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  1. Yeah, keep the Forte IIs. Love mine. The only reason you might let them go is if one or more of the speakers are damaged. Otherwise upgrades will make them sing again. You can send your OEM crossovers (on terminal cups) to Crites to be rebuilt or have him build you a better set that will come mounted on separate boards. At that point they are all but plug-n-play. I'll also suggest getting the Crites titanium diaphragms for the tweets. Some say they are a bit harsh but I've had mine for several years & think they are great! Well worth the +/- $50 they cost & are very easy to install. Take care, Frank
  2. Currently, I am running a 3.5 HT system with a sub. Haven't decided on rear speakers yet. I'm using a Marantz NR 1509 & finished the setup with Audyssey. So, how would I run a crossover between speakers? I haven't fine-tuned the sub beyond the Audyssey settings but I think it's set around 80Hz. Frank
  3. Well, there doesn't seem to be much interest in discussing rebuilding KG 3.5s, but I thought I'd post my experience in doing so anyway. I ended up replacing both K-1002-K woofers with 8 Ohm Dayton Audio RS225P-8A 8" Reference Paper Woofers @ about $65/ea. from Parts Express. They are not "drop-in." I had to enlarge the holes in the speaker cabinets (a real PITA!) & put bigger push-on connectors on the speaker wires to match the spades on the new speakers. The new speakers have 6 screw holes & the originals only had 4 so I ended up drilling new holes as well. That said, the new woofers sound very good in comparison to the 25 year old OEM ones. Since the KG 3.5s are the fronts in a HT setup I decided to swap out the phenolic tweeter diaphragms for Crites titaniums. I figured it might give the high end a bit more clarity & that might help with cleaning up the dialog a bit. I had done this with my Fortes long ago & liked the mod with them. These diaphragms are definitely drop-in & took me about 20 careful minutes to make the replacements. As expected, they did brighten up the top end & indeed have helped to make the dialog in movies easier to understand. I considered doing something with the crossovers & may someday, but for now, the mods have really breathed new life into these nice older speakers. Even the wife thinks they sound much better & have really improved our viewing pleasure! 🙂 Take care, Frank
  4. One of my Kg 3.5s is really distorting the low, low frequencies in my HT setup. Otherwise it still generally sounds OK. No distortion in the other speaker. Haven't pulled it apart yet but, from the front only, the K-1002-K woofer(?) looks undamaged. I am running a R-100SW sub & R52-C with the KG 3.5s. Haven't settled on rear speakers yet. Might actually end up getting something different for the fronts & putting the KGs in the rear, but either way want to get the KGs working properly. I am considering a crossover rebuild (Crites) but want to deal with the K-1002-K issue first. I've done a few searches & haven't found a source for the OEM speakers (no surprise) & will probably post a WTB in the Garage Sale forum, but do see replacement copies from MA Audio for about $65/each. Anyone have experience with the MW Audio MW-5082 8" replacement speakers? I imagine if I swap out one I should replace both? Any other thoughts/suggestions? Thanks, Frank
  5. Thanks. That's a great price. Got a couple of audio projects going but will think about it. Frank
  6. To install, would you just set the boards on the bottom of the interior & plug the wires into the 3 speakers & the terminal? No soldering? Looks like a very easy install, right? Frank
  7. You're killing me! I would jump on these in a heartbeat if I were in a position to pick them up from Ohio in the near future. I'm sure it would be March or April before I could make that trip. If you still have them then, though . . . Good luck with your sale! Frank
  8. Wow! I'd love to have someone leave any of those on my workbench! I've now gotten my Marantz 1152DC/Forte II & Marantz 1509/KG 3.5/R-52C/R-100SW HT systems up & running so it might be a while before I get the Dynacos on-line again. Got some shoulder surgery coming up so it might have to wait 'till I'm recovered from that before I get the bug for something new (old :-) to fuss with. Until then, though, I'm in pretty good audible shape. Thanks for the replies! Take care, Frank
  9. They were my first Klipsch speakers. Couldn't afford any of the Heritage ones, but the KG 3.5s served me well for years before I got the bug to do a better system. That's when I found this forum. 🙂 First there was the vintage Marantz gear, then the Fortes, then back to a decent turntable (or two), & finally, tubes. I listened to the KG 3.5s alone for quite a while before I added a sub. Really makes them shine! I hope to find another pair of KGs to go along with the 3.5s in a 5.1 HT setup. I think they are perfect for that application. Take care, Frank
  10. Thanks guys, Yeah, I think I'll let the tech handle it. Just got the Marantz/Forte setup in the living room & am beginning to remember what I liked about "hi-fi." Listened to a couple of favorites & was once again blown away. I'm also setting up a new/old HT system together in the basement. Thought I'd just be replacing the old TV but soon found out my old receiver wasn't going to cut it any more. How times have changed! It will be great, though, when I get everything hooked up & running through my old KG 3.5s, new R-52C & sub. Looking for some KG 3.5s (or others) for the satellites. Nobody told me retirement could be this fun! Take care, Frank
  11. Thanks billybob. Will probably let the tech bring them up & let him evaluate them. I need to replace some tubes in the pre anyway so I will get them first. Its been great to get back to really good audio! Imagine having a set of Forte IIs sitting in a room just looking pretty. After a recent move I'm ready for some good sounding music! Take care, Frank
  12. Sorry, didn't mean to waist the bandwidth with my inquiry. I should have done a search first. My Bad! OK, did a search & found some basic info: - Looks like a cheap, 5A model should work in my case. - Also, seems like once I've gotten the Dynaco gear up-to-speed after being stored for a number of years, I really don't need to use it regularly. That said, if the repairman that checks it out brings the current up gradually with a variac before he does anything else, I really don't need on at all. Right? Am I missing anything? Thanks, Frank
  13. Hi All, Been away from the forum for a while but just retired & am back at it! I recently had my Marantz SS gear checked out & have them driving my Forte IIs. Soon I want to get my Dynaco ST-70 & PAS-3 back in the mix. While I do plan on having them "checked out" before I put them in service, I'm thinking I might want to invest in an inexpensive Variac to regularly bring them up to power. First off, Good Idea? Secondly, I see Variacs on eBay & Amazon & don't know what specs/price point I should be looking at. Any help with minimum specs for use with my Dynaco gear would be extremely helpful. Thanks! Take care, Frank
  14. Mike, thank you for the reply. I do have a VOM, but even though I understood most of your post, there's no way I have the skill to start poking around with the "guts." :-) I'm a little intimidated even with setting the bias with new tubes but I'm going to give it a shot with the next quad I put in anyway. I'm sure it will be an adventure. Bruce, we were trying to sell our house last year to get me a little closer to my work but it didn't happen. We do like our house & where we live, so when it didn't sell, we decided to make a few changes & "move back in." We had stored much of our "stuff" in one of those rental storage units in order to "de-clutter" for the house showings, so we did a bunch of modernizing and are just starting to move back in, so to speak. I'm setting myself up in a new room & am really ready to get my 2 channel system up & running! :-) My Marantz 1152DC is holding its own, but I'm ready for some tubes! Take care guys, Frank
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