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  1. I am always waiting on RS7s to magically appear on my door step... but I am always disappointed. Anyone have a set of RS 35s or 7s that they would like to part with? Any other comparable surrounds? Thanks!
  2. I don't need a phono input so I will see if I can locate an Integra at my price point... I didn't remember seeing one at accessories4less. I went back and saw your link to: $299 - INTEGRA DRX-2.1 7.2-Ch x 80 Watts A/V Receiver It may be the leader with just a few holes to go... Thanks!
  3. Since it appears I have missed out on the Pioneer Elite (I was away from my office a few days) then I have contacted Metropolis and will check what he has before I decide between the options I have provided above. With that said, of the options I provided, which would be your HTR of choice? I have had a Denon before (not that they are all the same) but I haven't had a Yamaha or a Pioneer. Any other suggestions at this $300 price point? Thanks everyone for the great feedback!
  4. Ok, I have perused the accessories for less and this is what I have narrowed it down to: the first two are definitely overkill for my purposes but that is just how I operate... $270 YAMAHA RX-V583 7.2-Ch x 80 Watts A/V Receiver - has the 4K and the music casting that is required, and then more bells and whistles that might be needed should I ever need to move it into the living room as a back-up. $299 DENON AVR-X2400H 7.2-Ch x 95 Watts A/V Receiver w/HEOS - seems to be even more robust than the one above and will also work as a back-up for my main system. What does "w/ HEOS" really mean? $189 PIONEER VSX-832 5.1-ch x 80 Watts A/V Receiver - This one is only on the list because I wanted to consider a Pioneer. I am not sure this one will support 3D video (just want the capability since I have a 3D television and want the ability to back up my living room system if necessary. Better Pioneer Receiver within $300 that should be considered here? Of these three, I am leaning towards the Denon, just because it seems to be the best bargain for the money. But the Yamaha has me very intrigued because I have heard how well they pair with Klipsch. Any additional input for me to consider? Thanks!
  5. Thanks, I will check them out! Any recommendations on brand?
  6. Hey guys and gals! I am looking for an HTR that has Bluetooth so my wife can cast her music from her phone and it needs to have 4K compatibility to match her TV. It can be 5.1, we don't really need 7.2 but if that option is comparably priced then please provide it. I will be matching this HTR with a couple of RB-5 bookshelf speakers as mains and a RW-12. Surround speakers will be purchased later. Price range- <$400 but if you have something close then go ahead and provide it. So, what options do you have for me to consider? Thanks!
  7. It's about time to pull out my Fifth Element blue ray... 🤗 I think the last one I watched was Polar Express.
  8. I assume you have tried the Dallas/Ft Worth Craig's List? I found my RSW15 on Craig's list in Minnesota. They weren't offering shipping but I paid them their asking price plus shipping and paypal fees. I had him use a pre-purchased label through my Fed Ex account and Fed Ex delivered it safely and quickly despite the fact that the shipper didn't package it for crap! I sold my RSW12, which was an excellent sub for me, on EBAY and made sure it was double boxed and shipped via FedEx. It arrived safely from Oklahoma to Indianapolis and I think everyone is happy! The end. So, I wouldn't completely rule out shipping, especially for the 10" subs. If packaged well and if you avoid UPS, you have a great chance of experiencing a positive transaction.
  9. We Ebay sellers appreciate e-mails and messages that tell us when we have something wrong, IF we have done it unintentionally. You also help provide a better EBAY experience for everyone! Personally, I do provide a 14 day return policy because it helps get me a 20% discount off my seller fees for being a Power Seller. I have not had anyone have to utilize my return policy, much less abuse it. I do know I have bought several items that I received not as described that I had to either return of ask for a partial refund. So, I am still a little more leery of the sellers than the buyers at this point.
  10. Good point! Although my center channel isn't close to any of my receiver or blu ray player, I do have plans to put them together within a TV stand. So, does anyone know if non-shielded woofers would affect any of the audio equipment?
  11. Shielded used to matter a lot if it was working close to the TV. However, since magnetic fields don't affect the picture quality anymore, does it matter? Is there a good reason why the woofer would need to be shielded that I am missing? Where did you find a replacement woofer for your RC7 and how much did it cost?
  12. Yes, I noticed that too. That makes me think that there is a difference between the two but I didn't want to assume, just in case they simply slapped a different part number onto the same woofer...
  13. I have The RF3ii and an RC7 but the size of their woofers seem to match perfectly. Is there a performance difference? I have a damaged RC7 woofer and was looking to replace it so I wondered if they were interchange-able.
