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  1. I have for sale a very good condition ONIX H34 tube integrated. It is really powerful for Klipsch use but it did fine with my K-horns, La Scalas, and RF7 (original series). I have down sized into some Cornscala type speakers and am using solid state (Aragon) for now. It has a phono input but not an actual phono amplifier. Technical specifications:Frequency response: 18Hz to 30kHzPower rating: 40W x 2Input impedance: 100K OhmsOutput impedance: 4 or 8 OhmsInput sensitivity: 300 mVS/N ratio: >90dB/THD 1% (standard tube spec)Dimensions: 19" W x 7.5" H x 11.5" DWeight: 56 lbs.Tube complement: 4 x EL34, 2 x 6SN7, 2 x 6922, 2 x 12AT7, 2 x 12AX7 I would prefer a local sale but shipping is possible as I have the original box for this amp. It could get pricey for shipping. I could also meet a reasonable distance from St. Louis on a weekend. Thanks, Troy
  2. These are still available. How about 170.00 shipped.
  3. Price drop to 170.00 shipped. I accept PayPal.
  4. Thanks, hopefully someone can put them to use.
  5. I have moved on and the components are being used in a custom build - NO longer for sale.
  6. I have a pair of B&K Sound Type CS 400/6000 crossovers for sale near the St. Louis area. SOLD dollars shipped will take less for local purchase no shipping required. I have had these for around 6 years maybe longer don't recall exactly. Purchases as I build a Cornscala using OE Klipschorn drivers and only built one test speaker before 'life' got in the way so only one was used the other was hooked up to verify operation is fine. Probably 100 hours time on the one I used most. When I built my test speaker the room was untreated and I spoke with Bob Crites and he sent me some other Sonicaps that he felt would tame the sound I was getting. I treated the room properly and never needed the Sonicaps. I don't recall where in the network they were intended to be installed but they are included. Shipping will be USPS ground in the CONUS included in the price. Local purchase near St. Louis, MO is welcome. Thanks, Troy
  7. Thank you for the reply. I had fortunately just purchased some 15 inch drivers so I had some good packing material. They had a long trip in front of them so I planned for the worse. Thanks, Troy
  8. The items have been sold, thanks for your interest. I have an SW-15 subwoofer that has a failed amplifier and have decided to part it out. From it I have the 15 inch 4 ohm cast frame woofer and the 15 inch passive radiator. Both are in great condition and the woofer measures 4.1 ohms. The surrounds are very nice rubber and the dust caps are in great shape. Movement is smooth no noises or binding in the suspensions. I am near St. Louis and would consider shipping if you don't mind paying actual cost. I will sell together for both items 100.00 plus shipping if needed or separate $75.00 for the woofer and $35.00 for the passive plus shipping if needed.
  9. No problem, thanks for asking. I am still looking into completing a Cornscala project I started when a relocation put a hold on them.
  10. Yes, I have not promoted them any all summer and going into the fall was considering using them for a custom build. But the entire 'package' including the spare tweeter are available and for sale still.
  11. QSCs...Stands...? Blue cloth...only thing I noticed.
  12. Sale happened via Craigslist but the first day I put them here they were gone. He had Theater Research - white van speakers until now....
  13. SOLD Looking to sell nearby St. Louis my pair of RF-35s owned since new and well maintained. These got me started - first pair of Klipsch I purchased and led to many others. I listened to these in comparison to my RF-7s and except for a slightly less open top end, they compared favorably. They can be seen and demonstrated in my home and I hope to sell local if possible - not interested in shipping as damage is too likely. I have factory boxes in great condition. The feet are intact and the grills attach with magnets so no broken grill pins. They look almost like new never abused. Price is SOLD - thanks for looking. Troy
  14. I will look back and check depending on what sells.
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