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  1. That's easy since I'm from "Somewhere in the black mining hills of Dakota". I think I've even seen Rocky Racoon a few times.[]---Rocky Racoon by the Beatles Living on a lighted stage Approaches the unreal For those who think and feel In touch with some reality Beyond the gilded cage
  2. Hi everyone, This is my first question I've asked. Lots of good people and a wealth of knowledge here. How do the japanese remastered cd's sound? Some say 24 bit remastered and some just remastered. Are they worth the extra money? I've bought some cd's that sound so bad you can't even listen to them. Thanks, Doug
  3. Lola-The Kinks Saw you in the front row movin' to the beat (just movin' and groovin') Killed me when I saw the wet patch on your seat wasn't Coca Cola
  4. I bought a pair of quartets new back in 91. Last spring I got some Forte ll's. I thought the Fortes would blow them away but there wasn't as big a difference as I was hoping for. To me they sound fairly similar.The fortes just sound bigger-which they are. Seems like you can get a pair of quartets for 250-350 which is a great deal. You will like them.
  5. Wreathed in smoke in Lebanon We burn the midnight oil The fragrance of Afghanistan Rewards a long days toil Pulling into Katmandu smoke rings fill the air Perfumed by a Nepal night the express gets you there
  6. Jeff, You got the group right but that is not the song. ps-yours is All over town by April Wine
  7. One of my favorites by this band. Working from seven To eleven every night Really makes my life a drag. I don't think that's right
  8. Good one! Slim Whitman and Boxcar Willie. It just doesn't get any better than that.[] I'll come up with a new song shortly.
  9. It's Thin Lizzy. Not sure of the title, Cowboy maybe? Is it OK to look at song names without reading the lyrics or will that get me banned for life from this thread by Jeff?[6][]
  10. Here is a hint . In the movie Valley Girl the two main characters go into a bar and the band is singing this song. Not exactly classic rock, so try this one also. I heard a pistol shoot Yeah and it was a .44 Somebody killed a crap shooter Cause he didn't Shake,rattle,and roll.
  11. I usually give easy ones. Here's one that's tougher. I'll give a hint in a little while if no one gets it. I took a ride, I went downtown Streets were empty There was no one around All the faces that we used to know Gone from the places That we used to go
  12. Sounds like Pat Travers- Snortin Whiskey,Drinkin Cocaine. I'll have to look it up to see if I'm right. Great tune!
  13. With an hour and a half to go they are at $1528. I didn't recognize any forum members names so thought I would post it.
  14. Custard Pie-Led Zep Down at the Astoria the scene was changing, Bingo and rock were pushing out X-rating, We were the first band to vomit in the bar, And find the distance to the stage too far
  15. OK I'll go again. Walkin' down this rocky road wondering where my life is leading Rollin' on to the bitter end
  16. Sunshine of your love-Cream I heard this one today on XM Here I come again now baby Like a dog in heat Tell it's me by the clamor now baby I like to tear up the street
  17. I agree with what Michael just said. I have a KStack in my Academy. The first movie I watched with it in was Kill Bill vol. 1. Before Bill had a lisp that bothered me and the KStack cleared it up nicely
  18. Dream Police-Cheap Trick Then as it was, then again it will be and though the course may change sometimes rivers always reach the sea
  19. Strange Brew-Cream Illegitimate son of a rock and roll star Illegitimate son of a rock and roll star Mom met Dad in the back of a rock'n'roll car
  20. Pictures of Lilly by The Who. It's been a while since I got one. Heres another one. I've got my clipboard, text books Lead me to the station Yeah I'm off to the civil war. I've got my kit bag, my heavy boots I'm runnin in the rain Gonna run till my feet are raw
  21. Here is a couple for ya. 1-I don't know why I love her like I do. All the changes that you put me through. Take my money, my cigarettes. I haven't seen the worst of it yet. 2- I can't seem to face up to the facts. I'm tense and nervous and I can't relax. I can't sleep cause my beds on fire. Don't touch me I'm a real live wire. PS I don't know how to start a new paragraph. That's why it's all in one blob. Can someone help me?
  22. I like "I'm Gonna Crawl". I'ts a Great Tune. Never cared much for "Hot Dog" and I think I heard "All of my Love" too much on the radio. Physical Graffiti is my favorite Zep album followed by Zep lll and Zep I.
  23. 1-Scorpions-Lovedrive 2-Aerosmith-Get your wings 3-Talking Heads-Talking Heads 77 Others include Quadrophenia,Crime of the Century,Montrose,The Law,Dirty Deeds done dirt cheap,The Clash,The Doors,Pete Townsend-White City and any Zeppelin- except In through the out door
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