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Klipsch Heresy HW O: Questions


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Hello to everyone who reads this. I have a pair of Klipsch Heresy HW O speakers. They sound great and I want to know if there is anything I can do to keep them sounding good, or know if they need any kind of maintenance. Are these even good compared to the stuff that's out today or yesterday? I have a Sony DE-545 Receiver, a sony cd player and sony surround speakers.

Another question I have is if a subwoofer would be a good investment for my room. I am on the second story and don't want to bother my family too much downstairs. If I get one will it help the woofers of my front speakers to last longer?

Any feedback can help because I am clueless about this kind of thing.


Mike G

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"Are these even good compared to the stuff that's out today or yesterday?"

YES! f> s>

Superior to most, especially at that price point. You will benefit from having a sub. The Heresy's are great, but not known for real strong bass. And, as you say, if you offload the lower octaves from your main speakers, they will not work as hard.



My System

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There is a good argument that a sub will allow for good listening with less intrusion on the folks downstairs.

I have some Forte II (very good bass) driven by a small Sony with the loudness contour "on" when listening at low levels. The sound is terrific and not heard outside the confines.

It is probably a matter that I don't have to turn the overall volume up very much to get full enjoyment.

Therefore, I'd say get the sub to have a source of low bass. Then do use "loudness" so you can hear the bass without cranking things too much.


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