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Interconnect Question


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I know that a good interconnect from pre amp to a sub need not be terribly special. Blue jeans being fine. But I am bi-amping. 2 channel. The pre amp out [RCA] feeds the sub and then the sub out[RCA] feeds my power amp and from the power amp to my 2 main speakers. In this set up don't I need higher quality interconnects thru out? What do you recommend?

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The debate about good vs bad cables will never die.

My opinion is that it does not matter. I'm not saying buy the cheapest cables out there, but there are no need for the expensive ones (unless you believe the guy at CC). My vote is go with a good medium. Monoprice.com is where I buy all of my stuff.

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I know that a good interconnect from pre amp to a sub need not be terribly special...In this set up don't I need higher quality interconnects thru out?

Just out of curiosity, in what sort of set up would the quality of interconnects become more (or less) important?

I am a bit confused by the assumption(s) made by the question.

I would simply suggest that there is a middle ground, whereby utilizing reasonably good quality materials and construction quality, that the cables will be sufficient prior to reaching a point of rapidly decreasing return on your investment.

If you are not comfortable making them yourself, or if sourcing the materials is a bit of a hassle, BlueJeans and Monoprice seem to have a good reputation among many here while offering good materials, reputable quality of construction, and a reasonable price (although I have not personally used them).

What else are you looking for?

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Thanks all. I never had a powered subwoofer in my 2 channel system. All my components were close to each other and I have high end components with high end interconnects. Enter a subwoofer with an interconnect for LOW frequency ONLY from my pre amp main out. No problem. I got blue jeans for this [had not heard of monoprice at the time] even though the sub could be 20 feet away ie the low frequency logic. But I also may bi-amp in my sub hook-up. Now ALL the frequencies are going to my sub and from my sub everything above 80Hz back to my power amp. Do I now need higher quality interconnects for this? I now know the best placement for my sub location is between my main [ONLY] speakers and I need 2 more 2 meter interconnects. My 26 foot blue jeans are too long for this.The rest of my interconnects are anti-cables. Two more anti-cable pairs would be $ 150 each ie $300. Or do I get 2 meter blue jeans or monoprice.

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Just checked the price of four 6' digital audio coax cables with S&H. Blue jean= $70...Monoprice= $ 15.41 This is quite a price difference. If the cables are of equal quality, this is a no brainer. Are they equal quality???

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In quickly looking, first of all, I would go with the RG6 and NOT the RG59 coax at Monoprice. They mention 'double shielding', but I am not sure what cable or fittings they are using.

At Bluejeans they offer use the Belden double foil - double braid RG6 coax and Canare RCA connectors.

Without knowing any more, I would go with the BlueJeans, as the cable and fittings are a known commodity.

But if you want to more accurately compare, you might call Monoprice and find out exactly what Manufacturer and part number of cable (manufacturer and model number), connectors, and also construction characteristics are employed.

Additionally, I tend to be a bit leery of "molded connectors". They are not necessarily bad, but historical precedence leads me to expect more problems from them.

It would be interesting to dissect a MonoPrice interconnect to discover their build quality, as I have not personally used them.

I wonder if anyone else has done this?

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"The rest of my interconnects are anti-cables"

Paul is selling quite a bit of his "anti-cables" on audiogon.

We are basiclly talking about a cable with a different approach in cable skin insulation.  So the implication here is the how his approach avoids the capacitance effect caused by traditional cable insulation.

For the cable makes no difference believers, aside from resistance of the wire, other factors are capacitance, as well as inductance.

Take a look at the comments in his audiogon feedback from the folks who bought his cables.

He sells his cables as "anti-cables", under tweaks.

He also sells the Zero Autofomer.  Another intresting read.

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