, so they were working full range. I also ran the LFE out to BOTH sub and MAINS, so the CW's were helping with the LFE information.

I liked this setup, it was my first HT.

It was a pretty lively midsized room, that may have helped.

I still have the KSW12, plan on using it with my KSB1.1/KSC1.1 system or my RB5/RC7 system some day when I get the next room completed.


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