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  1. Here it is with the AK network. I know from John Allen that it was the driver used to develop the AK network in anticipation of the EV replacement (K-55-M). I confirmed this with Jim Hunter.




    @geoff. Any explanation without confirmation is just conjecture, and since you are not the original owner of those LSI's, we can't really say for sure what networks those speakers shipped with. What are the serial numbers of your speakers?


    Another explanation is simply what Randy said.


    I don’t make the recipes. I’m just the cook. ¯\_(ツ)_/¯ 






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  2. On 10/22/2023 at 3:27 PM, geoff. said:

    Well, the Klipsch FACTORY INSTALLED K-55-V dual phase driver in the La Scala Industrials using the AA crossover runs just as high as the K-55-M, and it turns out the frequency response results were based on test samples of the K-55-M that do not reflect final production units. 

    Are you the original owner of your La Scalas? Do you know their entire history? A lot of these systems were abused and overdriven. Mismatched drivers and networks are common with them. It doesn’t help that people are being told it doesn’t matter what networks are run with what drivers.


    I feel like you might be conflating issues on the last part of your post. I’m pretty tired, so I may not be getting what you are saying. 

  3. 58 minutes ago, KT88 said:

    I am wondering about not using the Atlas two piece phase plug K55V with the AA Type because it was available ca. in 1981 when the Type AA crossover was still in production until 1983?


    I don't know how to answer that. It was a transition period. Maybe the AL/AK series of filters weren't ready yet so they used what they had available to them. It's a question for @JRH Jim Hunter. 



  4. You should stop. You often seem out of touch. The parts are high quality, they just happen to be the wrong parts for a vintage Klipsch rebuild. My personal take is that their networks just don’t sound that great. 

    Actually, most business goes to Crites.


    Accessible customer support 

    Online shopping
    Overnight shipping

    Payment plans

    Free returns


    Nothing Jim or me offer can satisfy the appetite for instant gratification. I certainly have no desire to build junk so I can compete with what amounts to a small factory.


    I’m out in the wilds quite a bit, and there is no end to the complaints of poor customer support and lack of real support for the vintage stuff - and almost everyone is absolutely tired of the K-77 tweeter. I am incapable of building an argument to continue its use.  


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  5. Welcome back. You should probably read the sticky’s at the top of this section. 

    I am possibly interested in high quality replacement PCBs, and I have an idea or two. 

    Things have really died down. 

    1) The economy

    2) Cost of parts and labor (as you found)

    3) The fact that the network updating business has been dominated by four of us over the last 20 years. I sometimes wonder how much is actually left to do - coupled with the fact that younger people don’t have much interest in this. Those that do are pursuing HT or vintage on the cheap.  

  6. An autoformer is a tapped inductor. The Klipsch units provide working inductance in parallel with the driver to produce a 12dB/octave slope for the midrange. Depending on the unit, sometimes a coil is put in parallel with the autoformer to maintain this response. The inductance on the aftermarket units is too high and cannot produce this result. 


    The wire is coated with enamel.


    The 3619 is no longer available. The x tap is an additional output tap. 

    The x and y taps on the 3636 are additional input taps. The x tap on the 3619 and 3636 do different things. You should probably contact the vendor with specific questions regarding their unit. 

    3619-ET is similar to 3636 but with additional output taps. This unit is not for sale (as far as I know). 

    I don’t know about Boxler, but I don’t have the energy for this anymore, lol. 

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  7. I stock T2A’s but I am limiting what I have left for repair/replace and new builds.


    The sound is different between the T2A and 3636 because the 3636 increases the working inductance in parallel with the driver (much larger core). This changes the slope below Fc. The T2A in parallel with the K-55-V creates a 12dB/octave midrange.

    I’ve learned that no one cares. Any change in sound constitutes an “upgrade”. ¯\_(ツ)_/¯ 

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  8. 17 hours ago, Bacek said:

    If you say so. On the net I found some info that those are polypropylene capacitors. Maybe it was incorrect.

    Screenshot 2023-09-08 233858.png

    Take your picture to “Ask the Historian” section and ask Jim Hunter. 

    I tried googling the part number and came up with nothing. Just looks like the small motor run they used for years. They were all Mylar.

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