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  1. Acctually, the vasectomy made my WIFE more responsive.
  2. Jim, You might consider investing in a vasectomy before the crossovers. I did, and I can tell you I've never experienced tighter bass. Best to leave it to the pros, though. Not a diy project even IF you have the right tools.
  3. Uh, why not just get some used LaScalas? I mean, that seems to be the sound your looking for...
  4. Yeah, baby! I'm feeling a bit "horny",too! BobG- I've got a pair of ksp400's w/ ksp-c6 and ksf-s5's for surrounds. Been thinkin' about ksp-c6's for rears for 5 ch. stereo(Denon 3300). Or maybe some in-walls. Some of that bi-axial symetry rotation sounds like something I'd be into. OT- a banana is tri-laterally symetrical(and thus impossible to bi-wire). Mr fini
  5. My brush with fame... While building an addition onto Mr. Redford's parents' house, I met "Bob", and he helped me carry an old couch down some stairs. So I worked with him, right? Actually, I directed him: "Watch out for that newel post, Bob." The famous Mr. Fini
  6. I'd have to say "A River Runs Through It". I think Brad Pitt shakes a bass in that film, but I'm not sure. I'm not a fisherman, but I have worked with Robert Redford. Really. Mr. Fini
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