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  1. I am not familiar with seperates at all, didn't even know they existed until I started visiting this forum and several like this one. I don't have alot to spend on a receiver (<$400) but I don't necessarily want to buy a receiver I will need to replace in two years or less. Would the 3801 be a decent pick-up and can I add an amp to it later if I want more juice? Thanks, D
  2. ---------------- On 7/9/2004 10:05:17 AM Pistol Pete wrote: Heck i'd be happy with 5 Academy's , this is a nice sounding speaker! Unfortunately I just dont have the room for the speakers it matches with except the Heresy II so I am probably going to sell it after all. ---------------- How much did you ask and get for your RF3II's? I am wanting to pick up a similar set if the price is right (really looking for some RF-5's) but if you gave me a ball park on yours at least I would have a "reference" point. Thanks, D
  3. That's a nice thoughts but the only local chain that carries them here that I have seen is Ultimate Electronics. I will give them a chance to match because I would like to buy locally but I am not holding my breath.
  4. I took my wife to listen to the Klipsch Reference series and my plans got shot down fast. I had planned to purchase the RF-35s but, instead, my wife preferred the RF-5s. Who would've known? Anyway, I am now looking fo rthe best price on some RF-5s that I can find, so far that is $535 each, including shipping. I probably won't have the funds to buy these within the next two months so, if you find any deals plase post to the forum as I will be visiting here daily. Thanks, D-Rex
  5. $250 for the Velodyne here (including shipping): http://www.electronics-expo.com/product.jsp?x=CHT12 I went to Best Buy and heard the JBL (which I liked for the price of $285 I found online but not for the $500 that they were wanting!) I went to Circuit City and heard the Velodyne 12". It sounded equally as good but, once again it is much cheaper online than it was at Circuit City! Of course, both of these were ruined by me stopping by Ultimate Electronics and hearing the RSW-15! Quite literally will blow you away with a pair of RF-7s on it's flanks! They had a list of movies to play and I immeditely go to one of my favorites, Minority Report, awesome movie that sounded amazing with that system! But, back to reality, I am still up in the air between the JBL and Velodyne. Since I don't plan on ordering anything until this weekend I may try and pay them both another visit on Thursday or Friday. Thanks alot guys, you have all been real helpful! D-Rex
  6. Thanks for all of the great input guys! Let me ask another question. If you saw a Velodyne CHT-12 and a JBL Northridge 250 subwoofer for sale, new, for about the same price, which would you choose. What intrigues me is that the Velodyne weights 50% more than the JBL, 60lbs vs. 40lbs. Thanks alot to the guy saying the Yamaha makes a good sounding sub (sarcasm)... now I will be tossing them back into the mix! I really wish I could test all of these in my home but I will have to order these on-line so I won't have that luxury. Which of all of these would have the higher resale value, I want to look closer into the DIY route but I want something to tide me over in the mean-while.
  7. ---------------- On 7/5/2004 1:26:12 AM Scp53 wrote: Ive had a little experience with the 215(a step below the 315) from yamaha. I took it back because it had really weak bass. Ive never personlly owned yamaha speakers(except that sub for 5 days or so until I returned it), but I don't consider them anything special. I would go with the ksw10 before that 315. Ive listened to the rw 10 and 12 but never the 8. The quality will definately be better but have less output if you go with the rw 8 vs the ksw or 315. Some things that I ve heard about the ksw is that it can sound boomy and has amp fuse problems. are you willing to spend a little more than 330. like maybe in the $350-400 range?? I just bought a titanic 10 inch mk3 sub kit and it is pretty impressive for a sealed sub(shakes my whole room with movies, sitting 13 ft away I can feel it very well,absolutly no distortion- except a little air noise- im still searching for the leak). ever thing on it is built like a tank and I know it surpasses any componets in those two subs you metioned. the driver in this titanic is around 18-19 lbs alone. that ksw10 and yammie315 don't