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  1. Some people spend $30, 40, 50K on a BMW, some spend $30, 40, 50K on home theater. It's all in the priorities.
  2. ---------------- On 2/5/2004 9:39:31 AM mtber101 wrote: What is the 9.1 feature on the Sunfire Theater Grand III? Is that true 9.1? ---------------- Well currently no DVD's have a 9.1 sound format encoding. In fact, alot of people have 7.1 and Dolby Digital EX or DTS EX are only 6.1 formats, it's just that the preamp or receiver takes that discrete 6th channel and splits it into 2. But 9.1 is not all that uncommon when you get to higher end preamps. So long as you have the cash to pay for all the amps required, that is. The C2 I own does 9.3, but unless you have a large dedicated home theater room (which my apartment most definitely is not), it almost seems excessive.
  3. In that price range you can also look at Lexicon's MC-12 unbalanced.
  4. This is kinda deep. It's affecting me in a way. I think today I will spend a little time to notice the little things we always take for granted.
  5. Very sleek, elegant, classy, and tasteful. The piece of art above the TV is pretty eye catching as well. I like it!
  6. Kyler, you got a pair of really really nice speakers. The RF-3II's were my first Klipsch speakers ever, and those alone made me buy Klipsch for both my home theater setups. At 16, you surely have a leg-up and a great head-start compared to most of us back then. At 16, which was only a short 7 years ago =) , my dad bought me one of those Sony all-in-one tabletop stereo systems and I thought it was the freaking bomb. All friends were soooo jealous. Now considering you can already appreciate floorstanding REFERENCE series speakers, not to mention the fact that you saved up for these yourself, it makes your purchase quite fresh and awe-inspiring. Plus, since you and your friends can stand there and drool over speakers when most 16 year-olds wouldn't know their left from right when it came to higher-end audio gear (and probably drool over other things too, but I'm not saying you don't...), I know that by the time you hit college, you're probably going to put all of us (except maybe Moon and Ear) to shame.
  7. ---------------- On 1/29/2004 10:18:41 AM Tom Blasing wrote: ---------------- On 1/29/2004 7:41:23 AM 007 wrote: Ok, I will be the first to admit i don't get it. ---------------- It supposed to say: "Someone from the Gynecologist called. They said the Pap smear was fine." It was obviously written by a man. ---------------- Ohhh ok now I get it.
  8. In my opinion, it's best to stick with the same series. I used to have RF-3II's but Goodguys gave me a trade-in policy where I could bring them in within 3 years for a newer model and just pay the difference in price. But before I bought the RF-35's, I listened to them side-by-side in their demo room. Similar, but the RF-35's have a wider presence. They're a better speaker. So if possible (I know it's hard to find RF-3II stuff now), stick to the same series.
  9. I love your setup! You got some majorly sweetass gear. All 3 video game systems too! Mind if I ask if you got kids, or if you're just a young gamer at heart? By the way, maybe it would sound better with the RS-7's as the center surrounds, and the RF-3II's as the rear surrounds?
  10. ---------------- On 1/20/2004 7:30:37 PM T_Shomaker wrote: how did you get that picture of my basement ---------------- Hahaha, one can always dream...
  11. Probably in college, haha, I can relate. Do you guys think Scotch is really an "old man" drink? I don't think so, but my roommate rags on me alot for it. We constantly debate that issue.
  12. Is there a reason people pour their scotches and bourbons into those fancy glass or crystal bottle's that have those big removable tops on them (like in all the movies)? Is it because it makes the alcohol taste better by removing it from the original bottle, or is it just for looks?
  13. I really bow down to you guys. 12F degrees is the lowest I've ever experienced, and I was ready to puke when I was putting the snow chains on. Any weather where I'd get frostbite just standing outside would cause me to take the next plane out!
  14. In the case of the promedia's, they probably don't make THAT much difference. I noticed only a little after I upgraded my 2.1's with monster cable. Might have just been placebo. But in doing so, at least you can rest assured that you're squeezing every last ounce of performance from them. If you got $50, then why not?
  15. $1600? Wow, they retail for $1100 each wherever I looked.
  16. -60 degrees?! I was up in lake tahoe over xmas break and my truck and it was struggling. My heater broke down, moisture got into my headlight housing and shattered my headlights, etc. etc. How does a car funtion in that weather? How do YOU function in that weather? And is there a service that paves the roads 24/7? I can't even begin to fathom that kind of cold...
  17. In the 70's here in LA. Palm trees and sunshine.
  18. I too think it was the sub (SVS PB2+) that suddenly brought a new dimension to the soundtracks and music. however, among richer people, i've heard the best improvement one can make is room acoustical treatment. i have no idea though, i don't have $$$.
  19. same here...had some bad experiences buying car audio speakers from ebay. got a friend who also scams on it too. i wouldn't trust it ever again.
  20. I should also warn you that it may not always work. I have a 4 speed DVD burner on my Macintosh G5, but the only blank DVD's you can buy are only up to 4.7GB. That means movies over 2 hours probably won't fit. Another issue is that if the DVD is encoded with multiple surround sound formats, that would take up even more space. And lastly, many DVD's have piracy protected encryption of sorts, as I've tried buring some movies I rented from Blockbuster, and most turn out unsuccessful. Oh, and also the fact that it's a wee bit illegal.
  21. ---------------- On 1/10/2004 11:06:46 PM DALE WALKER wrote: Blended scotchs are for those who don't really appriciate what scotch really is. ---------------- Ahh! Scotch! My favorite drink! While I tend to agree and most I know do too, I've read that this is also kind of a snobby attitude and that there are some blended scotches that, when egos are put aside, actually do not fail to impress. which blended scotches these were I don't remember. I've never actually tried Walker Blue or White, but I would assume they would be pretty smooth and finished? Personally, I don't like Spring Bank, Oban, Lagulavan (spelling?), strathisla, glenmorangie, or talisker. all too oaky and woody to me. my favorite as of now is Macallan 18, rocks. I don't think there is another scotch i've tried within the $30-$70 bottle range that is better.
  22. The ones mentioned above, plus Stereophile ... but just for kicks, since almost nothing reviewed in that magazing could I afford.
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