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Recommendations on what I need for DD 12 surge protection?


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After you add a quality surge protector,no need for any additional filters.Additional filters por power conditioners are only a worthy option after you have a complete system and are 100% satisfied...and want to extract the last bit of audiophile madness. [;)]

I am talking for the subwoofer of course.And even with a power conditioner,the gains may be not audible in this case.

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Look for on wall surge protectors,a good 50-$70 unit will be plenty.No mess around the floor and works great. Monster has some overpriced ones for subs,there is another make I do not remember they make better quality on wall surge protectors.Someone here knows,they could maybe chime in.

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In addition to surge protection do I need any power filtering?

I have been very happy with the Tripp Lite Isobars. They offer $500K warranty, have signal isolation, and are sold for around $100.

Most quality components have self regulating power supplies so skip the added expense for power conditioning unless it is really a big problem in your area. I also suggest trying to put your sub on its own dedicated circuit and use a well shielded subwoofer cable. Ground loops are the biggest problem with subwoofers so the added protection will insure your listening pleasure from the start.

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