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ideal ceiling height


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There is no ideal or "good" ceiling height. It is acceptable that the ceiling height is not an integer multiple of another room dimension (or close to it). many of the music halls of old that were said to sound good had what we'd now call a catherdal ceiling (a high, inverted V). I've had two houses with that ceiling in a rectangular living room that sounded pretty darn good. If not that, I'd next choose a sloping ceiling, falling to the front of the room.


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my old house had vaulted ceilings, the inverted V's. my friends house is one of those dome type houses... seems to have some pretty good accoustics.



I am an amateur, if it is professional;

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Some of it depends on screen size whether you have multiple heights for seating, the size of the room, etc., etc. For just a box size rectangle room if possible on say an standard 8 ft screen. ( Which is the most requested size btw for most Home installs if you read Home Theater magazine, or Audio Industrial Interiors trade journal, I think you will find a Regular 8ft with even better if possible a 10-12 ft ceiling is more than acceptable)

Remember the "sweet spot" in your viewing eye level should be in the middle of the screen viewing height wise. Thats why the best Home theatres have seating "tiers" just like at the movies too. / __ --

As for a dedicated home theatre room suggestion.

A pet peave of my own personal preferences, leave the equipment to a side wall. Even better, behind your seats in the back, and not on the same wall as the screen. There is nothing worse than seeing all the lights flicker to the right or left of the screen when your trying to concentrate on the movie.

Leave these set ups for the family room, tv, stereo, etc., in the nice book case look.

And most of all, just enjoy it too. Grab some popcorn, relax, crank it up, and get lost in the movie. It's an incredible experience with Klipsch products!!!!

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