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  1. I believe the Cornwall 4 is currently available in black, walnut, and cherry. I have the walnut and they look great. I wish they came in rosewood.
  2. They sound more open than the Cornwall 3’s. Smoother and punchier than the RF 7’s and have a larger soundstage than the Forte 3’s. They sound awesome!
  3. McIntosh stuff is Great! But the MC352 is way more power than you need. Even if you get the MC352 I would pass on the MX120. It is a surround sound processor. I think you would be better served with a two channel preamp. I use a McIntosh C2600 tube pre and a MC275 v6 tube amp. They sound Great with my Khorns. I would go tubes. If you don’t want to spend the money to go McIntosh tubes then PrimaLuna is a good option. I have a friend that uses the PrimaLuna DiaLogue amp/pre and they sound fantastic. Another more cost effective option is a good tube integrated. I have two friends using integrated tube amps with Cornwall’s. One has a McIntosh MA2275 the other has a PrimaLuna DiaLogue HP integrated. Both set ups sound killer. Audio Research and E.A.R. Also make some great sounding tube gear. Manley and B.A.T. make good tube gear. There are many more companies out there that make tube stuff. I only mentioned manufactures that I have owned or a close friend has owned. I think Klipsch Heritage Speakers Sound great with a good tube set up. But there is a lot of tube stuff that’s junk. The most important thing is to have well designed and quality built gear.
  4. I would consider a reasonable offer. I am not interested in a lowball offer. I am not in financial distress. I don’t have to sell them. I just would hate to put them in storage for the next several years. Feel free to PM me.
  5. Unfortunately they are being stored in a friends basement. I am using another pair of speakers with my system. I simply do not have room for them. If they don’t sell in the next few months I will box them up and put them in permanent storage. I am hoping to make someone a good deal on a great pair of speakers. But I can only loose so much money.
  6. Moosee 1955 I appreciate your apology. I am an honest person. I am not trying to mislead anyone. I bought these beautiful limited edition Khorns two years ago. I love them but do not currently have corners for them. I don’t see my situation changing any time soon. I think it is a shame that they are not being enjoyed. I thought I would find them a good new home.
  7. Moosee 1955 First off The MSRP for the 70th Anniversary Khorns was $16,000. I am a straight shooter! If you do not think they are worth the price that is fine. But being disrespectful is not fine. I don’t appreciate you accusing me of being dishonest. The only wrongful post in this thread is yours.
  8. I can’t believe these beauties have not sold.
  9. These beautiful speakers are still available.
  10. Schu I changed price in original post.
  11. Jimjimbo I am buying a pair of MC611’s. MC30’s Do not have enough power for my current speakers.
  12. Haydukej I appreciate the offer but I am selling because I no longer have Corners. I will have the same problem with your Khorns. I already have another pair of speakers from another system. I plan on using the money from the sale of my Khorns to help pay for Mcintosh mono blocks. I am offering my Anniversary pair at a loss.
  13. Price Drop. These Beautiful and limited speakers originally listed new for $16,000. Now you have the opportunity to own these wonderful speakers for $9,500.
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