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RF-3II's - What amplifier/receiver?


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I recently demoed the RF3-II's at a local audio store, and I liked them very much. However, I am very new to this stuff, and I was wondering you guys could help me out. I was told that most receivers are 8 amps, and that if I had the money I should buy a separate amplifier. I have read through these boards and the Denon 3802 seems to be a very popular choice, is that receiver 8 amps also? What are your thoughts on my situations, should I get a receiver and an amplifier? I don't want to spend over $2,000, so if I got the 3802 I wouldn't be able to get anything else.

Thanks for your suggestions.

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I just can't help myself. When I see people so willing to fork out so much money on gear I just have to show how much I paid for my gear:

Klipsch KG 5.2's ....$350 (used mint cond off ebay)

Klipsch KLF C-7 .....$340 (new from ebay)

Klipsch Quintets ....$80 (new from ebay)

H K AVR 65 receiver..$300 (tuner used amp was new, found in local paper).

SVS 20-39cs sub......$485 (new from SVS)

Samson S1000 amp.....$289 (new from ebay)

Sony DTS DVD NS300 $250 (new from best buys)

my entire audio system cost me a grand total of: $2100 and the quality would compare to a Denon Klipsch RF combo if not better.

you could have so much more for that $2000 you have to spend...if you were willing to spend the time shopping.

Now ill get back on topic...Seperates are always going to be better than an av receiver, and if you did want to spend $2000 on an amp then you should go that route.. Also as far as amp output is concerned HK has on of the best amps for high current output. You should do some research on HK.

I hope I was somewhat helpful...good luck


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Ive listened to them at a local audio shop. A lot of the newer designs have a much thinner enclosure, therfore smaller drivers, Like the RF 3 RF 5 and many others. The narrower design really needs a subwoofer to complament it because it just cannot put out the same bass as the older and wider designed enclosures. My KG 5.2's with there 12" passive radiator can hang with most Klipsch subwoofers down to 32hz. I think manufactures have gone with more style than sound quality.

The best speakers ever made in my opinion were the K horns. Look how wide they are and how much bass they can produce.

If anyone else has done any comparisons on the KG4, KG 5.2 or the KG 5.5? If you have im sure you would agree.

It seems everything made now has to be extremlly cost effective. Because of labor costs in this country now days you will not find quality like you used to.


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I work for a klipsch dealer and i would have to say that the kg series will make bass to 32hz but the bass in not nearly as clean or powerful as from a seperate sub. Also i dont mean to make you mad but the kg series is no where near the caliber of the RF series klipschs. they have redisgned them for the best the kgs just dont cut it in comparision.

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I have made that comparison. The RF-7's are crisper and have a clarity the KG's don't match. The bass is simply better in quality than the KG's. The KG's sound muddied in comparison. This is, of course, my humble opinion.


Fronts - KG4's

Center - C6

Surrounds - S6's

Sub - KSW200

Powered by - YAM995

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I don't think that the kg's will hang with the rf-3's at max volume. I believe the rf series will be clearer, and louder. I realize that the Kg's might have more bass, but that is what seperate sub's are for. I am not tring to start a flame war but the kg's are nice speakers but outdated compaired to the new reference drivers.


Home Theater:

Yamaha RX-V1000

Klipsch RF-3's


Kenwood KSV64 Bipolar Speakers

Klipsch Subwoofer KSW-12


DVD Player SONY S-360

CD Changer CDC 585 5 Disc Yamaha

Philips Pronto ts-1000

monster cable interconnects/12 gauge speaker wire

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