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Music Server vs mid to high end CD players


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You right now I'm a little down on CD Players. A year ago I would have never thought that I would be doing this right now.

I have a PC that I built myself to store all my music. Using the optical out of my Audigy Sound card into my McIntosh DAC. I have a terrabyte worth of storage in addition to the system standard Hardrive.

I use iTunes. Lossless. I looked into this a good bit. I got tired of the "free software" ad/or multiple different options with using FLAC. I always ran into "issues".

I don't have an iPod. I just rip into iTunes lossless. I get good results and have ditched the CDplayer concept. There were a lot of guys on the Audiokarma site that helped me get this going. Just about everybody thought that "lossless" was lossless. I therefore just went with iTunes.

The DAC unit I use is expensive but I can jack into it all kinds of stuff and get great results. It also serves as a preamp. I have an Oppo for movies.

If I change any it might be with the use of a squeezebox or the external M-audio unit just so that I can use the usb from the computer vs the optical out of a sound card. There is theory or myth that computers/cards...cand be "noisy". Not sure whether this is true or not. The squeezebox looks like a nice unit. I have no need to wire my whole house via wired or wireless. I just build a quiet hog of a PC......then just upgrade parts from time to time.


For those of you looking for a good cd ripper for FLAC. Try http://www.mediamonkey.com/

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I have an Azure 840 for CD playback, great player. For digital playback, I first tried Squeezbox, but ran into trouble with large numbers of files. I have @ 4 terabytes of wavs. I am now using Sonos, and am very happy. I couldnt tell the difference b/w the Sonos dac and the Azure's, but this was probably a limit of getting the sound levels in sync - louder almost always sounds better to my ears.

I also recommend drobo for NAS.



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Yes I use ZP80s. Couldnt be happier. I try to keep all my files as FLACs, though the occasional MP3 leaks in. I still have lots of SHNs which were/are the standard for live recorded Dead. IMHO Drobo + Sono = digital bliss.

My Meridian Azure allows me to use its DAC. My comparisons between the 2 has been limited, and my intial conclusion was that the Sonos DAC held its own.

I use MAC C2200 pre balanced MC 250 mrk iv amp powering '76 Belles with Extreme slope x-overs.



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No contest...with 8000 tracks in my collection and another 30,000 amoung the teens...who wants to be flipping CD's.

5 mac serving as music server, 1 Mcintosh music sever, 1 onkyo music server, 1 windows media server.

I think the Mac platform is pretty user friendly. The windows media server second. The Mcintosh media server, and Onkyo media servers has some catching up to do.

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TommyK said: "...I also recommend drobo for NAS."

What's the benefit of a Drobro over another server? Is it compatible with Mac gear (Apple)? Does it run with Linux? How does it compare with other setups like Thecus?

On another note, folks seem to be looking at the Mac Mini as a catch-all solution for both audio and video. I haven't researched it much but I don't think my NAS setup will support video (Infrant/Logitech) but I can see the benefit of utilizing a single solution for both. Any thoughts?

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I like Drobo simply because it is easy to use, quiet, and expanable. As I need more HD space, I simply buy a larger or additional drive, and swap it in hot. Drobo works with MAC from what I know, and as it is simply storage, it works for video or audio.

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