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  1. I would love to find a pair of RS 7's for $300! I will keep looking...
  2. D-Rex

    Best 3D Movie

    What is the best 3D Movie you hasve watched? I tend to picl up a few 3D movies when they are 19.99 but even at that price, the costs add up quickly.
  3. My RSW-12 pounds pretty well, so well my wife turns it down most of the time. So adding a 2nd sub, as much as I would like one, isn't in my near future... Thanks for your assistance Ivan!
  4. I have read most of the AVS Forum and have ordered the Onkyo 818... it sounds like a fantastic receiver that will do more than I will need a receiver to do for a long time! I bought my Denon 3802 based upon advice here and it performed well for 5 years. Then I traded it for a Marantz 7001 based upon advice here and it performed extremely well for 2 years. I expect similar results with this Onkyo.
  5. Yes, I often forget about the AVS forums... there is more info there than I will ever be able to decipher! Thanks!
  6. Heck, the 818 probably has more features than I would ever use or need (of course, I have said that before and here I am back in th emarket!) I will give it serious consideration, although I would like to hear some more opinions on the Onkyo. I know I received some good feedback/advice when I was replacing my Denon with the Marantz!
  7. That appears to be a heavy duty machine. Can you tell me more about Audyssey XT32? Anyone have any other suggestions? I have previously owned a Denon before the Marantz but have always been curious about the Yamaha and Pioneers? What's your favorites for the RF series speakers?
  8. Anyone have a Marantz SR5006? Seems to be a recent 3D receiver from Marantz... I am pleased enough with the Marantz that I would be leaning towards another but if someone has another receiver in the $800 range that I should consider then let me know!
  9. That is just great... I have this wonderful Marantz SR7001 and now I find out it is not combatible with my 3D television. I didn't necessarily buy the TV for 3d, since I am just now finding this out 6 months later, but it would be nice to actually have that capability when I want it. I guess I thought if the HDMI cables could transfer the 3D content that the receiver would as well. What a bummer... Thanks everyone!
  10. I am trying to play my 3D Blu Rays through my Marantz SR7001. I got the 3D video to work but I couldn't get the volume to work. It made me wonder if I was having a problem with either the HDMI cables or if I was having a problem with running the HDMI cables through my Marantz. I went ahead and connected my 3D Player directly to the TV and used the TV volume and it worked fine so I don't see how it could be my HDMI cables. Will the receiver simply not transfer the 3D picture and sound or am I missing a simple solution? Thanks!
  11. I hear ya Cal! I tend to be slow to move to the tech just for that reason. I was very impressed with the Samsung 3D tech, but the sheer size and quality of the 2D picture, the bare bone basics, were what ultimately sold me. The glasses-less tech may be arond the corner but I won't lose any sleep over it. But, just to underline your point, I have a 43" 720P Plasma that I bought in 2006 (roughly) where I dropped north of $2500 to purchase! Just a few years later I was purchasing a 50" 1080P for $1400 and was very pleased with that purchase! I kinda hated to replace that set because it is so good ( Samsung 850 series from two years ago) but I just didn't feel like I could pass up that deal for the 8000 Series Samsung. History has proven me wrong before though...
  12. I have never had a TV as large as a 64" Plasma. It may still have the "looking through a window" affect but it didn't bother me at the store and the picture looked so good that I was amazed. If I can replicate that affect here at home then I will be pleased. But, it isn't something I would want to watch 100% of the time. The TV has just arrived, I will begin putting it up this evening!
  13. I checked it out and I absolutely agree Mborso! It is an absolute perfect TV for my family and will fit perfectly in my living room!
  14. Ok, I pulled the trigger, I simply couldn't turn down the deal om the Samsung 64-D8000: http://www.bestbuy.com/site/Samsung+-+64%22+Class+/+Plasma+/+1080p+/+600Hz+/+3D+/+HDTV/2262065.p?id=1218316934118&skuId=2262065 Of, course, this isn't the deal I got. My deal was a grand total of $2,900, including tax, an dincluded the following: Samsung 64-8000 Television Samsung 3D Blu Ray player 2 Pair of 3D Glasses 36 months no interest $300 in Best Buy Red Zone Reward certificates We also saved from having to spend $500 for my daughter's room by moving the living room TV to Master Bedroom and the Master Bedroom TV to the daughter's room. I include this because we were prepared to spend $500 for a 720p Samsung 43" PLasma for her room. I am sure in two years I will be wondering why I spent $2900 on this TV when technology is changing so frequently, but, after I saw the amazing 3D after seeing the amazing 2D picture, I simply couldn't imagine wanting much more.
  15. I hate to be the one ot break the bad news to you... but your wife is having an affair! That seems to be the most obvious answer that no one wants to tell you. Just kidding, congrats!
  16. Outstanding responses guys! My daughter's cheap Best Buy 19" LED TV went out so I was contemplating replacing my current living room set, and moving some of the other plasmas (two 50" and one 42") around to get a TV in everyone's room. I was looking at upgrading the living room TV to a 60" with the 3D being a bonus feature. That is some good info on the 3D, letting me know that the focus should remain on the quality of the 2D. With that said, I love the Samsungs, I just wasn't sure about the 3D glasses. I will re-evaulate the situation with this new info and get back to everyone! Thanks again guys! D
  17. I am possibly looking to purchase a 3D plasma and was looking for opinions. What TV would you purchase? There is a Panasonic GT series for $1800 at Best Buy. It is a 60" and seemed like a good one. Thanks!
  18. I just bought the LG for $129 as well. You can shave $50 off that and get a cheaper one if you don't need any extras. I don't know if the additional formats counts as "extras" or if all of them will read the content.
  19. Thanks, I will keep that in mind as I just received it in th email today... although I don't officially get it for another few days... ;-) How did you correct the issue?
  20. LOL, yes, there is a slight difference between the two... But, I did have the RC3 first, then I bought the RC7 and planned to use the RC3 as the back center channel but never went with that set-up so I sold the RC3. But good catch... I didn't just transition to the RC7 directly from teh Synergy.
  21. I would trade for Reference over Synergy any day of the week and twice on Sundays! Now, I am not as expert on these matters but I started out with a synergy center channel from Best Buy and then found the Reference series on EBAY. I bought the RC3 and found it to be immensely better than the Synergy center channel. I returned my Synergy center channel and went Reference (have RF3II fronts, RC7 center, RB5II surrounds, and RSW 12 sub) and have never looked back! So, whether they are 10 years old or two months old, when they are good speakers, they are good speakers!
  22. Thanks for the info Dingman! I went ahead and pulled the trigger, it just seems like a no lose scenario given the price point.
  23. Is this a good blu ray player? It seems to do most everything and is very economical. Thanks!
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