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  1. Hi Shakeydeal - interested in any trades, or cash only? Thanks, Michael
  2. Hi Chris - I have a few pairs, maybe a quad of 88s. I’m out of town through Monday, and I’ll check back to see if you are still looking. Thanks, Michael
  3. Hi Friends, I just picked up a pair of ProAc Response 2, and I'm looking for a pair of Target R2 stands (21-22"). If you have a pair sitting around unused and would consider selling, please drop me a line. Located in western WI. Thanks - Michael
  4. Thanks Neal - I hope those work out nicely for you. I'm going to buy a pair of adapters and try these on my newly acquired Altec 32A horns. I have 5 pairs of drivers to play with, and I'll be interested to see how these compare to Altec, Emilar, B&C, etc.
  5. Hooked them up last night, and they sound really good. Let me know what you think. Thanks - Michael
  6. Hi Neal, I just pulled these out of a sealed box from my storage area in our finished basement. I bought them about three years ago for a project that didn't last for too long. I also have some NOS screw-on adapters and a pair of EV HR9040A horns. They measure at 4.9 and 4.7 for DCR as seen in the photos. There is some left over tape from its former use, but generally they are in really good physical shape. These had the protective screens in place when I purchased them, but I removed them for my use. I listened to one before/after, and I preferred the sound without. I have not confirmed that they are the original diaphragms, but that is what the seller had told me. I can throw on some PIO caps and confirm that they still sound good without any issues. Current pricing is ridiculous - singles up to $400 on Ebay (not that anyone is paying that). How about $250 + FedEx shipping ($50 or less, I'm at 54601). I could also do one of the postal boxes for less and just pack the heck out of it ($25 with insurance?). If you are interested, I'll confirm they are good to go before we do any transaction. Best - Michael
  7. Hi Neal, I have a pair that I was going to sell as part of an EV horn/crossover/driver system, but I would consider breaking that up. Do you have any trade items? I’ll pull them from storage and get some photos. Not really sure on a price yet.
  8. bump, any pairs or singles looking for a new home?
  9. Looking for a decent set of Altec 614 or other cabinets well suited for Altec 414. Also would consider any Altec speakers using the 32 horn. Located in La Crosse, WI. Thanks, Michael
  10. Great real-world pricing on a nice set! I doubt we'll see these listed for very long.
  11. One of my favorite receivers from that era. I have three on my work bench needing the same attention. Your asking price is very fair given the work that has been done. Someone will be lucky to be the new owner! Wish I could have found one in this condition when I was looking. Good luck!
  12. Like-new pair of Heresy IV speakers in black Ash. All paperwork, accessories, packaging, boxes. Great speakers, but I'm looking for a narrower speaker in my 8 X 14 room. See my feedback at Audiogon (leahy) or Ebay (altec210) for references. Local pickup preferred from western WI, shipping available, and I can double box. $2,200 OBO For many more photos, they are also posted on La Crosse, WI Craigslist. Questions, just let me know!
  13. Maybe you could keep the Chorus and consider selling the Quartets to me, in La Crosse? If there is any chance of you wanting to sell your Quartets, let me know. I'm also considering a used pair of Heresy IV when a good deal arises. Thanks - Michael
  14. Hi Kevin - I have an Eico HF81 that was refurbished by someone (not Craig) about five years ago. If you have any interest in details, let me know. If not, I wish you luck on your quest! Best - Michael
  15. Yes, "Reverb" is a great resource/option!
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