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FOR SALE !!! MUST SELL!!! Custom Made Corner Horn Speakers w/ Klipsch components!!!! NEW PRICE!

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Hi Shari,

Your best bet would be to put these on e-bay, with the usual cautions about what that entails. You might be able to get an auction house or used furniture dealer with an e-bay account, a high sales count AND a 99.5% or better track record to post them for you, if you don't have an account of your own. I'd specify pick up only, and Canadian/US bidders only, if you do e-bay them. Shipping 'regular' Klipsch Heritage speakers is expensive and must be done just right to avoid damage (voice of experience).

I think everyone on this forum really wants to help you, and the best help we can give you is the advice already rendered about not calling them Klipsch products and thinking about a price that is more in line with the Klipsch Heritage aftermarket. Also, most of the active posters here already own Klipsch (usually hot-rodded to some degree) and/or have built their own speakers using Klipsch components. I've done both.

Hope this helps and good luck!

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"Your best bet would be to put these on e-bay"

agreed, I would also list the actual parts in these things.

if you want to sell them....start the bidding very low with no reserve.....as the way the 60th edition khorns were listed.

if you list them with high starting bids and reserves, you might get less intrest.

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"Audiogon.com might not be a bad place to try either."

yeah....it might be costly to list and relist on ebay as the price travels from 8000, thru 5000, and to what ever sells them.

there are some 60th edition khorns on ebay that will be distracting khorn bidders for a few days.

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I do have an e-bay account and am having some problems putting somethnig up for sale. Im going to get a friend to help as this is all becoming to much of a hassel. I have changed it to say klipsch components in the description, but to be honest I hate having to figure all this out. Everyone has been so helpful but im useless when it comes to selling things online.

I will see what I can do! But thank you again!

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They are made with Klipsch components.

You should probably change the wording to "Custom Corner Horn Speakers Built With Klipsch Components." They aren't really "Klipsch" speakers unless they came from the Klipsch factory.

I'll bet they sound amazing though! I assume they come apart? If I were you, I'd disassemble them and take interior pics. You're asking price is huge and folks will want to know EXACTLY what they are getting. You can get TWO fabulous pairs of Klipschorns for that price on the used market!

No you can get 4 Klipschorns and a LaScala on the used market for that price and have an amazing surround sound system. This thing might be worth 3 grand at the most since it's an odd duck.

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