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  1. LeeW

    I’m searching for a pair of HERESY SLANT MONITORS

    Russ you have an impressive heritage collection. here is a high priced pair in houston https://houston.craigslist.org/ele/d/klipsch-heresy-sm-br/6351127645.html
  2. LeeW

    The End

  3. LeeW

    World Series

  4. LeeW

    World Series

  5. LeeW

    World Series

    Come on Astros , I have to work today!
  6. LeeW


    Can't win if they don't hit
  7. LeeW

    Belle Klipsch Speakers for sale

    y'all are getting cranky in your old age Is the warranty still good ? and why are the serial numbers so far off?
  8. LeeW


    But it should be funny to all
  9. +100 Something with equalization would be a better choice IMO
  10. LeeW

    WTB Belle K-500 midrange horns

    Bump for the horns
  11. LeeW

    Paul Jacobs Interview Podcast

    Pretty Cool and Funny Fast Forward to 14:30
  12. LeeW

    WTB Belle K-500 midrange horns

    Thanks Mookie, I almost broke out in a sweat on that one!