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  1. WTB. High End Tube Gear & Speakers

    hey Rick... thanks for the message... located in Austin TX Mcintosh c-26 with the walnut wood case $250 Altec 515B woofers $600 plus shipping thanks
  2. ALK ESN400s + ES5800s......SOLD......

    sorry Mark my mistake.. I need to read and comprehend... ALK's ES networks are great and I still appreciate him sharing the designs back in time...
  3. ALK ESN400s + ES5800s......SOLD......

    so ALK was willing to test networks he did not build ?.. was there a charge ? and even if there was, it was pretty cool of him to do that...
  4. with respect to ALK, this layout isn't very good... just looking at it, where's the in & out and the rest ?... you going to fit in a barrier strip to hook up to ?
  5. Jeeez .. those are beautiful Lee... hook em up...LOL
  6. WTB. High End Tube Gear & Speakers

    since you asked... woofers (3) pairs of University C-15W woofers pair of Altec 416 8Z woofers pair of Altec 515B woofers pair of Electro-Voice SP-15 full range (2) pairs of Altec Bolero 406-8Y woofers drivers Altec 908 Altec 902 8T JBL 2470 horns Altec pairs of 811, 511 and 805 JBL tweeters pair of 2404 baby cheek and 2405 slot Welborne amps - Moondogs, Laurels, DRD 45 SS & 300B SS Mcintosh C-26 pre amp with walnut case Welborne Reveille tube pre amp there may be even more I do not remember... it's all packed away.. it's all in very good condition... perhaps this not what you are looking for... some I may not want to sell with out some thought as it's impossible to replace... I will provide pictures and prices on request... thanks Al
  7. WTB: ALK Universal Crossovers

    my ALK Universals are sold... thanks Julian
  8. WTB: ALK Universal Crossovers

    I have a pair of modified "original design" ALK Universals to sell... Original design meaning they have the 2.4 mH inductors, 40 uF and 7.2 uF values with Harmony bypass capacitors.. they also have Hovland Musicaps for 2.2uF values... Modified meaning all wire now is 14 awg silver plated copper teflon, I removed the cheap tin braid, the multi connect spaghetti crap hookups and replaced the Lynx resistor with a Mills... not shown in my pictures are (2) pairs of connectors to the autoformers... $300 shipped
  9. Heresy II's for Sale Austin, TX - SOLD

    if you are close to Austin are you interested in some Belle's ? if so send me a message...
  10. Heresy II's for Sale Austin, TX - SOLD

    sold - thanks Lee
  11. I built a switch box that allows (1) pair RCA In and (4) pairs RCA out... I keep (3) amps connected, a pair a various set, Mac 2105 and an Art Audio PX25 stereo tube amp... I do have to change speaker wire at the XO and I use Goertz MI 3 for the 2105, Kimber 8TC for the PX25 and Goertz AG 2 for set amps... flip a toggle to change the output... LED indicator for the switch powered by a 9v battery mounted inside.. cardas RCA's and solid silver wire.. bubinga box..
  12. Heresy II's for Sale Austin, TX - SOLD

    Lowered the price to $600...
  13. Heresy II's for Sale Austin, TX - SOLD

    additional pictures..
  14. Heresy II's for sale... rare special order ribbon mahogany with cane grills.. upgraded XO with AuriCaps, Solen inductors, gold plated barrier strips and solder posts, 14 awg silver plated wire and Cardas binding posts.. matching risers...excellent condition... used as rear surrounds for the last years... a few minor scratches... No shipping