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  1. Atom, We have been beating this subject to death over the last several weeks. Use the 'search' utility here on the site and search on the words - tube tubes triode superamp jolida ASL To give good advice we need more info from you: what speakers do you use what music do you listen to how loud do you want it to go how much are you willing to spend ------------------ deanG
  2. i think he's O.K. on 1/21/02 his first post was to say hi, liked his speakers, and was looking forward to learning off of this site. He failed however to let everyone know what kind of speakers he had. Part of everyone's response was asking him what he had. He came back thanking everyone for the warm reception and answered everyone by telling us he own the K-horns. He then tells everyone about these other speakers - maybe because he knows you can't buy Heritage new anymore right now. He doesn't seem like the type that hangs out - just pops in every once in a while. I wouldn't get to excited. As far as this other speaker goes. We might send email letting him know how tacky his advertising is - and would probably gain more loyal customers by telling the truth and giving credit where credit is due. ------------------ deanG
  3. I use my HD-600's with my portable Panasonic and it actually gets fairly loud. ------------------ deanG
  4. i can't believe the negativity regarding Bose on this board everyone knows the Bose Wave Radio rules ------------------ deanG
  5. Yes, and so maybe less is more So could it be? that a wire and pot might be more accurate than a preamp that weighs as much as a fridge? ------------------ deanG
  6. guess I'll be enjoying the simpler system thanks for the education mdeneen! ------------------ deanG
  7. Agreed. It was tacky of them to write it up that way. Like it's some kind of new revelation in speaker design. Time for Klipsch to get those lawyers busy - ------------------ deanG
  8. I sent them e-mail and left a message on their answering machine I bet they're expensive ------------------ deanG
  9. Oh crap - it's a two way K-horn that crosses over at 340HZ and you don't need a corner. Where's my checkbook This message has been edited by deang on 02-25-2002 at 10:30 AM
  10. hmmm - so besides the additional switching functions - what would the addition of an AE-3 really get me? ------------------ deanG
  11. Here is the response from the fellow who just sold me the Superamp regarding the volume control. "I wanted to be able to drive the amp either from a preamp or via direct from cd input. Because there is only one set of inputs on the amp and because I needed to control line levels when connected directly, the volume control was installed. It is a passive control that operates on the input jacks and allows you to control the levels when driving direct from the cd's inputs. Or, by maxing out the volume control on the amp, you can drive it via a preamp and let the preamp control levels. All of the burn in time was done via the direct cd to amp configuration which minimizes the level of coloration that gets introduced (my opinion)." What he is describing here is 'unbuffered' then - right? ------------------ deanG
  12. Colin said: "They are as competently clinical as a nurse, but without the tender loving care of a good woman." That has got to be one of the most profound, accurate statements regarding solid state I have ever heard. I read that and immediately related to what you meant. ------------------ deanG
  13. mdeneen said - "When you simply place a Volume Control pot (passive preamp) in the circuit, you have created an uncontrolled R-C filter, where the pot is the resistance, and the cable is the capacitance. If the resistance is high, you will get a high end rolloff, if the resistance is low, you will distort the source feeding it" This is interesting and yet makes me ask why so many integrated amps do just exactlty that - like Jolida and Creek Audio. The AE-25 Superamp I'm getting this week has a volume control. Strange. ------------------ deanG
  14. anything in a car ------------------ deanG
  15. I think it's simply because a preamp is responsible for elevating the low level source signals before they go to the amp. I'm left with the idea that this is an important step in capturing the whole of the original signal. I've read many comments by people using simple passive devices and not really being happy with the sound. They describe the sound as 'lifeless' and 'flat'. Others claim that a properly well designed passive device reproduces without these ill effects. My 'whimpy' explanation will have to hold you over until the heavyweights show up ------------------ deanG