have any thing like that. my new sub's cab/w just amp in it outweighs the ksw10 and 315. Im not saying that weight is every thing but it is something to look at- it can possibly tell you the quality of componets inside. you should tell us your room size and taste to better help you. is it for HT or music?? both?? is the physical size of the sub box a consideration? note: don't be dicouraged from a kit of any kind, you can really save money and gain much better performance. some kits(like the one I got) come with precut out holes. all you need is a few basic tools. even the t-nuts were installed and the cab was already texture painted. sorry i got so long winded scp53 ---------------- Where did you get the kit? I wouldn't be opposed to that possibility! Thanks for being so long winded! D-Rex
  8. What I like about it is that it can connect to my home computer and I can play either stations off the internet or my MP3 collection. They are claiming this is a feature exclusive to Onkyo which I haven't seen another with that feature. Anyone know about how the Onkyo compares to the Denons, etc. or how they interact with the Klipsch Reference series? Thanks, D-Rex
  9. Is it worth $770 which would include shipping and handling? How does it sound with the Klipsch Reference compared to a Denon? I know "sound" is relative to ones taste but just give me an opinion if you have one. I am wanting to concentrate on HT but music is also important (probably 60/40.) Thanks, D-Rex
  10. D-Rex

    Fifth Element

    I found myself liking this movie as well... but I was just thinking I was one of the odd ones. Well, I guess I could still be one of the odd ones but at least I know I have company! D-Rex
  11. If you had the opportunity to purchase a new Yahama SW315 (250 watts, Frequency Response: 20Hz-160Hz)or a used Klipsch KSW-10 (225 watts, Frequency Response 29 - 120) which would you buy if you could get both for about the same price? Or would you get neither and buy something else for less than $250? I could get the sma;;est reference sub for about $330, would that be a comparable purchase? Thanks, D-Rex
  12. I haven't heard the difference between the lower end Reference and the Synergy series. I would assume there is a noticable difference but I obviously don't know for sure. My first thoughts are theat the lower end Reference series is a good thing because it brings the quality reference sound to the masses that either have smaller rooms or smaller budgets. I am thankful that there is a RC-3 line because that seems to fit into my budget and will probably be enough for my modest home for years to come. Take care, D-Rex
  13. Does anyone know if these remanufactured receivers are reliable? I am a little leery of replacing the Yahama I taking back to BB with s slightly more advanced Yahama because I fear it will have to "bright" a sound when I begin replacing my current speakers with the Klipsch Reference series speakers. Denon is an obvious favorite around here, as probably are some of the higher end Yamahas and HK's. Would an AVR 330 be a decent choice for a novice trying to figure out what to really look for in a receiver? I am trying to keep this under $400... Can anyone tell me what is really important when buying a receiver? Is it the watts per channel? the # of component/S-Video video connections? is the % THD important? I am getting real confused trying to compare all of these receivers looking for the best bargain but something that will sound good with Klipsch Reference... Thanks, D-Rex
  14. Can I get away with having an RSW-15 subwoofer with RF-35's as my floor speakers? My thoughts are that the subwoofer can be turned down at the receiver and minimized if need be but I wanted to see if anyone had any first hand knowledge. Thanks, D-Rex
  15. ---------------- On 6/28/2004 9:30:47 AM yromj wrote: For a $500 or less receiver, I would look into a Yamaha, Marantz, or Denon. You may be able to find a Denon 2803 for about that price since they're being discontinued. John ---------------- What makes the Denon 2803 a better receiver than the Yamaha HTR-5760? Just going by price the Denon is between $100-150 more expensive... Thanks, D-Rex
  16. I think these are some good questions so I am bumping this up to see if anyone can provide an opinion. Good luck! D-Rex
  17. I wish I could get me one for $175 + tax! I am looking at one on ebay in which I am contemplating paying $250 (including shipping).
