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  1. Hi Fido, Could you please send a message to my email address: jeff.bredthauer@gmail.com I'm interested in your Loki. Thanks! Jeff (wallflower)
  2. For my 2-channel setup I have La Scalas, VRD Monoblocks, a Merlin preamp, a Wright phono preamp, and a Scout VPI turntable. I'd like to have tone controls. Any recommendations for adding tone control? Should I get a different tube preamp? Should I try an equalizer? Thoughts appreciated. Thanks.
  3. I have La Scalas in the front and Fortes in the back. I run them all off of my VRD's (4 ohm tap). Been running this way for several years. It's optimal for me. I don't actually hear the Fortes, they just add bass and presence, which has a similar impact as a subwoofer. No time alignment issues at all. The Fortes work perfect with my La Scalas.
  4. Hi Michael, PM sent. Thanks, Jeff
  5. Hi, I'm in Lincoln. I'd like to look at your Cornwalls. They look like they'd be a perfect match for a set I already have. Could you please send me your contact information. jeff.bredthauer@gmail.com Thanks! Jeff
  6. Just get the Oil caps from DeanG and be done with. Nothing better. They're the way Klipsch Heritage are supposed to sound.
  7. For what it's worth, Dean made a set of crossovers for me using PIO caps and all I'll say is they surpass anything else I've tried in my Klipsch Heritage speakers. They sound open, dynamic and natural, without a hint of being overly bright. Every other capacitor I've tried sounded way too sterile. Dean's crossovers cured that problem! Dean knows how to build outstanding crossovers. IMHO, if you want great tube gear, Craig's the guy. If you want great crossovers Dean's the guy. They both know how to make Klipsch Heritage speakers sound great! Cheers! Jeff
  8. One pair of AA networks with newly upgrade Sonic caps from Bob Crites. Will sell for $150.00 shipped to the lower 48 USA. Thanks. Jeff
  9. What would be a fair price to pay for a pair of KP-362 and a pair of KP-4000 subwoofers, all in good condition? How would these sound in a home sound system? Are there replacement parts available for these speakers? Thanks! Jeff
  10. I would suggest that if you're a fan of 70's music and you like guitar driven music (especially electric guitar), the Cornwalls you posses may be a better fit for the kind of music you prefer than Klipschorns.
  11. The crossovers on the Cornwalls I just acquired are B2. How do the B2 networks compare to the B and B3 networks? Thanks!
  12. Just got an old pair of Cornwalls with cane grills. What's the best way to clean cane grills? Thanks!
  13. I found a pair of Fortes. They seem to be in good shape, but on one of the speakers the center cover is missing from the woofer. By cover I mean the center dome that covers the woofer driver. The paper on the woofer and the driver seem to be in good shape. What negative effect would this have on the speaker? Is this just a dust cover? Does it need to be replaced? Can the the cover be replaced or does it require changing the entire woofer? Thanks for any help you can provide.
  14. Stomin' - Thanks for the fine review. Perhaps you've already mentioned this, but what are your musical listening preferences? Thanks! Jeff
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