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Pink Floyd Concert Videos

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http://www.aussiefloyd.com/ << click the site for incredible music too hehehehehehehehehehe And yes this is them! Sometimes I listen to the site in the background... While on the forums... hehehehehehehehehe VERY COOL!!!!!

Call me crazy, but the Aussie one in the Royal Albert Hall other than Echos (real floyd) is my fav by far!

I dragged Colterphoto1 to this show in Indy.... and he was blown away!!!! See, I was right Michael....... Just trust me... Toto was awesome too...LOL

Amazing Pink Floyd cover band!!!!!! Buy the DVD, I swear you will be dlelighted. Lights show and all!!!!! The recording... 10+

It may be the best recorded PF music you can hear/ see on your system! Just listen and you tell me?

I would go to see them again in a heartbeat!

I just noticed the store is down on the site.... but please get it later... I am going to buy more of their stuff, because the recordings are so wonderful.

Seriously... A ++++++

(And yes, we sang along off n on all night too! hehehehehehehe My fav kind of concerts... Great audience interaction! And they encouraged it too!! Only two other performers that allow this to this degree are John Mellencamp and Tom Petty. it just almost makes you feel soooooo much more connected to the music too! Hearing again just now confirms it for me, one of the top 5 concerts in my lifetime! )

Please Aussie PF.... come back to Indy soon!

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As Bob mentioned there is another great David Gilmour show out there.It's Live 1984,it's also rather hard to find,I first had it on vhs.I have the dvd I bought a while back but it's imported and not a true factory made release.It is however a fantastic show with some of Dave's best songs from solo albums.

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I am not so sure how I forgot to mention the Classic Concerts series...

The making of Dark Side Of The Moon.

Sorry brain fade... THIS is a MUST for any Pink Floyd fan... Watch Allan Parsons talk about the whole process watch the guys record the parts and stand in awe that all of this was really done before computers and sequencing too!


Live footage of the work in progress..

again 10+

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Wuzzer: Thank you so much, really looking forward to it, an especially generous act. Typical of the caliber of folks on this board though. Say a lot for the forum.

Indy: Thanks for the opinions, I'll have to keep those in the table also as ones to watch for, I especially like the idea of watching DSOTM in production and have always respected Alan Parsons for his varied skills.

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