  18. D-Rex

    klipsch on sale

    I got into the website and am looking around... thanks for the heads' up! I suppose you can't buy them online... but I will still give the 1-800 # a call... D-Rex
  19. I was more concerned that the next generation DVDs would be so superior that I would want/need to replace my existing DVD collection. Since many of my DVDs are childrens shows I wouldn't necessarily be in a rush to replace them but the Sci Fi films like Star Wars and LOTR I might want to replace if the new DVDs were significantly superior. Also, you think being one of the first to buy is better than waiting for prices to some down a bit? I always thought it was best not buy first but rather wait until they get all of the bugs worked out and prices come down. D-Rex
  20. This has me concerned that I should stop buying DVDs until the new format comes out. Anyone else thinking/doing the same? D-Rex
  21. ---------------- On 6/23/2004 6:15:45 PM skonopa wrote: This is what I would do. Can you still take your center channel speaker back? If so, do when you take your reciever back also. If not, then it should work in the mean time as a center channel. What I would do is just start out with the front mains and get something from the reference line, such as the RF-35s. As you get more funds, add on to the system. If you cannot return that SC-1 speaker, you could use it in a pinch and when you get a better center, use it as a rear center. If you got an old pair of speakers laying around not doing anything, use those as the rear surrounds until you get the funds to upgrade to something that matches your mains (or get better mains and move your current mains to surrounds). It is not as important to get the rears to match exactly as the fronts, although it is desirable. Basically, you're building up a system piece-by-piece as you save up the funds. ---------------- I am still so confused but I am going to go to Ultimate Electronics sometime over the next two weeks and hear the RF-35's and, if I like them I will probably do as you suggest. When I was at best buy I like the sound ot the Athena brand speakers and I found a pair pretty cheap on-line. Do you know anything about them? I can't find a piece of the packing that I would need to take the center channel back so I think I will have to keep it but moving it to the back center channel is a good option. Got any ideas on the best place on the internet to buy a pair of RF-35s? Thanks for the help, D-Rex
  22. ---------------- Brandnamez.com has a brand new RW-10 for $330 which sounds like it fits your budget. If your room isn't to big it should do the job. http://brandnamez.com/merchant.ihtml?pid=1205&lastcatid=161&step=4 I picked up the RW-12 from them for $429 and love it. I also picked up my Center channel and other speakers from them. They are not an authroized dealer so you are taking a chance with them, but the prices are hard to beat. I---------------- Check this out: http://cgi.ebay.com/ws/eBayISAPI.dll?ViewItem&category=61378&item=5705641734&rd=1 THis guy believes brandnamez is selling "seconds." I suppose I wouldn't mind if the price was right.
  23. ---------------- On 6/23/2004 12:17:08 PM Gamble270 wrote: Funny thing is that Sub is a Car Subwoofer for 120$ (Polk DX 12 inch wich is currently discontinued) and the Kiegta Amp was 229$ with 600watts rms. you can do annything when you have the stuff infront of you. Plus you own the room it goes in, start testing things and have the option to try others as well. your ear is better than ours and can only give you input. ---------------- Thanks Gamble, you have had some good ideas and info to share! D-Rex
  24. ---------------- On 6/23/2004 2:14:32 PM mike89t wrote: If you are patient I've seen it go on sale at Best Buy for $399 every once in a while. I picked it up online at shopsunshine.com Again I was on a budget and was willing to take the risk with buying from an online store. I didn't need the receiver right away so I was willing to wait a week or so for it to be shiped. With shipping it cost $358.99 and I didn't have to pay taxes on it. Best Buy sells it for $499. http://www.shopsunshine.com/Items.asp?PId=1072 It's way better than the 5740. A lot more power and features than the 5740. ---------------- Yes, another sign of BB trying to rip me off!! The JBL subwoofer I mentioned earlier is $499 at BB but I found it on-line for $235! Now, come to find out from others here that it probably isn't even that great a quality sub makes it even worse that BB wants $499 for it! I will order the 5760 and take my 5740 right back to BB! Thanks a ton! PS. To everyone, if I seem overly appreciative for all of your help then please understand that I am a real rookie at all of this and need extensive training to get up to speed. That probably means I will be hanging around here trying to learn before I go spend another dollar... and I will be avoiding Best Buy. D-Rex
  25. ---------------- On 6/23/2004 12:45:58 PM mike89t wrote: Well I started off looking at Best Buy like yourself and almost bought from there until I came here. Then I went to Ultimate Electronic and listened to the Reference series and fell in love with them. Unfortunetly I couldn't afford them so I went on line to find a better price. Brandnamez.com has a brand new RW-10 for $330 which sounds like it fits your budget. If your room isn't to big it should do the job. http://brandnamez.com/merchant.ihtml?pid=1205&lastcatid=161&step=4 I picked up the RW-12 from them for $429 and love it. I also picked up my Center channel and other speakers from them. They are not an authroized dealer so you are taking a chance with them, but the prices are hard to beat. I have a Yamaha 5760 and it sounds great with the Klipsh speakers I bought. Can't complain about the price either, I got it for $350. ---------------- Where did you get a Yamaha 5760 for $350? I spent $300 for the 5740 so I might be willing to take that back just for the upgrade in the receiver! I will look into those subwoofers because I do think I would like to add that sometime over the next two months but I certainly wasn't wanting to have an inferior sub to my floor speakers. So, if I am planning for the reference series it sounds like I need a strong sounding sub. Thanks again all! D-Rex
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