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  1. there are two versions of Moondogs magnequest iron (older ~1998 ) and electra print iron (most common) and some component values are different this is magnequest this is electra print
  2. if you think Medwin and his partner Fraker are world class amp builders fine... you have set a pretty low bar
  3. talk about clueless and misinformed....as usual you know nothing and prove it by posting more of your BS... 2A3 variants I use : KR, Sophia 2A3 and 300B 2.5v (same as the JJ2A3-40) , JJ 2A3, shielded VT 95 (best) and various vintage 2A3... I have more tubes then brains but at least I have a brain...
  4. as you say , you are definitely full it... and your KC side kick... continual promotion of over priced, voodoo designed 2A3 amps is pathetic
  5. "world class amp builders" like an irrigation installer from Montana and a hobbyist for Kansas City ? LOL
  6. true... for more then one reason
  7. hogwash.. master class ???... Fraker legendary ??? LOL... maybe in his, medwin and your mind...
  8. compared to what ? another 2A3 amp ?.. on what speakers ?.. in what type of room ?... note SS amps are in the $15,000 range new.. an opinion thats so subjective it has no value...
  9. BS... you are on the "cutting edge and the audio public is totally unaware" ... just more delusional self grandstanding nonsense
  10. it'll never happen Maynard... all the pontificating of design superiority and other "innovative yet unexplained or immeasurable design" is pure crap... sooner or later people on the Klipsch site will recognized this as total BS as others have where Medwin has been banned for propagating the same foolishness
  11. the attached method is for musical instruments but is the best method (IMO) for any lacquer finish.. a lot of work but durable and beautiful... I've done this to acoustic guitars, cajons and my speaker cabinets... the speaker front in baltic birch with a "fender sunburst" lacquer finish using mahogany brown, amber yellow and cherry red... lacquer_finishing.pdf
  12. Medwin is is the master of hurling veiled insults at anyone and everyone who does not agree with his nonsense.. the following are from just one post... "It is common knowledge that film caps sound different ( in a GOOD system ) depending upon their orientation. Any good audiophile knows this. " Medwin says... see you are all not a "good audiophile" then there are the direct insults... "If Dean wants to be "for hire", charge people to make crossovers, and be oblivious to this, AND use tie wraps around film cap bodies to disturb their fields, be my guest in having that to listen through that. You obtain what you deserve. But there IS a better way" not sure how many customers Dean or BEC or ALK have, or those who have DIY xo's like them but this one goes for all of you... What I post herein, honestly, WORKS on my system,. Your use and reliance of " logic, science & mathematical facts " leads you to mediocre results for audio playback in your home. If you can't see it, or won't accept my reports at face value, there is no way I can help you !!" as 99.9% of people will NOT follow his absurdity, he states emphatically to all we have mediocre audio systems... this moron does not go away.. he is like gum or dog crap on your shoe...
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