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newbie questions about RF-83 and the setups


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I am a newbie here. So pardon me for the stupidity of the questions if there is any. My frist Klipsch was a pair of F3s. I fell in love with Klipsch since then.

I plan to get a pair of RF-83 for 2-channel audio (FM, XM, and CDs). and I listen to classic music most of the times, maybe a little bit of rock and jazz. I am not going to use the speakers for HT in then near future since I do not really watch TV. I have the following questions:

1, should I use a subwoofer? my friend told me the woofer is really for movie and hip pops, which I am not going to.

2, what kind of setup should I use on the amp. part? I am looking at Yamaha RX-Z9 on ebay for about $1400(but I will waste the resource of other channels since I only use 2), or should I use some good 2-channel amps for the same amount of cash.

3, has anyone here use McIntosh MC252 or MC352 on RF-83s? are they good match? and which one is better since the price difference is not significant.

4, what do you guys think of the color? I really like cherry finish on my F3 but I am not sure for some big speakers like RF-83s, cherry will be a good choice?

Thanks a lot!


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First, the color choice is up to you. I've always loved the cherry finish, but the black is much more versatile.

Second, I have a pair of RF-83s (have the entire 5.1 system) & they get very good low bass. That said, however, my RT-12d sub makes all the difference on the deep ELF. Depends on how "picky" you are about your music. Having had the sub now, I wouldn't want to live without it. Those low, low, thump into your soul notes below 40 hz really do it for me. I don't overemphasize the bass; just like the extension deep into the "feel" region from the "hear" region.

Second, what is your price range on amplifiers? I personally recommend a good, used Sunfire amp like the 300x2 or 600x2. I'm my OPINION, they can't be beaten for the price. A lot of ppl have been raving about Outlaw as well, but I've never heard one of their amps. You will never go wrong with McIntosh, either; but to me they are very pricey for what you get.

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thanks a lot for the advice!

I just ordered my 83s in cherry.

I will see if I can live without the sub for now.

The shipping for those heavy amps is bit of a issue here.

I had cherry rf-7's & they were beautiful. You might try a pro amp such as QSC or Crown, they don't weigh much. I used a QSC with 7's in 2 channel until moving to heritage.

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Welcome to the forum Z. Congrats on the new speakers. There are many ways to go with the amps. All the above recommendations would do just fine. The McIntosh and Crown gear would be good choices or maybe a vintage tube amp such as Scott, Harmon Kardon, Sherwood or Eico. Take some time and listen to the speakers for a while before getting the sub.


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wow, thanks guys for all the great tips.

I plan to use the speaker for a while and then see if i want a sub.

also for the amps, I will try to see if there is any local used ones to start with. but the McIntosh ones are really tempting. hahaha

thanks again guys!

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