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    • And now all the political texts asking for donations.  Ugh.
    • Congrats Bruce!!!!!!!!!  Here's to the next 10
    • For some reason, I can't view the pictures posted by SeaDog!?!?   Tried, FireFox, Chrome, New/Old Edge but all I get is broken image on the site the pics are hosted on.   Judging from the comments, some are able to view the pictures.   @Seadog
    • I have quite a number of manuals, brochures, etc, I have collected over along number of years in this hobby.. A LOT of Klipsch stuff.  Most of the gear I previously owned (or was researching to own). None of these are reprints. These are original brochures, owners manuals, etc. They are in color, most are glossy. Because of the large volume, I would ask you just email me for photos or to clarify the specific item you are interested in. I think I have them priced fairly as many are in high demand but I am not pricing them as such. There will be nominal shipping costs (probably about $2 per order to cover postage, cost of large envelopes, etc). Email if you have any questions.     Brochure Product Pages Condition  Price           Acapella Horn Speakers Speaker line 20 Excellent $12           acurus 7 separate 2 page glossies of amps/preamps 14 Excellent $10           Acurus Act 3 brochure   Excellent $5           Adcom ACE-515 Brochure 4 Excellent $5           Adcom Owners manual for:  GFA-565, GFA-555II, GFT-555II     $10           Adcom Service Manual for GFA-565 18 Poor $10           Adcom GFP-555 II preamp   Good $5           Adcom GFA-535 Stereophile review from Nov 1987   Excellent $5           Adcom  GFP-565 Preamp review from Stereophile 6 pg glossy 6 Excellent $12           Adcom  GTP-400, brochure plus stereophile review 8 Excellent $5           Adcom Accessorie GFS-3,4 and 6;  ACE-515 6 Excellent $5           ADS  L1290  Speaker Brochure+ owners manual 4 Excellent $10           Aerial Acoustics Model 10T, 4 page color brochure+ 4 page FI Magazine Review+6 page stereophile review 14 Excellent $20           ATC Speakers 6 Page brochure on SCM-50SL and SCM 100SL 6 Excellent $10           Atlantic Technology Brochures/reviews, System 250, 350, 220 14 Excellent $10           Avantgarde Product brochure 15 Excellent $10           Avantgarde 20 page glossy catalog, + 16 page white paper +16 page discussion 50+ Excellent $20           B&K ST-140 6 page glossy reviews brochure 5 Good $5           B&K M200 Mono block amp review from Stereophile- glossy 2 Excellent $5           B&K Catalog Receivers, amps, receivers, ST-1200, 1400, etc series 20+ Excellent $12           B&K Pream and Amp Pro-5, ST-140, etc 2 Fair $5           B&W Nautilus 802 speaker review from Audio Mag, 1999, glossy 8 Excellent $10           Bamberg Audio TMW Series 5 Speaker brochure, glossy 4 Good $5           Bang & Olufsen Music Systems catalog 28 Excellent $10           Bang and Olufsen Product Catalog, glossy Penta, system 2500, etc 8 Good $5           Bose 901 Series VI Owner's Guide 12 Good $10           Carver CT-17 Tuner/Preamp Brochure 4 Excellent $5           Carver Compendium of Carver amp reviews by Carver 32 Excellent $20           Carver The Carver Amplifier Controversy 4 Excellent $5           Carver M-4.0T 2 page glossy brochure 2 Excellent $10           Carver TX-11a Owner's manual (reprint, not glossy) 20 Good $5           Carver  Cinema Grand glossy 1 Excellent $5           Carver 1995 product catalog Product Catalog, glossy 32 Excellent $12           Carver 1989 product catalog   6 Excellent $10           Carver 1991 product catalog Complete product catalog (speakers, amps, preamps, etc) 8 Excellent $12           Carver 1992 product catalog Product Catalog, glossy 14 Excellent $12           Carver Amplifier Reviews 24 Page paper, prodced by Bob Carver 24 Excellent $15           Carver Tech Notes Amazing Loudspeaker Setup 5 Excellent $10           Carver White Paper (Rare) The Magnetic Field Power Amp Story, Parts I, II and III 32 Excellent $20           Carver White Paper (Rare) The Magnetic Field Power Amp Story, Part I only 8 Excellent $10           Carver White Paper (Rare) Spectral Tilt 1 Excellent $5           Carver White Paper (Rare) Precognition Circuitry 2 Excellent $5           Carver White Paper (Rare) Transfer Function 6 Excellent $10           Castle Classic Speakers Speaker Catalog- glossy  22 Excellent $12           Conrad Johnson PV14L, EV1 Phono Preamp  2page glossy brochure 2 Excellent $5           Conrad Johnson 2 page glossy ads on:  Pemier 17Ls and Premier 15, 16LS Pre& ART Preamp 2 Excellent $5           