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My Mint Velodyne DD 12 is on E- Bay [have a Question]


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I'd tell them, sure, you'd be happy to do a cash exchange. They show up, put the cash in your hand, and you exchange the SW for the cash.

Seriously, that sounds a little weird. I'd ask them what they mean, exactly. If they're just trying to go outside of ebay, tell them to take a hike.

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FWIW A person can cancel a cashiers check. One should wait for the bank you deposit it in to say its cleared. Takes about 10 days for this as I recall. Not sure about a money order though. That may be the same as cash. Anyone know.?

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sorry, i assumed you would wait for the bank to clear it. i wouldn't think he would want to send cash in the mail. what ever you do, don't go outside ebay if you already posted it. you can do a money order too, it depends on what you feel comfortable with. just wait for it to clear and then send the stuff.

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Ask the buyer what he/she means.

If I buy something on Ebay and end up doing a local pick up, I always ask the seller if he would rather get paid in cash or paypal.

They are 2 reasons for offering cash to the seller, first if you agreed to a local pick up and paid by Paypal what if the seller does not show up but claims he did. It is his word against yours and since he has the email saying you agreed to meet with him, guess what's Ebay going to do.

Second reason for offering cash is the fees (paypal is charging a 3% fee), since the seller agreed to take time to meet me instead of dropping the item in the mail, and I'm saving the shipping, I think it is nice to save the seller the fees after all that person does not have to make it easier on me.

Obviously there are always the dishonest people out there, so I would definitely check the buyer feedback,that should give you a clue of who you are dealing with.

If the buyer has low feedback ( most seller are now requiring a minimum of 10 feedbacks to bid in there auctons)and planning on coming to your place you can always ask for a copy of the driver license as well as check if the person is verified with paypal.

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