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NAD Warranty Issue


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I just bought a NAD C 272 on ebay new in a factory sealed box. BUT from a non NAD dealer.. Afterwards, I learned that it's NAD's policy to not warranty a non dealer purchase. The amp, box, and manual look brand new [made in China to NAD's specs on the factory sealed box] and it works great with my RF-7's. Anyone know how to get around this problem? The warranty, if I get one, is 2 years parts and labor. Thanks for all the helpful assistance these past few days. You are a great bunch of knowledgeable guys.

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If I was a Nad dealer and a grey market Nad product came across my counter for warrenty....Believe me you would not get quality quick turn around service...If you cant support your local dealer network they wont be around to support you.

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Is there a warranty card or serial # still on the unit? If so, I'd think a warranty would still be in effect.

However, in some instances, you won't get a warranty since for one, you got the item cheaper than you could from an authorized dealer. The difference in price is what you have to figure what a warranty would cost you, and if you could get by without it. Electronics are basically pretty reliable, and power amps aren't lunar modules.

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