Crown Macro Reference owner's manual, glossies, plus Audio Review 50+ Excellent $20           Definitive Technology BP-2000 Brochure + 2 reviews   Excellent $10           Denon DP-47-F 2 page glossy ad 2 Good $5           Duevel Speakers 3 separate 2 pg glossies, Venus, Jupiter, Bella Lun 6 Good $5           Dunlavy Audio Labs Multiple reviews, white papers, glossy brochures 100+ Excellent $20           Duntech Classic Series Sovereign, Princess, Marquis 8 Excellent $12           Eliptica 6 page glossy speaker brochure 6 Excellent $5           Emotiva ERT 8.3 speaker ad 1 Excellent $5           Emotiva ERC-1 CD player ad 1 Excellent $5           Emotiva XPA-1 Gen 2 Amp User Manual   Excellent $10           Essenzia Speaker brochure 2 pg glossy 2 Excellent $5           Gallo Acoustics Original Nucleus glossy, Micro glossy, plus reviews etc 50+ Excellent $15           Gryphon 8 page glossy 8 Excellent $10           Harbeth HL-P3ES-2 2 page glossy 2 good $5           Hughes SRS Labs Brochures/review 6 separate reviews and 1 review 20 Excellent $12           JPS Labs  Golden Flute Bass Alignment Filter 4 Excellent $12           KEF  Reference 105/3 Speaker glossy Brochure 4 Excellent $5           KEF  Reference Model 1, 2, 3 and 4, glossy color 16 Excellent $10           Klipsch 2 page glossy ads on the following:  Synergy Subs, Synergy System 6, Synergy TowersKAW 1.1 All-weather series, monitors   Excellent $5           Klipsch KG Series Brochure 4 Excellent $5           Klipsch KLF Series Owners Manual 10 Excellent $10           Klipsch KLF-20 Stereo Review reprint review- glossy 4 Excellent $7           Klipsch KLF-20/30 2 page glossy ad 2 Excellent $5           Klipsch I have quite a number of vintage Klipsch Heritage Brochures   Excellent $10           Legacy Reel to Real Design update, Volume 4, Catalog and glossys 32 Excellent $15           Legacy 1996 Catalog 48 Good $10           Legacy System Planning Guide 50 Fair $10           Legacy Reel to Real Update Vol V 48 Good $10           Legacy Reel to Real Update Vol VII 48 Good $10           Legacy  1997 Reference Guide/catalog 52 Good $10           Legacy  1995 Catalog 48 Good $10           Legacy 2001 Catalog Complete product catalog 46 Good $15           Legacy Product Catalog Manhattan series of components (late 90s?) 26 Excellent $15           Linn Product Catalog (around 2000) 20+ Excellent $10           LSA Group Product Catalog, glossy 6 Excellent $7           Magnepan 6 Page glossy company brochure 6 Good $5           Magnepan MMG brochure and 4 pg stereo review review of MMG glossy 6 Excellent $5           Magnum Dynalab Brochure Rediscover FM-stereo' 14 Excellent $5           Marantz Product Catalog AV-600, early 90s? 6 Excellent $5           Martin Logan  Cinema Center Channel 24 Excellent $10           Martin Logan  CLS-II  Speaker Brochure   Good $10           McIntosh Product Guide Late 90s? (MC1000,500, MX130, 118, et) 16 Good $10           Meridian Product Catalog (around 2000) 30 Excellent $10           Naim Product Catalog (around 2004) 30 Excellent $10           NHT  SW3P Powered Sub 10 Page review brochure 10 Excellent $5           Nightingale Glossy brochure, tube amps, preamps 20 Excellent $15           Ohm Walsh Speakers From around 1999 includes 6 reviews and one 2 page glossy 10 Excellent $12           Onkyo  P-3160 Preamp Instruction Manual 8 Good $5           Onkyo  T-4120 AM/FM Tuner Instruction Manual 8 Good $5           Optonica ST-3535 FM/AM Tuner Operation Manual 10 Good $10           Paradigm Product Catalog, glossy Studio Series 20-100 28 Excellent $10           Parasound 8 Page brochure  2205 amp, etc 8 Good $5           Parasound 8 page Stereophile glossy review of HCA-2200 II amp 4 Good $5           Pioneer (Vintage) CT-F1000 Cassette Deck Onwer's Manual+6 page color brochure   Good $20           Pioneer (Vintage) TX-7800 AM/FM Stereo Tuner Owners Manual   Good $10           Pioneer (Vintage) SX-780 Receiver Owners Manual   Good $10           Pioneer (Vintage) SA-9500 Integrated amp Owners manual and 6 page color brochure   Excellent $20           Pioneer Elite Catalog 1999 Advanced home theater components 44 Excellent $15           Pioneer Elite Catalog 1995 AV Product Guide 46 Excellent $15           Proceed PAV. Amp2/3, 3 separate brochures 54 Excellent $15           PS Audio Stellar Gain Cell DAC/preamp Owners Manual   Excellent $10           PS Audio Stellar S300 and M700 Power Amp Owners Manual   Excellent $10           psb  Product Guide 40 years  speaker line   Good $10           Revel Ultima Salon Speaker Brochure- glossy 4 Excellent $10           