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  1. You cut a 210 box in half, slap another plywood side on each box (no vent). So they end up being about 5' high, 18" wide, 44" deep. I got the idea from an article in Joe's Sound Practices magazine - bought a pair of the cabinets from the author in Minneapolis. I corner loaded them on one end of my 8' X 14' sunroom (french door opening!). Couch was against the back wall. With the right crossover and the HR9040 horns, it was a big, beautiful sound. I ended up selling the cabinets to a guy who had a large workshop - said he annoyed his neighbors in the country playing them at ridiculous levels.
  2. Nord page is great - many options. The integrated with TVC looks awesome. Anyone have experience with the latest Nord offerings?
  3. The Altecs are from 20 years ago - Brenda was patient for 3 or 4 years, but even I knew they were ridiculous in our sun room. Looking forward to catching up.
  4. Richieb - if the guy you are talking about is Michael Slevin, that's me! I sold the Clari-T I had, but I recently purchased one that needed some new batteries. I can't decide if I like the HK430 or the Clari-T more. You have me thinking about the NC400 amps now. I shot you an email sometime last week to share my news about the IV pickup, but we never connected.
  5. Randy - My favorite sound of all speakers was the 210 split cabinets with the EV HR9040A horns. Next was a modified pair of A7s, but the horns could get a little hot that close, depending on the recording. Unmodified La Scalas were nice, but I didn't even have room for a sub to augment the bass. The Heresy IV is the perfect size for my room, and the bass is very fulfilling. These are working in a way that I could not get the Heresy III to. I still have an updated Eico HF81 I need to check on and get in the system. I just tried my 5 wall Red Wine Audio deluxe Clari-T, and it is a really good match. All of the volume and detail but still has an organic feel to it. For what I have into it, it's probably the best value amp I have tried.
  6. Hi Randy - Over the last year, I have moved away from "critical" listening when assessing what to keep or move along. For me, it really comes down to: do voices and instruments have impact, does it sound real (tone), and can I just enjoy the music for what is, even with bad recordings, and finally, do they really fit in my small room. That last point has become one of my biggest keys. If I can listen to field recordings of early Blues and get a chill from the emotion packed into those songs, the system is doing its job. The system transcends the poor quality of the recording to reveal the emotion. The III left me wanting in several areas. I'm in an 6 X 14 X 9 room, and I have enjoyed split Altec 210 and A7 speakers along with La Scalas (old). I knew horns could work, but those systems were moved along due to size. I wanted a speaker that was workable but approaching the same sense of scale that the Altecs/La Scala provided. I tried the III, but I was unmoved by the presentation. I found my mind wandering and wishing my JBL L112 speakers were back in the system. After reading Steve H.'s review, I found a good price on a scratch and dent IV with the ability to return, so I took another chance. Really glad I did. They are everything you have read about or seen in the video reviews. The IVs are balanced, have really good bass, especially upright acoustic, and instruments sound real. I work with live sound on a regular basis, and I need a speaker that can mimic that feeling when a jazz vocalist hits "that" note and the audience hangs on it - it's palpable with everyone in the room. That's what the IVs do for me. I had every intention of boxing these up and sending 'em back. They will be staying - now, to find the "perfect" amp. Stay safe out there!
  7. All - I recently purchased a scratch/dent pair of Heresy IVs, and I'm looking for some good amp suggestions. Here is what I currently have: RedWine Audio - Deluxe dual mono Clarit-T, sounds really good HK 430 receiver, also sounds really good Amps I'm looking into: Possibly a 300B amp, afraid it might be too slow/plodding in the bass, but I love 300B midrange. Has anyone tried one they liked a lot? Trafomatic or Elekit? RedWine Audio Signature 30 LFP-V5, might improve on the ClariT? OTL of some sort - Transcendent? Looking for a big image with in-the-room vocals that will keep the groove going. I had a pair of Heresy IIIs, and this is a different speaker. It has excellent bass and is very tonally balanced. It's the most musically engaging speaker, across all music types, that I have owned. I like my JBL L112 better than many current/modern speakers, but the IV has taken over. I'm just looking for your best suggestions on an amp that maximize their ample strengths. $1,500-2,000 range (used). Thanks for the feedback and suggestions!
