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  1. Many years ago I thought I would chop up a stump to get rid of it and get some exercise to boot. On the second chop I felt a sting and by the second sting realized what was going on. I ran to the back porch with the ax still in my hand. The door was locked and my late wife with her hands to her face panicked and just stood there. Seven stings and after a call to my neighbor, a doctor, took a couple of antihistamines and all was good.
  2. Welcome Tim Sr. I see you over in "Right This Minute" often as I'm catching up with Gary's pics of his systems. Don't be a stranger!
  3. Speaking of cocktails....just had the first slushie while watching golf at Quail Hollow in Charlotte, NC. LF is in the hot tub.
  4. Anyone using them? Happy with results and how many are you using? Guessing they are for the back wall corners? Tips for a treatment newbie appreciated.
  5. 3 Wild Turkey 101s. Think I'll go to bed now.
  6. How will your stereo gear be disposed of once you're pushing up Daises? Does your significant other have any idea what its worth? Have you written instructions? Has anyone given this a thought? Do you have a relative or friend who would value it as much as you do?
  7. There is a guy in Kernersville, NC that builds Dynaco ST-70's from scratch. Great reviews and very nice work. Saw his ad on usaudiomart. Tempting though I have no use for more gear.
  8. Where am I? What's the name of this cemetery?
  9. Yes he did. Temporarily at Carolina Beach but just bought a house about 12 minutes from me.
  10. Do we need to send out a search party for Grasshopper? Poor little Swanky is getting several teeth pulled today. Periodontal disease. Second time he has been under sedation for extractions. Dad's on pins and needles!
  11. The girl at the BP station gave me 2 three dollar power ball tickets when I asked for 3 two dollar tickets. Accepted them anyway. Pretty sure that missing ticket was the winner..........
  12. Beautiful day here 68 degrees, sunny, and a nice breeze. Getting a few little items done. Wish me well I'm going to lay off the booze for a bit to see if I notice a change in sleep/energy.
  13. I paid first time he paid next time. Ate at The Smokehouse.....had brisket.
  14. C. is a perfectionist with his Slushies. Good is close enough for me😆 We had that shoot out at the 2018 Pilgrimage.
  15. Well Codewritinfool has moved near by. Having lunch tomorrow. He is looking to buy a place with his lady friend. Hope it works out. Haven't had a listening bud since bluesboy moved to the west coast.
  16. 64 degrees and the first heavy pollen day. Guess this will continue for 4-6 weeks.
  17. Guard dogs doing okay but his teeth are a mess needs some more pulled. The Bubble is fine and LF is fine. Me....I'm drinking Scotch and watching Survivor!
  18. The Bubble got a salon treatment this week. The transmission was leaking fluid so it got a new pan with gasket and bolts, a new filter to filter 8 quarts of fluid, and oil and filter change, air filter, cabin air filter, wiper blades, topped off the coolant, state inspection. 12 year old Z4 with 41,000 miles. A 35is twin turbo, with a Burgar JB4 tune. An in practical car but it's daddy's baby. That's about all my excitement and most of my money for the week.....
  19. I know you will be glad to have that over with John.
  20. Speaking of cars I'm going to drop a little over $1000 next week to remove and replace transmission fluid and filter on the BMW Z4. Pan has to come off and the bolts replaced. Have a small leak. Replaced the air filter, cabin filter, and wiper blades this week.
  21. Replaced around 65 record sleeves and covers with MoFi products. Labor intensive for sure.
  22. Damn.....Toby Keith dead at 62. Stomach cancer.
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