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  1. On the Carolina coast Hurricanes love overhead lines. Take em down as fast as possible. Ice storms though rare do the same. If I was to build another house it would have a whole house generator.
  2. Back to cables....does your blanket use a cable🙂 Just heard Jason Aldean released a new album today. Looked it up on Amazon Music and there it was.....in ultra HD at that. Quickly added it to my JA playlist. Very inexpensive.....just the monthly cost of Amazon Music.
  3. Very tasty and will finish it for lunch today. A chuck roast may work well too but haven't tried that yet. The small store where we purchased the Osso Bucco also had Elk. May try that but not in chili.
  4. At 9am seared some Osso Bucco steaks in a cast iron pan. Then on to the crock pot for 9 hours with chili fixins. Something new. Report tomorrow.
  5. Tarheel


    I've been doing low carb for 6 weeks and dropped from 197 to 183. I'm 6'2". Yesterday I had a cheat day as I have been craving a roast beef wedge with lettuce, tomato, and white cheese. $14 but enough for 2 meals. I expected to gain a pound or two but delighted to see I was at 182.8 this morning. Lady friend suggested that I have not been eating enough and that has slowed my weight loss. She may be right. I use to keep something from a magazine on the door of the fridge that states "nothing tastes as good as slim feels". That said I'm making Osso Bucco chili for tonight😊
  6. Now let's hear the dog's side of it!
  7. Tarheel


    I'm a long time advocate of a low carb diet. I had scrambled eggs with cheese for breakfast and a Greek salad for lunch. Down 10 pounds in a month.
  8. Tarheel


    Thanks for asking and yes we made it through just fine. A few limbs and lots of pine cones so we really did dodge that bullet. Never lost power!
  9. Okay then....we've covered cables and cocktails now.....just hope some of you gents will have coffee in the morning!
  10. Never spent much on cables but it is part of our bylaws that we mention them every once in awhile!
  11. I hear one of you gents is still using 16 ga zip cord for speaker cables. Come on and fess up.
  12. You will be fine with the Rega. I have one and a Denon DP-1250. A couple of years back the Rega was voted the best $1000 TT. Get a good cartridge ( I use a Hana MC) and be done unless you want to spend a bunch of money for small returns. Google Rega P3 reviews.
  13. Tarheel


    Tomorrow is the best day to start any job😄
  14. Tarheel


    Diet change starts tomorrow. Have had success with low carb and Paleo. Actually looking forward to losing the 10 pound bowling ball Ive been carrying around my waist. Dieting always works better than exercise increase for me. Has anyone else noticed some commercials now feature larger folks? The medication Jardiance ad features a very large female being treated like a rock star as she flits through a crowd. Poor ankle, knee, and hip joints is what I think of when I see her.
  15. Tarheel


    Speaking of pool halls I just had my table covered with tour edition cloth in a pretty dark blue. Balls roll so much better and it holds English now. The two guys that stripped the old cloth, leveled the table and tighten the rails took about four hours. Expensive but I'm pleased. The billiard room would be a good music room as its much larger than my current room. I can't have both without compromise though.
  16. grasshopper is so skinny he can hide under a clothesline during a down pour and not get wet!
  17. Tarheel


    Good timing resurrecting this old thread. I need to drop 10 pounds....again! I'll keep peeking in.
  18. I think the best we can do is a couple of grade school graduates and I'm not sure who they are.
  19. So sorry.....here's to a quick and full recovery!
  20. ***Spoiler alert*** . Watching JW 4. More killings than ever. A couple of nods to the old movie The Warriors with the black female DJ with the sultry voice playing No Where to Hide and Painted Black and encouraging Wicks violent end. Reel to Reel with Maxell tapes playing the tunes. 2/3 through as it's a long one at 2 hours and 50 minutes.
  21. Actually even with the gore it was entertaining. Short but entertaining. For light weights I understand there is a Ken and Barbie movie showing.
  22. Okay Rotten Tomatoes liked it so I may give it a try.
  23. So has anyone seen Sisu? Worth seeing?
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