Revel Salon Speaker Owners Manual X2 (1 still sealed in plastic)   Excellent $15           RMAF 2010 Directory 136 pages 136 Good $10           Sony SCD-1 glossy brochure 8 Excellent $10           Spectron  1KW Switching Amp 4 page glossy review fro Audio Mag July 1996 4 Excellent $5           Spectron  Digital on Power Amp 2 page glossy ad 2 Excellent $5           Spica Angelus Owners Manual+ 2pg glossy Original Owners Manual 12 Excellent $15           Spica Angelus Reviews TAS, Stereophile and IAR Hotline Magazine Reviews (original) 7 total Excellent $15           Studio Electric monitor ad 1 Good $5           Sunfire Theater Grand Processor 4 Excellent $5           Tannoy Monitor Series Brochure 8 Excellent $5           Tannoy Prestige Series Speaker Brochure 12 Excellent $12           Thiel Model CS2 - 8 page glossy brochure 8 Excellent $10           Tyler Acoustics Product Catalog, glossy 8 Excellent $5           Tyler Acoustics Linbrook series speakers review from Sensible Sound 4 Excellent $5           Usher Speaker series brochure, glossy 10 Excellent $10           Vandersteen Model 3A speaker brochure   Excellent $5           Vandersteen Model 7 glossy speaker brochure   Excellent $10           Vandersteen Model 1C glossy 2 page Ad   Excellent $5           Velodyne  ULD-15/18 Audio and Stereophile Reviews 14 Excellent $12           Velodyne  DF-661 Monitor speakers 6 pg Ad +4 page review glossy 10 Excellent $10           Von Schweikert Audio 10 page color brochures of VR4Jr, VR 7, 9 and 11 SE 10 Excellent $10           White Audio Labs 2 Page Glossy D35 2 Excellent $5           White Audio Labs 2 Page Glossy A100 2 Excellent $5           White Audio Labs 2 Page Glossy A250 2 Excellent $5           White Audio Labs 2 Page Glossy Q75 2 Excellent $5           Yamaha 32 page product catalog- DSP-A1 Receiver, early 90s? 32 Excellent $10           Zingali Speaker Catalog Complete speaker line 34 Excellent $15           Zu Essence Brochure 2 Excellent $5          
    • Don't know much about 3d printing, but I have a pair of K400s I'd be willing to part with if you need a pair.     
    • Whew, thanks for the affirmative responses.  Sometimes I come up with an idea and my wife just raises her eyebrows at me...  "Really???????"   I'm not as creepy as I seem.....  perhaps 74% as creepy, but not 100%
    • Sorry to hear she's not doing well.  Unfortunately, we all get exposed to that in one form or another.   Do you mean you intend to hire someone like that before you go to sort through things?   If it were me, I'd make sure that I get there, organize it....sort out what goes to various beneficiaries (the family Bible goes to cousin Sally for example) then, once there's nothing of sentimental value is when I'd let them take over.   I've never done this mine you as my two sisters were near Mom when her time came and they did the work.    To be blunt, I don't know that I'd trust too many folks like that unless I were physically there with them through the process.  Could be way too easy for someone to think "Oh, I LOVE that (insert item)...."  and it magically disappears   In fact, years ago, I bought my mom a very pretty pearl bracelet for $500.  I bought it knowing she was getting old and would likely not wear it too much from that stage forward.....BUT....  I  bought her the nice one because (to be a bit morbid) I knew it would come back to me and I knew my wife would love it so, in a sense...I got to kill two birds with one pearl.   Except since I was never there for the process of cleaning things out and my sisters didn't know of it's existence....  it mysteriously disappeared into thin air and is gone.  Was it some of the movers that helped?  Was it someone at the nursing home?  Did they, by accident, drop it and leave it on the carpet as they closed/locked the door for the last time?   I'll never know.
    • That's the truth... My SL-1200MkII was part of a pair I got at a pawn shop, including a cheap dj mixer and coffin box to carry it all. I took a gamble, and paid $350 for the lot. The cartridges had no styli and they weren't very clean. They both ran and were physically quiet. I sold one to a friend for $300, the mixer for $50, leaving me with a free TT. It cleaned up well and I got a head shell and an Ortofon Red for it. I need to do a better alignment, but for the little I play vinyl, it worked out well for me. It could have easily gone the other way.   BUT, the smell of new, out of the box. Very hard to beat.
    • Looks like it does not get much simpler to build. Nice 
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