  16. I'm really happy with my Bryston 3B-ST and I bought it on AudiogoN for $1000. My RF7's like it too ------------------ deanG
  17. You actually came to this board expecting someone to give advice other than 'buy Klipsch'? The Boston's are a nice polite speaker. You'll enjoy being bored to death by them. The Paradigm Studio's are a notch better in my book. You'll like them for 6 months - then want to upgrade. The Klipsch RF7's crush just about everything up to $4K - $5K. Buy these and be happy for a long, long time. ------------------ deanG
  18. Deang


    Well, there is no question that you are going to take a beating here. People factor in the shipping as part of their purchase. You would have to sell them for $600.00 a pair to make it worth anyone's while. Why not just put them into storage for a while? ------------------ deanG
  19. The outlaw 1050 is a lot of bang for the buck - but it's ugly. No, it's really ugly. It breaks the first commandment of Audio: Thou shalt not own ugly components. As far as I'm concerned this is a complete no brainer. buy the H&K ------------------ deanG
  20. I just sent you mail ------------------ deanG
  21. I'm familiar with that unit. Doesn't it have something crazy like 300 watts per channel. You didn't say how much he wants for it. It would also be nice to know what kind of music you like and how loud you like to listen. You need to remember that all watts are not created equal. Besides power there is also sound quality to consider. It's only a good deal if you are picking it up for very few dollars. ------------------ deanG
  22. POHP - Presumed Ocular Histoplasmosis, also known as Rocky Mountian Eye Disease & Pigeon Disease. This one's a beauty. There is this lovely fungus in the soil indigenous to the Ohio and Mississippi Valley areas. The fungus comes from bird and bat droppings that are mixed in the soil. I used to do quite a bit of caving and on one of my trips down, managed to inhale the fungus into my lungs. Symptoms of exposure are similiar to a killer flu. After a week you feel better and life goes on. Most people get exposed and don't even know it - they think like I did - must be the flu. One of the residual effects of exposure is that the fungus leaves very small (microscopic) lesions on most of the major organs. Especially the lungs and eyes - specifically the retina. Now, one of the things the human body does naturally as it ages is produce new networks of blood vessels. They are referred to as 'neovascular membranes'. These new vessels however, are not as stable as the originals. Occasionally, one of these 'new' networks will find it's way underneath a Histoplasmosis legion - and when it does it ruptures. When this happens in the lungs or elsewhere it is usually no big deal because they are so small. As a matter of fact, Bob Dylan was hospitalized about a decade ago where one ruptured in his lung and caused some problems. If this happens in the eye though - it's bad. This is how I found out I had been exposed - I experienced a sub-retinal hemorrhage in my left eye. They first tried to stop the bleeding with laser (twice) and then I finally went under the knife in an attempt to have the actual membrane removed. I eventually lost central vision in my left eye. I have a 20% chance of losing vision in my right eye. The diagnosis was nerve wracking enough, then I had the pleasure of experiencing everything from having steroids injected into my eye - to the surgery itself where I got to experience having the fluid drained out of my eye and then filled back up with gas (like a balloon) so it would keep shape until the bodies natural mechanisms filled it back up with fluid. At any rate - this whole thing lasted about a year and left me pretty much a wreck. Then I found out my oldest daughter was skipping school and smoking dope & crack. I had four kids on honor roll and then this 5th one who acted like she had a chromosome missing. At some point my brain told me to 'go to hell' and they diagnosed me with Post Traumatic Stress Disorder, or PTSD. Lots of tachacardia and night sweats. Oh the joy! Later it became full blown GAD - or Generalized Anxiety Disorder. These are all cute names for a basic condition where the neurotransmitters in the brain go completely ga-ga. I had to choose between Jesus and a gun. I chose Jesus ------------------ deanG
  23. sometimes a transparent post has more meaning than a transparent speaker i hear ya HornEd I have POHP, PTSD, and GAD - in my case though, if it wasn't for the meds I would be a basket case. I say - Better Living Through Chemistry ------------------ deanG
  24. My Superamp is coming with a built in volume control. I have no idea what to expect. If I do buy a preamp it will be the AE-3. ------------------ deanG
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