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    Receiver: Yamaha RX-V2600 7.1
    Front Speakers:1977 Cerwin Vega 211R's
    Center Speaker: Klipsch RC-64
    Presence Speakers: Klipsch CDT-5800's
    Subwoofer: Paradigm PS-1200 V.4
    Left & Right Surrounds: 1977 Klipsch Heresy 1's
    Rear Surrounds: Klipsch CDT-5800's
    TV: Samsung PN63C8000, 63" Plasma
    Blu-ray: Panasonic DMP-BD80
    Laserdisc: Mitsubishi M-V7025
    CD: Sony C79ES
    Turntable: Technics SL-DD22
    Receiver, 2 Channel option: Sansui 9090DB

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  1. Since the transformers and other items don't seem to be affected by age like the capacitors, you could leave them and just replace the caps. The capacitor kits should be all you need. In most cases, the complete crossovers are only replaced when going for a distinct upgrade to a different type, not for maintenance reasons. Great! Thank You..
  2. For the speak placement, or you talking about your surround speakers, or the rear surrounds? 5.1 or 7.1?
  3. I bought the RC-64 about 6 years ago. Since the RC64II may be better, you will love it.
  4. Since I'm new to vintage Klipsch I want to be clear. A lot was posted saying the crossover's may be the problem, and some just mentioned the capacitors. A pair of new crossovers is $175.00. That would be the whole thing. The rebuild kit is $38.00, which mainly consist of the capacitors. Since these have a little age on them, 1977, would just the capacitor kit be enough or does any one think I need to replace the whole shootin match??
  5. Question: I've had several responses that advised me to put my Heresy's ON the FLOOR. My question is why? Over the years I have always thought that speakers sounded better off the floor. Even if it's just 12 inches or so. Just asking...
  6. I have already tried/done that. They are now acting as my left and right surrounds. For that the stands or needed. Thanks.
  7. Yes I did only mention 3 of my speakers. I'm using the Heresy's for the right and left surrounds. I do have them on stands right now about 2 feet off the floor.I have a pair of CDT-5800 ceiling speakers I'm using for the rear surrounds. I wish I would have went with something in the wall instead of ceiling. Maybe later. I have a pair of vintage Cerwin Vega 211R's that I'm using for right and left fronts. Twelve inch woofers also. I bought them in 77 when I bought my 9090DB. I have the RC-64 for the center, and a Paradigm PS1200 subwoofer. I have another pair of the CDT-5800's in front mounted left and right of the TV which are suppose to be the presence speakers. For right now I have to chose which I want to hear. The rear surrounds or the presence. I go with the rear. The RX-V2600 is 7.1. It's also rated 1080I not 1080P for the video. The TV is a Samsung PN63C8000 63" Plasma. Now for the Heresy's, I am going to do pretty much all that was suggested pertaining to the caps and crossovers. I plan to get started on them toward the end of the month. I will get them to sound as they should. Again, thanks to everyone for your input and sharing your knowledge to help... I let ya know when it happens.
  8. FYI: For anyone who may not know this. For cabinet's that have a oil finish, such as my Heresy 1's which have a Walnut Oil, Klipsch recommends using a product called Watco Rejuvenating Oil. Follow directions and treat the wood every 1 to 1.5 years. It just wipes on, let set for 15 to 20 minutes, then wipe off. It really makes the wood look great. Also just dust as usual every week or so. It's made by the Rust Oleum people. You can find it at Lowes or Home Depot. Now also I want to offer a little something for everyone's help who would have a use for it. When I purchased my Hersey's as mentioned, they were shipped double boxed, with the inside box being their original box when sold new. They also had all of each speakers manuals along with warranty cards all in the Owner Information Packet for each speaker. Each packet had two manuals. One says Klipsch Loudspeaker Systems, The Ultimate in Fidelity of Music Reproduction. It covers the Klipschorn models. The Belle Klipsch and Cornwall models. The Heresy model, and the La Scala model. Printed in U.S.A. 11-75. The other manual also says Klipsch Loudspeaker Systems and covers the same speakers. It's really the same type of manual, but this one was Printed U.S.A. 5-77. A newer manual. This literature may be hard to come by, I'm really not sure. But if anyone has any of these vintage Klipsch models and would like a copy of either or both of these manuals let me know. Other than a little yellowing of the paper they are in very good shape. What I could do is scan each cover and page and email to anyone who wants it. You could print it out on a good quality paper, even photo paper, and it should look very good. There are some nice photos. One manual is 11 and the other 15 pages Just give me your email and I'll shoot it to you.Anyhow, thanks to all.
  9. I don't know really what type of finish is currently on your La Scala's. But if it's something like a oil finish/stain, Klipsch recommends using a product called Watco Rejuvenating Oil. It's made by the Rust Oleum. I've been using it on my Heresy 1's that has a Walnut Oil finish for years. It really keeps the wood looking great. I apply it only once every 1 to 1.5 years. Just dust with a furniture product weekly or so..
  10. OK.. I think we pretty much have a consensus here. Caps and crossovers are looking mighty strong as being the culprits. Thanks to everyone for all of yall help and input. Since there seems to be good sound coming out of all 3 on both speakers, and from the bit I've learned from yall tonight, I'm putting the caps and crossovers in my sights. I will look and most likely go with what some of you recommended. It may be a little while, but I'll get back after its done hopefully with some good news. Thank to all..... Oh... I own a 9090DB, there is a lot of room for improvement there, not to mention the caps are all tired there too. I bought mine brand new in January of 1977. Done gone thru the inside twice..
  11. As nice and great as I think Klipsch speakers are, I also like the Paradigm Studio 100's. Is it OK to say that here?? I know they are another whole sound. But a good one. If your Heresy is working correctly, you would need an amplifier at least twice as powerful to get the same headroom out of the Studio 100 that you would get now with the Heresy.... but I don't know how powerful the amps you listed are; they might be powerful enough for either speaker. The Yamaha RX-V2600 is a 7.1 rated at 130 RMS per channel. The Sansui 9090DB is 2 channel stereo rated at 125 RMS per channel.
  12. I see your type in the old car market all the time. They would rather drive something all 'original' than fix it up to be safe and drive well. Yes, I also know the type. But I want the BEST of BOTH WORLDS. If I am able. If I can afford it. That's why I'm asking for help here to try and diagnose and fix the problem. And yep, when it comes to certain things, I, like many others do like originally. Whether it be a old pair of speakers or a black 1980 Corvette with the L82. Because its Original only Once. But if there are problems, and you do it right, you may be able to have both, functional and original, or something really close. We should all be safe and drive well. The reason I said what I said, about being a little leary about messing them up, because it I do mess them up, scratch em, ding em or whatever, I'm going to kick myself in the ***.LOL And I do have that Corvette. Safe to drive and pretty much all original..
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