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  1. Those probably won't last long
  2. A lot of different grain patterns
  3. When you say stained do you mean oiled?
  4. Any news on the White Oak cabinets?
  5. I hope the day never comes when my wife starts selling my stuff for " what I paid for it ".
  6. ALK design Forte II crossovers built by another Forum Member, I haven't had time to install them yet.
  7. Can you post a good picture of the cane Thanks
  8. No Bidnapper
  9. Forget that seller, he drove to Florida for them and is looking to recoup his travel expenses
  10. Don sent me an email in the morning asking if I wanted him to check them out, but I didn't see it until after lunch. He had already purchased them by the time I called him. Thanks to Rudy and Jmon for the alert and Don's Fast response I will soon be the owner of a pair '81 WO Klipschorns !! I hope my wife doesn't make me sell the Belles Thanks, Lee
  11. Jim, How are you powering on your amps without a power switch, right now I have mine plugged into a power strip and turn the strip on and off.
  12. Forte II's are happy !
  13. Are the RR's for sale?
  14. That is a nice lineup of McAmps, I have a pair of MC30's on the way from vintage vacuum and can't wait!