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  1. Just wondering if Yves is still around, it appears the website is gone. I hope they are still doing business, I bought a Eico HF81 from him in November and a pair of MC-30's before that Thanks, Lee
  2. LeeW

    Over 5000 Posts

    I can beat that, October 2001 and a staggering 228 post
  3. What he said, he is offering a 45 or 300b set
  4. Nice layout! It looks like it was built for Klipsch
  5. LeeW

    Cornwall’s NC

  6. LeeW

    Khorns in Ohio

    Lol nice job, I knew they were going to end up at your house! To far of a drive for me Lee
  7. LeeW

    Khorns in Ohio

    Dang I wish those were closer '81 Walnut , they are in an estate sale
  8. Are they for sale or Are they not for sale ?
  9. I need to thin the herd a little and honestly I prefer the Heritage sound of my Belles and Cornwall's
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