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  1. I am wondering how long a motor like the one in the picture below could run on a coin-type 2032 battery. Here's the motor listing. Here's the battery. As far as load, it would be an object about the size and weight of a grape.
  2. I have the hardest time believing anyone is buying GME right now. If buyers were smart, there would be no sales, and the stock price would not move. I guess you could call it a "long pull." (I coined it first!)
  3. Yep. Take a position of authority, and you are an instant politician. Everybody has wants and demands. Only in your case, no pay and no benefits. It must be for the love of it.
  4. But the inevitable is death:
  5. He's been Irreverent.
  6. No use saying sorry. He's been a bad, bad boy.
  7. Really, there is no need to fear this happening again for a while. It was a suicide pact. Those don't happen a lot. AMC, etc. are just aftershocks from late-comers. Short-squeezing companies as large as AMC really isn't possible. I have no idea what those poor kids are thinking.
  8. I can't imagine who would want to buy at this point, but we'll see.
  9. He's been duly departed.
  10. The Gamestop kids were in it together as they drove it up, but now that it's over, they abandon their loyalty to the group as they bail for the last of the cash.
  11. Crude is at its highest since Jan. 2020, and almost every major world stock index future is up. Tomorrow will be interesting... maybe.
  12. Jeff Matthews


    It's how 60 year-olds play "Elf on a Shelf." I don't get it.
  13. This reminds me of back in the day when I had an affinity for old cars. 1954-1960. Sooooo cool! The body styles, with wings and fins, did it for me. After I owned them for a few years, I realized it was true what I had heard people say many times: "They don't build them like they used to." All I can say in reply is, "Thank God!" Those old pieces of shite are long-gone and somebody else's PITA. I hope they enjoy every minute of their ownership.
  14. Here's the scoop from AT&T, directly: (source: https://about.att.com/story/2021/q4_earnings_2020.html) I see what they did. There was a large, non-cash expense taken, for which they made an adjustment. It looks like some sites report adjusted EPS, while others don't. Kind of sucks.
  15. Can anyone help me figure out why I regularly see discrepancies in earnings history of companies? Here's an example: The first pic. is from mactrotrends.com: (source: https://www.macrotrends.net/stocks/charts/T/at-t/eps-earnings-per-share-diluted) This next pic. is from NASDAQ.com: (source: https://www.nasdaq.com/market-activity/stocks/t/earnings)
  16. Check out AT&T, Exxon, Energy Products, Altria. There are some others, too. Chevron is financially strong and yielding around 6%.
  17. To be fair, in those days, you needed at 12.5% return because you had to pay an even higher rate than that to buy a car. With interest rates so low right now, a 7% yield is actually quite nice! That 7% will pay all of your mortgage interest and leave you 4% as a bonus.
  18. You wouldn't know that by the record sales these days.
  19. It's interesting how times have changed. CD's don't provide squat, but that's because the Fed has made home-buying more affordable by reducing rates to rock-bottom.
  20. "Stagflation!" I remember that as a kid. It didn't register to me back then. I just knew it was "bad."
  21. People must have been financing cars for 20%. I know they were paying 11%+ for car loans in the early 90's. That was the heyday, I was thinking about. I'm probably a little younger than you. In those days, you could get around 5-6% for CD's.
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