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  1. 15 years old but new to me. Ebony fretboard and a kill switch. Single humbucker wound to Joan's specs. Headstock needs dusting, will happen with new strings.


    EDIT: I guess I'm a Tele/Jazzmaster/Strat guy at heart. Still can't warm up to the 3-a-side turners. Maybe that is why the Gibson Firebird is sticking around.









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  2. 9 hours ago, Invidiosulus said:

    I’m trying to convince myself I don’t need a Gibson acoustic.


    You won't find any support for that crazy talk here. N + 1, right? You "need" every guitar ever made.

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  3. This one followed me home. Mom, can we keep it? I'm a sucker for block necks over dots. Black binding does not hurt either.


    This is a Mexican Fender. A few pages back I was wondering about American vs Mexican vs Squire (China). This completed the trio, with a USA Gibson thrown in somewhere in the mix. Actually two Squires if I'm being honest about the addiction. 


    I sold the American Telecaster kept the rest. 🤷‍♂️ go figure.





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  4. This is a new one for me. The weather is getting much nicer and lots of projects in the backyard. I fired up the Klipsch AW-650s a while back and all seemed good as far as I could remember. This weekend I had a pretty nasty hiss on one channel only. Did not matter if music was playing or not. If the amp was turned on it was hissing. Pretty loud, but did not get louder when turning up the volume. I chalked it up to 10 years or so of the outside elements or my Carver TFM-25 circa 1992 finally giving up the ghost.


    Recently I was tidying up my digital library. I've got several 5TB USB drives that I backup my NAS to. It takes a couple of days to move 4+TBs of data and when it was done I left the external drive attached to the NAS for probably a week or more. When I went to collect the drive today I noticed it was not in the front USB port as usual. It was connected to one of the BACK 4 USB ports. The shelf for the NAS was pretty full and the cord for the USB drive short. So the drive ended up on the shelf above. That shelf was for the Carver amp.....and the drive was directly under one set of speaker binding posts.


    I disconnected the drive, walked outside and the speaker in question was dead quiet. I guess the spinning drive and/or associated electrical emissions were being picked up by the amp's binding posts. In this case digital way more background noise than vinyl.😁

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  5. 19 hours ago, the real Duke Spinner said:

    I have a Rep of this watch ..

    The line on it is decent, but not like the Gen


    15 hours ago, the real Duke Spinner said:

    What might need clarified ???


    I'm pretty clear on "I have a". 



    The line on it is decent 

    Not like the Gen


    Sorry, no idea what any of that means. Send me the same drugs or the proper Rosetta stone to aid in translation.


    Guessing Rep might be Replica or Reproduction but confused as to why both it and Gen are capitalized. Line decent, maybe a typo for "time decent". As in it keeps good time.


    I'm sure it all makes sense in your head. Keep the tinfoil on so it doesn't escape.


  6. Drinks on the deck yesterday evening, with the spring sun low in the sky, powered up the Omega's lume. I'd take this over a cell phone any day 



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  7. Give this a look. I've used these also with great success. I think I actually have one or two still on hand, let me know if you are interested.




    It defaults to one set of inputs and the 12v trigger makes it switch over. Two amps one set of speakers. From memory I set my tube amp to the default (not triggered) and when I switched on the AVR it would fire its 12v trigger and flip it over. And just to be extra safe always made sure my tube amp was powered down before I ran the solid state stuff. It's basically what @Sam S.suggests but the Niles device is the one rooting around behind system swapping banana plugs. It's very slick.

  8. I used a Niles DSP-1 to basically do what you are after for 10+ years with zero issue. I have a 7.1 Home Theater set up all with individual solid state amps for each channel. I use the same Left and Right for HT as my main music rig. It was my understanding, when purchasing the DSP-1, that it was built such that what @Khornukopia describes above could not happen. Can't remember the reason why, but like I said zero problem for many, many years using Solid State for movies and Tubes for Music.

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  9. Sold! Thanks Klipsch Forums


    Front artwork only for most discs. Condition ranges form decent (some scuffs and scratches) to not great (lots of scratches). I've test played and ripped the worst and all have played with zero skips. That said, if you are looking for pristine collector quality CDs this is probably not for you. If there is a particular tile you are really interested in let me know and I'll rip it with EAC and give you the report. 


    $35 shipped Media Mail to your door. Paypal Friends or Venmo unless you are @richieb then colorful beads, wooden nickels and I.O.U.s are acceptable. 











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  10. 28 minutes ago, HPower said:

    Can you elaborate a bit more on how you are with the J2 VS. your previous Wright 2A3s?


    Of all the tube amps I have had if I was only going to keep one of them it would have been the Wright 2A3s. They might have lacked just a bit of power when you really wanted to rock but they did so much else perfectly. There are a couple of other low power tube amps that I've not heard like 45 and 300B but I loved the Wrights. That said, the First Watt offering I'm using had balanced connections. I was moving toward an all balanced system with active crossover (xillica) and bi-amping....big powered Crowns for the LF and "something" (Carver, First Watt, Wright, VRD, et.) for the HF. The VRDs were the first to move and it was an easy decision. VRDs are great but a bit of a one trick pony, even with the triode/UL switching and tube swapping. In the end I found myself using the FWatt more and more than the Wrights. They sounded more similar than different. I also found I was not constantly scouring web sites for one more "magical" tube that cost more than the amps and just might add a bit more ferry dust. I'm glad to be off the tube chasing hamster wheel.


    There comes a point where everything sounds great. There really is nothing, and I mean nothing that sounds bad. Just different levels of personal preference. I preferred the FW overall. Some of that had to do with the balanced connections. I could have been more than happy with the Wrights the rest of my life. They were the one amp that every once in a while when I was not paying attention would make me sit up, snap my head in the direction of the music and think WOW that was amazing. I'm sure I would have been happy if I kept them but they would have sat more then they got used.


    Hope this helps

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  11. 13 hours ago, Coytee said:

    Could you use (what I think are/were called) "T-amps'??

    how do you power them?  Could  you use a 12V auto battery?


    Yes and yes, you want one of these. They will run off of a car battery. There was a great post many years ago, I'm sure you will remember, where a forum member would take his La Scala's to the desert. Pretty sure he used one of these and a car battery for hours of power.


    Cellphone or old ipod with headphone to RCA cable to L/R input of the amp. Amp sounds great too. IIRC, I paid around $125 for the amp and it came with car battery sized terminal connector and wall plug. 


    I've not used it in years PM me if you want to discuss.





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