  14. I don't remember a specific movie but I have had some so bad I simply stopped watching them (within the first 2-3 minutes from the beginning.) I have seen some that appear to be purposefully hazy. When I see it again I will try to make note of the movie and when it occurs within the movie.
  15. Before any of you had purchased an Oppo, or another high end blu ray player, had you purchased one of the standard players and noticed some granularity at times? I have seen that occur and just chalked it up to being a poor blu ray. Was it actually the player more than likely?
  16. " If you want your Onkyo to handle the DVD upscaling, set your player to the DVD's native resolution(480P) and set the Onkyo scaler to 1080P and see if that makes a difference." I am new to much of this fancy stuff... I will try it again doing as you suggest. Thanks!
  17. Thanks for the replies, good info! When I was looking for a receiver a few months back I settled for the Onkyo 818 and was told it had superior DVD upscaling. I tried to watch my Star Wars DVD a few weeks back and had to take it out because it was not the quality I wanted on my 64" plasma. So, would I expect to get that much greater of a picture or is the source just that bad on some DVDs? I would expect a movie like Star Wars to be the best quality available on DVD though.
  18. If I bought an Oppo 93 or above blu ray player, what could I expect to notice above the Samsung or LG standard blu ray players I am using now? What value do I get out of the additonal $400+ in price for the Oppo?
  19. That is beautiful: I liked his red one but it would be a little too obnoxious a color for me. This black or a nice charcoal gray would work for me!
  20. I am afraid it would bring down my house! http://www.avsforum.com/t/1432096/custom-diy-designed-funk-audio-built-subwoofer
  21. The design is fine, I would need the top to be wide enough to place a 64" Samsung TV. The exact dimensions of the base of the TV is 33" wide and 14" deep while the TV screen is 58" wide. So, for symmetrics I would want the entire width of the ET center to be 58" wide and to fit the TV on top I would need it to be at least 40" wide and 18" deep. I am interested in this CAD stuff... I am planning to replace my back deck and believe it could be greatly beneficial in that regard. Thanks!
  22. It was a pleasure chatting with you via e-mail today! Just to answer your questions, I was interested in the RF7s and both pairs of surrounds but the surrounds aren't that important. Of course, if you sell them before I have the money then of course you have to do that. And, as you know, I do already have the RC 7. I was kinda holding out for Cherry RF7s but I might not be too picky. I consider myself an acceptable carpenter... I have most of the tools needed to perform some small jobs like building a subwoofer box or, in this case, building a compact ET center. If you have some time to get me a CAD of the ET center then that would be great!
  23. I am not in a position right now to make any offers, but I will be interested in the RF7s and maybe the surrounds when I receive my bonus in March. I know that is still a long ways out but if you want to make sure the RF7s find a safe home then we might be able to make a deal. But, I like your entire set-up which has inspired me to think about building my own customized component/TV stand with a better wire management system.
  24. Yeah, it does appear you are right. When I went looking a bit I found some concerns that Klipsch would get bogged down with corporate red tape and possible meddling with the products by new management. I wonder how that transition has progressed...
  25. I was just curious what speakers and receivers they sold since I hadn't visited a real one in 5-6 years. I seem to buy all of my speakers and receivers on-line, for better or worse. I don't remember the brand of speakers he sells, I think it was a name of only three consanants with the first starting with a 'D.' Regardless, I was just in there to browse so I mentioned I already had a surround system with Klipsch speakers. He then mentioned that Jamo had bought Klipsch out and made them their lower grade series, with Jamo being the top of the line. This was really news to me because I hadn't really been following the business side of Klipsch. Now, when he said Klipsch was the lower grade he mentioned them being sold at Best Buy and I realized he was talking about the Synergy series, which made me wonder where the Reference series would fit, knowing that even within the Reference series there are different sizes to grade. I didn't ask him because he seemed less interested in discussing products he didn't sell. He had a nice display of LED and a few Plasma televisions. The brightness of the LEDs capture my attention every time, but then the depth of the color on the plasma seems so much better most of the time. I found myself toggling back and forth trying to discern the differences. The LEDs displayed a beautiful white but, when you looked at the colors they often appeared washed out compared to the Plasma. I own the 64" Samsung Plasma and have owned a Plasma for about 8 years so I certainly lean towards them but the quality of the LEDs is still amazing. They only carried the Integra series receiver, which reminds me that that was also the main brand carried by the last independent dealership I visited. He said the Onkyos (I own the Onkyo 818) were the next level down from the Integras and were once again sold in Best Buy stores. I didn't listen to any of his speakers although I am sure they were of good quality because I ultimately believed he was not trying to push me to buy anything, he just liked to talk about A/V stuff.
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