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  1. Funny how even the owners of Birdstone apologized for their horse not coming second place.
  2. I know a good deal about offroading, not a ton about Jeep specifics, but the Rubicon looks like a solid offroading machine as it already saves you from having to do several modifications yourself, including lockers, mud terrain tires, not sure if they come with bead locks, they already have a suspension lift, etc. I'd get the Rubicon and upgrade it even more. Throw on an exhaust, and intake and headers and really make the thing a trail thrashing beast.
  3. ---------------- On 5/22/2004 12:54:53 PM TheEAR wrote: Cambridge standard cube subs are nothing special,and the two micro Newton series subs get demolished by Sunfire and Velodyne in performance. Cambridge subs are poor performers. You want a micro sub with both quality and good output down low Sunfire and second Velodyne. Best value in a larger sub,HSU VTF3II or SVS PC-Plus(box or TP tube). ---------------- Wow, really? i've always heard their computer speakers and thought those were really great sounding. Kind of disappointing that their HT components aren't made with the same quality.
  4. As little as my opinion my mean, I thought the RF-35's sounded better than the RF-5's, although the RF-5's blew the RF-3II's out of the water. That's why I bought the RF-35's instead of the RF-5's. I realize it defies all logic, seeing as the RF-5's are larger in component and cabinet size, are a level up, and of course, are more expensive...though that might not always equate to "better."
  5. damn, that's messed up. how can they hire somebody and then switch at the last minute?
  6. ---------------- On 5/11/2004 1:14:55 AM cyclonecj wrote: I also have to vote for an all Heritage system. JM's sig says it all...."An all Heritage HT is hard to beat" ---------------- Especially when two little stuffed panda's are guarding it.
  7. But don't you think SIxth Sense was his only good movie? Signs had its moments, but Unbreakable? Oh my god, that was the worst horror-attempt ever! ever ever ever!
  8. She was hotter in Underworld though. BTW - I'm guessing you're a mac user? Right on!
  9. A samurai katana and wakazashi. Oh, and also a Monster HTS 7000 and AVS 2000.
  10. ---------------- On 5/9/2004 5:36:57 PM the plummer wrote: Nicholtl, How are you using XLR's to your speakers. Aren't they high level output and require good speaker wire to drive the magnets. ---------------- Sorry if I was unclear. The XLR's go between the amp and preamp. I use regular speaker wire from the amps to the speakers.
  11. Milton, while I agree with you that the soundtrack is intense, pushes you back in your seat, heart-pounding at times, and overall serves the movie well, I'd have to strongly, STRONGLY disagree with you on the movie. It was like a bad comic book. The dialogue was horrible, it was almost laughable at times, and the introduction sequence at the foreset of the movie was so dreadful I immediately knew the movie was going to be a flop. The costumes were nice, but the special effects pulled you right out of the movie, making the audience very aware they were in fact, sitting in a theater seat, with hundreds of other people, watching a movie...which is exactly what a movie should not do. The action was ok, lame at many times, and there is not a SINGLE scene that was memorable or that I found myself going "wow, that was really cool." No, none. I warn everybody - if you see it, DO NOT see it with any expectation whatsoever. You will be thoroughly disappointed.
  12. I use 7 6 foot PS Audio XLR's for each of the 7 speakers. Haven't ever tried connection the amp to preamp w/ RCA's though.
  13. Holy smokes! That's what I call a home theater room man! That's friggin sick! Congrats! Gotta love Bruce's teeth.
  14. RICK, huh? So THAT'S Moon's real name. Har har har...
  15. Gosh, I wonder if there is a way...Frzninvt is right...you have heritage plus reference plus synergy. You have the whole lineup! But they're all different in their timbre and audio signature...so if it's at all possible to stick with heritage then you must. But if it's absolutely not an option, then I GUESS reference bookshelves might suffice, but still...it wouldn't sound completely matched, nor totally right.
  16. ---------------- On 5/6/2004 4:37:08 PM arthurs wrote: ---------------- On 5/6/2004 2:17:03 PM m00n wrote: Finger snap finger snap, head twirl, "You go boy"! ---------------- that creates such a disturbing mental image mOOn.....please make it stop.... ---------------- Hehe, don't come to LA then. You'll see it everywere you turn, even if you close your eyes.
  17. Then hell, I'll buy a plane ticket and fly to wherever you are and help you too for free! So long as SHE gets to ride with ME afterwards.
  18. I hope you have a vehicle lawnmower.
  19. $1500 to $2000 for a single lawn. (*blinks several times*) Is it one of those palace type lawns with all those animal shaped hedges and S-shaped bushes and it has to be perfectly manicured like a golf course? Cause that's what I call quick money! Sorry, I just can't get over it.
  20. Wow! $800 or $900 for a single lawn?
  21. 5 million? Good lord! A couple fried customer circuits and they'd go out of business!
  22. Richard Marsh, Noel Lee, and one or two other dudes helped make all those products, just like their top of the line conditioners and stablizers etc. It even says, on a little engraving on the unit, "designed by the monster dream team."
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