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  1. Monster Cable PowerLine 2 Time Coherent Precision Speaker Cables... 18ft pair... Terminated with gold barrier strip spades on one end and gold spades for binding posts on the other... original owner..excellent condition $100 includes shipping Paypal with "friend option" prefered
  2. Pangea Audio AC 9 power cable (2) meters long... excellent condition... used briefly for my VRD stereo amp that has long since been sold... this is a beast... $95 includes shipping Paypal using "friend option" prefered
  3. Blue Jeans Cable LC-1 IC cables.. used briefly and then boxed up in the closet.. Made by Beldon for BLC.. gold plated RCA's.. a lot more info on the BLC site.. (3) 1 meter pairs... $20 per pair (1) 2 meter pair... $30 Shipping is $10 for one pair or all Paypal with friend option prefered
  4. awsjr


    ouch... yes, that had to be a kick in the "shorts"
  5. awsjr

    Maggy question, xover

    you could also get all you need at Parts express.. Dayton 50uF cap, Jantzen .75mH 18awg inductor and the 15ohm Mills resistor
  6. awsjr

    Maggy question, xover

    yes, the schematic is correct and from Magnaplaner... I got the 50uF auricap from "cranky Dean" many years ago when he was dealing... I would just order a 51uF capacitor, the inductor and a Lynx resistor all from Solen... https://solen.ca/ did not replace the fuse holder but did replace the fuse with a HiFi gold fuse..
  7. awsjr

    Maggy question, xover

    I used an 50uF auricap capactor, solen litz inductor, 14awg .75mH, and mills resistor when I rebuilt mine...
  8. awsjr

    New Genelex KT88 quad SOLD

    bump for price reduction
  9. awsjr

    New Genelex KT88 quad SOLD

  10. awsjr

    New Genelex KT88 quad SOLD

    new quad of Genelex KT88.. purchased from Jim McShane and his test numbers are on each box... had and sold VRD's and some Penta Lab tubes so these never got used... $160 shipped.. that is over $15 off per tube (current price $230+) located in Austin TX
  11. Austin TX.. Thanks
  12. Cayin TA30 Integrated Amp with Bizzy Bee modifications (auricaps, sub out, external bias and "focus" control) -$600 +$35 shipping original (NOS) Cayin EL34 tubes with EH 12AX7 (2) and EH 12AU7 (1)... if I find the other will include it but I think I lent to a guitar playing friend... original owner... this is a tube rollers dream... can use EL34, EL37, KT66, KT88 power tubes...easy to bias and instructions included...all kinds of 12AX7 and 12AU7 variants to try... tube cage too although I never used it.. can be run in "set" mode too by remove tube 2 & 4... awesome amp and will regret selling it any questions, please ask...thanks