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  1. Forget that seller, he drove to Florida for them and is looking to recoup his travel expenses
  2. Don sent me an email in the morning asking if I wanted him to check them out, but I didn't see it until after lunch. He had already purchased them by the time I called him. Thanks to Rudy and Jmon for the alert and Don's Fast response I will soon be the owner of a pair '81 WO Klipschorns !! I hope my wife doesn't make me sell the Belles Thanks, Lee
  3. Jim, How are you powering on your amps without a power switch, right now I have mine plugged into a power strip and turn the strip on and off.
  4. Forte II's are happy !
  5. Are the RR's for sale?
  6. That is a nice lineup of McAmps, I have a pair of MC30's on the way from vintage vacuum and can't wait!
  7. Drive 3-400 miles and meet in the middle
  8. There is a c2200 on agon https://www.audiogon.com/listings/tube-mcintosh-c2200-beautiful-condition-2017-02-05-preamplifiers-85712-tucson-az
  9. Where are the super dupers
  10. Hello,I am looking for a pair of Forte II in oiled walnut within in a 3 or 4 hour drive of Houston.Thanks,Lee
  11. What is the serial number, I have one and I'm curious if it is close Thanks, Lee
  12. Production, Demo , Beta testing, Loaner ......?
  13. I was told by the local dealer that I could preorder $1800 ea. 50% down/mid May Patiently waiting on the anouncement @dtel's wife #1063972 FORTE III MATTE BLACK #1064222 FORTE III STANDARD WALNUT #1064223 FORTE III CHERRY #1064224 FORTE III CALIFORNIA BLACK WALNUT
  14. http://houston.craigslist.org/ele/5913415589.html