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  1. 7 hours ago, Dave1291 said:

    @Tarheel didn't Code move relatively close?  Might have been a late nite comment so dunno.  Someone did though didn't they?  Lunch?  Doc pulled me off coffee sooooo I'll attribute any errors to that.  lol  No coffee, soda, nada just water.  Having withdrawals here.  lol   

    Yes he did.  Temporarily at Carolina Beach but just bought a house about 12 minutes from me.

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  2. 1 hour ago, Dave1291 said:

    @Marvel hope you're not getting what I have workin right now.  I FORCED myself to roll out this morning.  Otherwise, it would have been noon again I'm sure.  Past couple weeks it's been an insane sleep cycle for me.  Blah!  😂  Haven't had a shingles vac yet and prolly won't.  Might regret it but will see.


    Where the heck is that @grasshopper anyway?  He must be gardening and livin in the shed.  Hope he didn't get locked in.


    @Tarheel sooooo who bought lunch last week?  Ya stick @codewritinfool with the check or what?   😂

    I paid first time he paid next time.  Ate at The Smokehouse.....had brisket.

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  3. The Bubble got a salon treatment this week.  The transmission was leaking fluid so it got a new pan with gasket and bolts, a new filter to filter 8 quarts of fluid, and oil and filter change, air filter, cabin air filter, wiper blades, topped off the coolant, state inspection.


    12 year old Z4 with 41,000 miles.  A 35is twin turbo, with a Burgar JB4 tune. An in practical car but it's daddy's baby.


    That's about all my excitement and most of my money for the week.....

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  4. Speaking of cars I'm going to drop a little over $1000 next week to remove and replace transmission fluid and filter on the BMW Z4.  Pan has to come off and the bolts replaced.  Have a small leak.


    Replaced the air filter, cabin filter, and wiper blades this week.

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  5. Mornin JohnJ......didn't want you to think you were talking to yourself🙂  39 degrees and clear.  May warm up to mid 40's by LF's tennis session.


    Just wondering how long this post Covid fatigue will last.  Don't have the energy to swat a fly!  No music and only a couple of drinks in the past month!  Guess I need to start shopping for old age homes😑

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  6. On 1/18/2024 at 7:02 AM, MassiveG said:

    So, I'm kinda stuck in my boom box coffee phase and need an upgrade. I'm a two-cup morning person, not too loyal to brands, and my idea of expensive coffee is anything over 10 bucks a pound. Don't grind my own beans, rocking a Keurig, and occasionally a Mr. Coffee.

    Where have I read this before?  Maybe on page 1 first post?

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  7. I've wondered about Tommyboy.  Young guy off to Afghanistan as I recall.   Was a regular on CC&C.  I have sent him a couple of messages over the years with no response.  Hope he is well and enjoying other interest.

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