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  1. ….And that’s why I’m looking for Local Pickup. LEt alone the shippers mishandling gear that weighs a bit. I just had 4 shipments recently - one from England had a large gouge in the carton. -just missing the new amplifier inside. Two of the other shipments also had carton damage, but luckily they were double boxed. All from different carriers - FedEx, UPS and DHL.
  2. LOL! Thanks, but I’ll pass on offering free shipping at this time. I use to own Cornwalls - a classic for sure.
  3. Sorry, my apologies, Just saw your posts. The factory cartons do have foam inserts, so it might be possible. Let me think about it for a day or. In the meantime email me your address so I can calculate shipping costs.
  4. For Sale: As we prepare for downsizing it is time to sell my beloved Klipsch speakers. In excellent to near mint condition the speakers are: the Klipsch RF-5s in Cherry real wood veneer, RC-7 in Cherry real wood veneer and the RS-7 Black surround speakers. I believe the RF5’s and RC7 were built in the Hope Arkansas facility. I am the original owner, have all the original factory cartons and manuals. All the speakers have 8” woofers and 8” Tractrix horns with 1” titanium drivers. 2each 8” woofer in each RF5, 2 ea 8” woofer in the center MTM channel and 1 ea” woofers in the RS7s. The RS-7s have dual 8” tractrix horns with 1” titanium drivers. For Hifi Audio - the RF’5s are simple outstanding and very efficient. I’ve run McIntosh tube as well as Arcam and Outlaw Audio SS equipment for power. For surround sound and Home Theater applications, this system delivers an enveloping movie theater experience. I thought these would by my end game speakers, but the need to downsize has made the painful decision to part with them, necessary. Grills are still in working order - one grill posts did crack on one of the RF5s, but was repaired and is fully functional. I take excellent care of my equipment and these are extremely close to new condition. No smoking, pets, and the kids never used the system. It was only used for music and occasional movies. See the pictures for details. I also have both stock or upgraded crossovers for the RF-5’s (factory crossovers with upgraded Clarity and Mundorf capacitors, Mills resistors and original factory inductors, and solid copper speaker jacks). I have additional pictures available to send for details of these beautiful speakers. Local pickup in ILLINOIS (Chicago suburbs). RF-5’s:$700.00 RC-7: $650.00 RS-7’s: $500.00
  5. Thanks for the reply. I had already measured the resistor prior to posting, as I thought of the possibility that it might measure closer to the schematic than to the value stamped on the resistor. The resistors are indeed 2ohm resistors and measure very close to that value (2.2 an 1.9 measured for both crossover 2 ohm resistors). I happen to have four each of the RF5 crossovers and ALL four are using the 2ohm resistor in the tweeter circuit. I just ordered two each - 2ohm 1% Mills 12 watt resistors and will install them when they arrive.
  6. Bump. Anyone have any info on Klipsch using 2ohm resistor on the tweeter circuit instead of the 1.5 ohm listed on the the forum schematic for the RF5? For reference - I purchased my RF5s in 2006.
  7. Finally getting around to upgrading the capacitors and resistors on my RF-5s purchased new in 2006. Based on the schematic I found on the forums, I ordered replacement parts. When I opened the crossover and started inspecting parts, I found one resistor’s value as 2 ohms,+/- 5% but on the schematic it states 1.5 Ohms. Does anyone know if there was a revision to the crossover at some point in time? This is in the tweeter circuit. 2nd question, what would be the impact of using the 1.5 value to the crossover frequency? L
  8. I use the RS7 surrounds with RC7 Center and RF5 towers for mains - the sound is absolutley stunning ! The RS7's are outstanding surrounds and the other models of the reference series also sound great. I have not heard the new versions, but I doubt Klipsch engineering would take a step backwards when it comes to good sound. The sound is VERY well balanced between all cabinets. The RS7's are side mounted - above (at about 6 feet above the floor) and slightly behind the seating position. I do more music listening than movies and the multi channel SACD or DVD-A's that are well recorded are amazing! For movies, I also have an Outlaw LFM2 sub - the sonics are stunning - sounds moving across the 5.1 soundstage often create audio realism that makes one think someone is walking behind you, etc. You get lost in the sound and forget that you are even listening to a recording.
  9. Congrats Trey! Look forward to the pics.
  10. Gilbert, You should know by now noone here ever exagerates or lies.
  11. I haven't had much time to explore it yet, but it can control up to 15 devices, including lights. Everything is activity based - so you want to watch TV - it turns on the cable box, sets the Mits TV (in my case) to the proper input - turns on the HT Receiver and selects the proper input. It also knows what controls the volume, what controls channel changing etc. I do know that you can program buttons, etc, just have not yet explored how deep the customizing can be taken. You might try going to Harmony and doing what they call a test drive. It take you through a set up of the remote for your gear - you'll quickly see the basics of what it can do, etc. Be sure to create a temp log-in that would NOT be your true log-in should you decide to purchase one. It will make it easier later if you purchase - to run the "real" configuration. You might also go to the forums on RemoteCentral.com and check out the Harmony section - lots o' tips.
  12. Speedball wrote the following post at 07-30-2006 3:44 PM: I've read god things about the Harmony elsewhere.......Mmmmmm, maybe I should check into one, it could take place of the three we use to watch movies. Would really be nice if it is backlit.........then the wife could do some of the switching. The Harmony is backlit - cool blue color - buttons and screen light up. There is also a "glow" button to light it up first. My wife and 11 year olds took to it minutes - very family friendly, yet powerful enough for the techie to tweak too if desired.
  13. I recommend getting a universal remote. I finally bit the bullet and bought one after a few failed attempts in the past (Phillips Pronto NEO never got all the functions for all devices) I found the Harmony 676 at Sam's Club for $99.00 - and it does a great job! The Harnony's use the internet to do all the programming - have a very large database of electronics - including my Outlaw gear - and with 45 minutes of opening the package - I had all my gear programmed. It is activitiy based - one button to listen to music or watch TV or watch a Movie! - even has an built in help function in case it misses something in the programming. Best $99.00 bucks I've spent!. Even the wife and kids love it. NO MORE 5 remotes to turn things on. There are safely put away in a drawer..... Check it out!
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