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  1. FYI, this Eminence woofer #15FPHH4D was used in the early Speakerlab K under their #1500D designation. During this period at speakerlab they filled the backchamber with fiberglass so I don't think Klipsch ever used this woofer as a K-33.
  2. pzannucci, Thanks for the kind words, enjoy your weekend.
  3. Thanks mach-1, great packing job. My search is over.....
  4. mach-1, bingo that's what I need. My woofer has a single gasket also so it will work fine. How do I send you a private message?
  5. Kwingylee, thanks for the offer of your round magnet K-33. I will have to decline because the K-33-P is a square magnet model from late 60's early 70's and would not match the appearance or specs of the newer model K-33. Thanks again for the offer, enjoy your day. Stig
  6. Hi everybody, long story short got a pair of k-33-P's with make an offer on the bay. One woofer arrived with a frozen cone and a bent magnet. The other woofer works fine. If someone has a spare K-33-P we can talk price. thanks, Stig
  7. plans are here....WWW.superbadcat.com/Jensen/imp_diy.pdf this is how these cabinets STARTED.......it's all there...... without the makeup
  8. plans are here... WWW.superbadcat.com/jensen/imp_diy.pdf
  9. hi Bruno, Let me end this mystery ...those began life as Jensen Imperial back loaded corner horn cabinets. It is a 1950's design. They could be bought from Jensen as kits and put together or prebuilt. They could be loaded with a large number of different Jensen speakers. Somewhere along the line someone put a board across the top basshorn exit and put Klipsch mid and tweet drivers there and added a Klipsch crossover. They also cut a round hole in the front of the cabinet for a midrange, that is not in the original plans. The round whole at the bottom was for a 15 in. woofer which rearloads the basshorn. The plans for these are on the internet, just google Jensen Imperial corner horn. This WAS NOT a Klipsch designed cabinet.
  10. That was a Jensen Imperial back loaded corner horn. It needs a sealed back to function properly
  11. thanks for quick replies .........am aware of Bill @ GPA and his fine factory spec products. was looking to save some cash, probably a bad idea.....maybe DJK has experience with SSAUDIO diaphragms......maybe?
  12. has anyone bought Altec 902 diaphragm from simply speakers? they go for $37.95 on ebay... china garbage? thanks stig
  13. I want the bass bins-saw them on craigslist Seattle and emailed you ...have not heard back. I am in Yakima, please get back to me if they are still for sale thanks, stig
  14. hi guy's been away a while want to use altec 9028b driver with cornwall B network i know this was discussed many times but can't locate can someone be kind enough to refresh me on tap location and cap change for 8 ohm driver thanks
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