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  1. New Genelex KT88 quad SOLD

    bump for price reduction
  2. New Genelex KT88 quad SOLD

  3. New Genelex KT88 quad SOLD

    new quad of Genelex KT88.. purchased from Jim McShane and his test numbers are on each box... had and sold VRD's and some Penta Lab tubes so these never got used... $160 shipped.. that is over $15 off per tube (current price $230+) located in Austin TX
  4. Austin TX.. Thanks
  5. Cayin TA30 Integrated Amp with Bizzy Bee modifications (auricaps, sub out, external bias and "focus" control) -$600 +$35 shipping original (NOS) Cayin EL34 tubes with EH 12AX7 (2) and EH 12AU7 (1)... if I find the other will include it but I think I lent to a guitar playing friend... original owner... this is a tube rollers dream... can use EL34, EL37, KT66, KT88 power tubes...easy to bias and instructions included...all kinds of 12AX7 and 12AU7 variants to try... tube cage too although I never used it.. can be run in "set" mode too by remove tube 2 & 4... awesome amp and will regret selling it any questions, please ask...thanks
  6. Welborne Labs Laurel IIX 300B amps for sale $1300 + $60 if shipped... ($1800 new) Electra-Print PS and OPT.. 8 watts tubes included are Sovtek GZ34, Sylvania 6AC7. TungSol Jan 6SL7 WGT and EH 300B (cryoset) built in 2002 by Welborne... upgrade by me in 2008.. mahogany bases with 1/8" laquered brass top plate and power coated bottom plates replaced AB resistors with Caddock and Tantalum..capacitor upgrades include a 100uF Mundorf electroylic, 3.3uF Mundorf Al oil, 0.1 RelCap TFT and some bypass caps moved the RCA and binding posts to the top plate... thanks for looking and feel free to ask any questions
  7. Welborne Moondogs for sale - $1300 firm... shipping and paypal adds $... attn JMON.. he asked so he has first opportunity.. if he passes whoever replies next will be first... I am the original owner.. initially built by Ron Welborne in late 1999 for $1850 with the AB resistors and Jenson capacitor option... Electraprint PS and OPT... rebuilt by me in 2005 replacing most resistors with caddock and shinko tantalums... also replaced a couple solen capacitors with obligato gold... I moved the rca input to the top plate to reduce the signal path length... these even have a gold plated fuse holders... sale includes sovtek 2a3, sylvania chrome top 6sn7 and mullard gz37 rectifiers and never mounted moondog badges... any questions please ask...
  8. magnaquest iron and walnut amp chassis

    who bought the Magnequest iron and what are you going to build ?
  9. WTB. High End Tube Gear & Speakers

    hey Rick... thanks for the message... located in Austin TX Mcintosh c-26 with the walnut wood case $250 Altec 515B woofers $600 plus shipping thanks
  10. ALK ESN400s + ES5800s......SOLD......

    sorry Mark my mistake.. I need to read and comprehend... ALK's ES networks are great and I still appreciate him sharing the designs back in time...
  11. ALK ESN400s + ES5800s......SOLD......

    so ALK was willing to test networks he did not build ?.. was there a charge ? and even if there was, it was pretty cool of him to do that...
  12. with respect to ALK, this layout isn't very good... just looking at it, where's the in & out and the rest ?... you going to fit in a barrier strip to hook up to ?