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  1. there are two versions of Moondogs magnequest iron (older ~1998 ) and electra print iron (most common) and some component values are different this is magnequest this is electra print
  2. "world class amp builders" like an irrigation installer from Montana and a hobbyist for Kansas City ? LOL
  3. true... for more then one reason
  4. the attached method is for musical instruments but is the best method (IMO) for any lacquer finish.. a lot of work but durable and beautiful... I've done this to acoustic guitars, cajons and my speaker cabinets... the speaker front in baltic birch with a "fender sunburst" lacquer finish using mahogany brown, amber yellow and cherry red... lacquer_finishing.pdf
  5. Medwin is is the master of hurling veiled insults at anyone and everyone who does not agree with his nonsense.. the following are from just one post... "It is common knowledge that film caps sound different ( in a GOOD system ) depending upon their orientation. Any good audiophile knows this. " Medwin says... see you are all not a "good audiophile" then there are the direct insults... "If Dean wants to be "for hire", charge people to make crossovers, and be oblivious to this, AND use tie wraps around film cap bodies to disturb their fields, be my guest in having that to listen through that. You obtain what you deserve. But there IS a better way" not sure how many customers Dean or BEC or ALK have, or those who have DIY xo's like them but this one goes for all of you... What I post herein, honestly, WORKS on my system,. Your use and reliance of " logic, science & mathematical facts " leads you to mediocre results for audio playback in your home. If you can't see it, or won't accept my reports at face value, there is no way I can help you !!" as 99.9% of people will NOT follow his absurdity, he states emphatically to all we have mediocre audio systems... this moron does not go away.. he is like gum or dog crap on your shoe...
  6. well put... I warned you about this guy... ignore him... don't reply to him... and hopefully he will just go away and no longer post on this forum....
  7. just an fyi for Klipsch forum people... this guy Jeff Medwin has been banned from forums... he is an antagonistic, arrogant "do it my way is the only right way" kind of guy.. do not get drawn in to his BS
  8. say it ain't so Joe... but they do need room... I have 200's and my room is huge.. sit 12 ft away... and I could be further...
  9. thats not true... as the ESN networks (ES 400, ES 500 and even the Universal ) would be with many other components also... not surprised.. ALK is a good guy, very smart and I have found him to be very helpful...
  10. thanks for the comment.. I added a picture of the back... I did the upgrades... here is a thread on the craziness... https://www.head-fi.org/threads/mhdt-havana-dac.310441/
  11. MHDT Havana NOS DAC... upgraded beyond measure... takes a decent DAC to a whole new level...$900 shipped... R-Core power supply (8) Fairchild hyper fast diodes HiFI-Tuning Gold fuse (4) Elna 3300 uF capacitors (were 2200 uF) (23) Elna Silmic II capacitors (replacing various Nichicon and Panasonic) (5) Hovland 0.1 uF film capacitors (2) RelCap TFT 0.1 uF bypass capacitors (4) VCap CUTF capacitors... 0.1 uF input, .22 uF coupling (2) Jupiter HT 2.2 uF output capacitors (6) Tantalum resistors around the tube buffer new cones footers Coax, Toslink and USB input (3) tubes RCA, GE jan and a Russian equivalent
  12. shim the voice coil and try and keep the old surround pieces from falling in as you remove it.. acetone and some small hobby paint brush to apply to remove the old adhesive.. work a little bit at a time to get it all off the frame and the cone... get some good surround adhesive.. the videos below show how its done...
  13. never fear...the surround can be replaced diy with some work and a lot of patience...
  14. anyone have the schematics and can you send them to me... I know the history of all this... I have build the ES400, ES500, Universals etc but lost the designs for the ES600 and ES700... all for personal use.... ALK doesn't not care, he just does not want to be involved... thanks
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