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  1. WTB Belle K-500 midrange horns

    Thanks Mookie, I almost broke out in a sweat on that one!
  2. WTB Belle K-500 midrange horns

    Do you have your stock components?
  3. WTB Belle K-500 midrange horns

    Martinelli horn shown with a different tweeter. Mine uses the k77. Nothing about them that I don't like, but they are different and not klipsch. My system has come a long way since I changed the horns, curious what the stock Belles sound like now
  4. I want to return my Belles to their original glory . I sold the motorboards and 500 horns for my 1977 Belles when I installed ALK Martinelli horns several years ago. Let me know if you have a pair that you would like to sell. Thanks, Lee
  5. Same seller....the Cornwalls are sold
  6. Cornwall 1s Walnut - Beautiful Condition!

    I sure would like to have those, Who has the Vault?
  7. Klipsch Corwall cd-br for sale UPDATED!

    Let me know If you head southwest towards Houston to escape Irma. You'll be safe here, we just had a 40,000 year flood not likely to happen again😏
  8. Hurricane Harvey 2017

    41" here in Friendswood, thank god we are still dry but locked in by water. Send prayers to many many of my neighbors who have lost everything
  9. Belle Klipsch..new to me

    I encourage you to listen to them as they are for awhile before you start changing them. Don't get in a hurry to make changes.
  10. Hurricane Harvey 2017

    I'm opening a used car lot...as soon as the water recedes
  11. Hurricane Harvey 2017

    Insane how fast the creek rose here
  12. Hurricane Harvey 2017

    5" of rain so far but that's about to change with this feeder band
  13. Hurricane Harvey 2017

    Stay safe down there!