  8. I have a nice little-used Epson w/ replacement lamp. It's not a "theater" projector, but it has a nice bright picture. If you want more information, let me know. Regards, Michael
  9. WMcD - thanks for the writeup on your experiences. I'm really looking forward to getting these in the house. No furniture between the speakers and couch. The distance between the front of the speaker and the listening position will be about 9', so that should be enough distance for the drivers to converge - might need a slight angle. I'll have to post some photos once they are installed. JohnA - thanks for your positive post. Years ago I heard a used pair of these in a local showroom, before it closed..., and they sounded amazing in the mid-size room with my 2 watt "sex" amp from Bottlehead. I don't know why I didn't pick them up, but I wish I had. The most exciting part will be hooking up my recently acquired Lance Cochrane tube amp. He has quite an underground reputation, and after hearing a few of his amps, it's well deserved. It's about 12 or so watts of liquid music - should be an excellent match.
  10. avguytx - I'll see what the Quartets sound like, and if I don't like how they set up to make the passive work, I'll know that the Heresy III is my best next option. Although, I do hope the Quartets sound good enough to keep in the system for a while since I'm going to the trouble of bringing them home. It will be a fun experiment.
  11. Willand and Peter - thanks for taking the time to weigh in. I'll start with the Quartets and see how they do - may refresh the caps if they are original before making any judgements. There's something telling me that the Heresy III in my space might be killer. They are low enough to the ground to be ok with the other family members, and I think there might be some room gain for the low end that will make them punchy but tight.
  12. Hello - I'm wanting to experiment with some smaller Klipsch after having Altec A7, split Altec 210, and other beasts in my small (8X14X9-high) room. To be clear, all of these very large speakers sounded great, but they were just to dominant. I've toyed with La Scalas, but their footprint is still too big for what is acceptable. I have my equipment on the front wall, and I need speakers that will allow me to access the wall racks and put on an LP... I use a Tortuga-based "preamp" and a Lance Cochrane PP 6AQ5 amp. I'm about to purchase a set of Quartets from a member in Chicago, but I'm also looking to compare the Quartets with a modern Klipsch. Based on my room size, what experiences do you have that might have me lean toward a Heresy III or Forte III? I'm looking for good impact when played at a low level and a good match with my Cochrane amp. I can't quite put the Heresies in the corners due to the front wall of equipment, but they can be placed near the corners and angled in. I don't have any issues with any of the speakers coming out up to 30" from the front wall. I also generally play at a high volume, but on occasion, I don't mind letting it rip with some Black Keys or Alabama Shakes. Next up I'm playing Dexter Calling and after that it might be a string quartet. Your feedback is very much appreciated! Thanks in advance.
  13. Hi Zimbida, I'm in a discussion with another member in the Chicago area regarding some Quartets. I'll be coming to Axpona, and I wonder if these are still available. Thanks, Michael
  14. Hi Jeff, That's disappointing timing... Do you have any experience/observations regarding the I, II, or III designation of the CW? What would a good price be for a pair of CW III? I will keep you and your La Scalas in mind as I hear some of the other possibilities. I don't make it over to Milwaukee too often, but I will take you up on your offer for a visit if I'm headed that way. Regards, Michael
  15. DrWho - Thanks for the post. I have read a few of your posts with interest. I work at the Univ. of Wisconsin at La Crosse as a technical supervisor for our student center. I usually have about 7-9 students on my staff to do events in the center and around campus. It sounds like you are one of the students I would love to find when I advertise to get new staff... My sister lives in Indianapolis, and it wouldn't be much of a stretch to get down there for the hornfest you alluded to. Do you have a date on that? The La Scala setup sounds great, but I'm pretty set on only two boxes given my 8' X 14' limitation. I should try to hear both a vintage Cornwall and a current III to see if the extra $ would be worth it. Regards, Michael
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